Stop Everything: Philadelphia Runner Is Having a Surprise Sidewalk Sale 

A peek at a past Philadelphia Runner sidewalk sale | Photo via Facebook

A peek at a past Philadelphia Runner sidewalk sale | Photo via Facebook

You’re going to want to go ahead and cancel your lunch-break plans. You’ve got shopping to do: Starting at 11 a.m. today, Philadelphia Runner is having a surprise sidewalk sale at their University City store with tons of seriously marked-down apparel and shoes. We’re talkin’ brands like Mizuno, Oiselle, Brooks, The North Face, Gore, and more. Woot, woot! Read more »

The Checkup: The Brilliant Hack to Sneak More Protein Into Your Breakfast

• I bet you’ve never considered adding beans to your breakfast oatmeal, have you? Yeah, neither had we. But it’s a pretty genius way to up the protein factor and fiber in your breakfast, meaning your stomach will be less likely to be growling for lunch come 10 a.m. And once you mash ‘em up, they blend right in. [POPSUGAR Fitness] Read more »

City Sports Brought Back to Life by Wharton-Grad Brothers

The former City Sports location at 1608 Walnut Street (Photo by Jared Shelly)

The former City Sports location at 1608 Walnut Street (Photo by Jared Shelly)

City Sports is back from the dead.

As you might recall, City Sports liquidated all its assets and closed all 26 locations nationwide — including three in the Philadelphia area. The company filed for bankruptcy in October and was unable to find a buyer willing to keep the stores open.

But in that bankruptcy liquidation, Brent and Blake Sonnek-Schmelz bought the brand, logo and website — and have their eyes set on a complete re-launch including e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Read more »

Move Over, Tory Burch: Fitbits Might Actually Become Stylish Now Thanks to Public School

fitbit PS

One of the Fitbit x Public School designs from NYFW. | Image via Mashable.

First, Fitbit partnered with Tory Burch to create stylish(ish) ways to wear your pedometer. Then, Apple teamed up with with Hermés to create the most wildly expensive yet elegant smart watch. With Apple now backing the Costume Institute for this year’s Met Gala (titled “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”), it’s safe to say the space between fashion and tech is closing – and quickly. We say, thank goodness, because we were starting to think we had to give in to clunky rubber Fitbits for the rest of eternity.

Enter Public School, the New York-based streetwear brand that’s one of the buzziest names in fashion right now. They collaborated with Fitbit on a tech accessory line for the new Alta tracker, debuting their collection this past Sunday at their NYFW show. Read more »

The Best Winter Running Gear, According to Philly Runners

Resisting your bed’s siren song of warmth during the winter can be tough. Especially when the alternative is going for a run in the frigid winter air, where each gust of wind feels like Jack Frost is slapping you across the face. The best way to fight the inevitable winter laziness? Have the right gear on deck to brush off winter’s worst.

Your wardrobe should act like armor against the cold and allow the length of your runs to be decided by you, not the forecast. And because dropping that sage wisdom simply isn’t enough to get you to leave your bed, we’re sure, we asked seven of our favorite Philly runners to spill on the items they couldn’t leave behind on a cold winter run. So say adios to windburn and embrace the winter running season! Read more »

Athleta Launches Derek Lam Collaboration in Philly Tomorrow


Upgrade your workout game. | Photo via Athleta x Derek Lam.

This fall is a big season for designer collaborations (Uniqlo X Christopher Lemaire; Target X Adam Lippes; H&M X Balmain), and the fun has already started. Today — one day earlier than scheduled — Athleta launched its Derek Lam collaboration, a collection of 38 activewear pieces that range from workout-friendly items (these colorblocked leggings) to pieces so luxe we’d rather not break a sweat in them (these leather shorts, for instance).

You can shop the entire collection online now or wait to see it in person: The collaboration will be available in Athleta’s Walnut Street location tomorrow. Preview the looks here. Spoiler: There’s lots of leather and cashmere.  Read more »

10 Most Stylish Gym Bags That’ll Motivate You to Actually, You Know, Go to the Gym


I follow lots of very pretty people on Instagram. Which means that at any point during my day, I might scroll past a short clip of, say, Victoria’s Secret Angel/ridiculous physical specimen Romee Strijd doing leg lifts, as I did yesterday morning. While I watched this — over and over again, promising myself that I would never skip a gym day again, which I did that very night — I convinced myself that only part of the allure was her actual insanely amazing baby-giraffe body. The other part had to be her matchy outfit. You see, I firmly believe that great-looking workout gear can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself and more motivated to work out. (Hey, science agrees!)

So why not start here? A stylish gym bag is a great first purchase. My tip: Pack it the night before, bring it to work and leave it in a visible place. That way, you’ll be much more motivated to actually go on that post-work run. And if you don’t? Hey, there’s always tomorrow, and most of the options above also double as great overnight bags.  Click here for shopping info!

Market Report: The 10 Workout Accessories You Need Right Now


Will run for workout gear. | Shutterstock.

  • Looking stylish at the gym is something of an art form. Here are 10 super-chic workout accessories that will take your look from gym rat to Pilates hottie. (Warning: There’s a duffel bag in there that will make you want to actually drop $295). [The Zoe Report]
  • Right on the heels of MAC honoring late singer Selena in a makeup collection, Brazilian  company Chilli Beans launches an Amy Winehouse-inspired line of sunglasses and watches. The limited-edition collection launches today and, yes, there’s a great pair of cat-eyes in the bunch. [People]
  • The latest company to combat gender stereotypes is Target, which recently announced that it will no longer separate bedding into boys’ and girls’ sections. [Washington Post]

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