Rick Owens Models Bare Penises During Runway Show


Image via Style.com

Normally, I wouldn’t write about penis-baring on the runway. I talk fashion, shopping, statement booties. However, it appears Rick Owens’s Fall 2015 menswear show is causing quite a stir. And it’s not because of his well-structured coats or gasp-inducing knitwear. It’s because several of his brooding models strutted down the runway with their penises in full view (still gasp-inducing, but, ya know, for different reasons).

This wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction either; it was intentional. As in: Owens’s designs included strategically placed cutouts to highlight the groin. It’s not the first time Owens caused a stir on the runway. For his spring 2014 collection, he made a powerful statement about increasing diversity in fashion by replacing models with a fierce step team.

But as is obligatory with anything penis-related (I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber), people had funny things to say.

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Where to Get the Pepperoni Pizza Onesie Katy Perry Wore in Philly This Week


This is flattering.

Unless you live under a rock,  you’ve heard that Queen of the Tweens Katy Perry was in town for a show. After the show, she climbed the Art Museum steps—wearing a pepperoni pizzza onesie. (Yep, this was not a mere hoodie, as previously reported. It was a full top-of-head-to-tips-of-toes onesie). If you’re going to wear a greasy-looking slice of pizza, might as well go for broke, right?

Here’s where to buy it.

Vajamas: The Pajamas Named After Vaginas

vajamasThe latest in gross-out apparel marketing techniques? Naming your product—a pair of pajamas, possibly the most innocuous garment that exists—after a vagina. Welcome, folks, to the Vajamas, a pair of straight-legged, relaxed-fit pants that—according to Betabrand, the San Francisco-based online clothing company that makes them—are “quite possibly the softest pants on the planet.” That would be thanks to the material, a fuzzy synthetic fleece that Betabrand calls (wait for it) Vagisoft.

Sounds like something you’d use for a UTI, no?