The Most WTF Swimwear On the Market Right Now

the most WTF swimwear out there right now

Nasty Gal, what happened? You’re usually so, so good. | Images via Nasty Gal. [1] [2] [3]

Hey swimwear designers, I’ve got one question for ya: WTF is going on? I’m seeing all kinds of cray cray styles happening right now, and “cool girls” are buying in. Is this a joke? Are we seriously wearing gigantic technicolored stars over our crotches and calling it cute? Please show me one body type in the universe that is flattered by bikini bottoms that cut the torso mid-gut, awkwardly short of high-waisted. What’s up with these high-necked tops, as if tan lines aren’t a thing that people experience in the sun? And please don’t get me started on that middle bikini pictured above, because if I try to sum up what I’m seeing here, I might actually get fired.

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Rick Owens Models Bare Penises During Runway Show


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Normally, I wouldn’t write about penis-baring on the runway. I talk fashion, shopping, statement booties. However, it appears Rick Owens’s Fall 2015 menswear show is causing quite a stir. And it’s not because of his well-structured coats or gasp-inducing knitwear. It’s because several of his brooding models strutted down the runway with their penises in full view (still gasp-inducing, but, ya know, for different reasons).

This wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction either; it was intentional. As in: Owens’s designs included strategically placed cutouts to highlight the groin. It’s not the first time Owens caused a stir on the runway. For his spring 2014 collection, he made a powerful statement about increasing diversity in fashion by replacing models with a fierce step team.

But as is obligatory with anything penis-related (I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber), people had funny things to say.

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Where to Get the Pepperoni Pizza Onesie Katy Perry Wore in Philly This Week


This is flattering.

Unless you live under a rock,  you’ve heard that Queen of the Tweens Katy Perry was in town for a show. After the show, she climbed the Art Museum steps—wearing a pepperoni pizzza onesie. (Yep, this was not a mere hoodie, as previously reported. It was a full top-of-head-to-tips-of-toes onesie). If you’re going to wear a greasy-looking slice of pizza, might as well go for broke, right?

Here’s where to buy it.

Vajamas: The Pajamas Named After Vaginas

vajamasThe latest in gross-out apparel marketing techniques? Naming your product—a pair of pajamas, possibly the most innocuous garment that exists—after a vagina. Welcome, folks, to the Vajamas, a pair of straight-legged, relaxed-fit pants that—according to Betabrand, the San Francisco-based online clothing company that makes them—are “quite possibly the softest pants on the planet.” That would be thanks to the material, a fuzzy synthetic fleece that Betabrand calls (wait for it) Vagisoft.

Sounds like something you’d use for a UTI, no?