Be Well Workout of the Week: The Calorie-Torching 30-Minute Partner Workout

Everything is more fun with friends, and that is especially true for this week’s workout. So grab your workout buddy, find a track or a treadmill, and start sweating. And if you can’t convince anyone to do this workout with you (we get it — it’s hot), not to fear: You can also go it solo.

Here’s what you will do: One partner will sprint while the other does a circuit of exercises. Each round will take a total of six minutes — three minutes sprinting and three minutes doing exercises. Each three-minute segment will be broken down into 30-second intervals. So, while one partner is doing the circuit of exercises, doing each exercise for 30 seconds (it’ll add up to three minutes), the other partner is doing three minutes of alternating between sprinting for 30 seconds and recovering for 30 seconds. After three minutes, you and your bud trade places. The goal is to make it through the entire circuit five times — so a total of 30 minutes. Good luck, friends! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: 7 Pairs of Exercises Guaranteed to Make Your Muscles Scream

For this week’s workout, you’re going to have seven pairs of exercises to work with. You’ll do a set number reps for the first exercise, then one rep (yep: just one rep!) of the second exercise. Then, after that, it gets a little tougher: You’ll repeat the set number of the first exercise, and work up to two reps of the second exercise. Then it’s back to the first exercise again, and three reps of the second exercise in the pair. You’ll repeat this until you complete 5 reps of the second exercise. Your goal is to complete the entire circuit three times.

Ready? You got this! Read more »

Hugging Strangers During Workouts: A Do or a Total Don’t?

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” That oft Instagrammed quote was the first thing that came to mind during a recent yoga class when the teacher instructed us to (insert horror movie music here) hug someone in the class. Luckily, my friend was there. We both, not the kind of people who generally hug one another, let alone people we don’t know, could feel the fear in our eyes dissipate when we realized we could just hug each other instead of embracing a stranger.


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5 Ways to Get Fit in Philly Without Going to the Gym

You’ll have so much fun doing these six activities around Philly — from rock climbing to axe throwing (yes, axe throwing) — that you’ll forget you’re even getting a workout. (Don’t worry: Your muscles will make it clear that you did, in fact, get a workout later.) Bonus points: You won’t be forced to step foot inside a boring ol’ gym for any of them.

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How to Escape Your Desk: 5 Stress-Free Ways to Spend a Lunch Hour in Philly

Picture this: It’s 12:30 p.m., and you’re hunched over your desk, shoveling leftovers into your mouth with one hand and answering emails with the other. You haven’t stepped out of your office all day, and you’ve got no plans to do so anytime soon. Sound familiar?

It’s understandable. Cold weather — and jam-packed schedules — makes desk-side lunching an all-too-tempting proposition. But studies have shown that breaking away can boost creativity, banish stress, and bump up your energy levels. Here, five healthy ways to use those precious lunch-hour minutes — away from your desk — this winter.  Read more »

7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Workouts, According to Philly Fitness Pros



We’re sure you all have little tips and tricks up your sleeve for staying motivated and powering through your HIIT workouts or hill sprints (the worst, am I right?), but getting out of your own personal routine every now and then could be just what you need to truly meet your fitness goals.

That’s where this post comes in: We got six Philly fitness pros to let us in on the tricks they have up their sleeves to instantly upgrade their workouts and get the most out of them. Check out what they said below, then get to testing those tricks, friends!  Read more »

The Checkup: Does Having More Sex Make for Better Athletic Performance?

• Let’s talk about sex, baby: Having more of it could improve your time at the gym. According to new research, athletes who had more sex performed better when it came to speed, strength and agility. Do note, though: This new research was helmed, in conjunction with an Olympic coach, by a sex toy company. So, we’d say a grain of salt wouldn’t be a bad idea. [Refinery29]

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