5 Surprising Places to Find Ultra-Stylish Workout Clothes


Let’s work out. | Photos via Without Walls.

Confession: I spent the bulk of the winter running on a treadmill in a paper-thin drapey gray tee. In November, it was showing signs of wear (holes in the arms, a few by the bottom hem, a crazily stretched out neckline). By January, the holes peppered the entire back. By March, it was barely a shirt. But still I wore it because, truth be told, it made me feel tough, like the Incredible Hulk, splitting seams and wearing out fabric by sheer force of will and the power of blazing-fast 11:30-minute miles.

But now I’ve taken my runs outdoors, and my threadbare tee just won’t cut it out in public, where it feels like everyone is watching (or recording a video!) even if they aren’t. And given my penchant for offbeat dressing, I tend to feel uncomfortable in workout wear, most of which is tight (ick), basic (ick x500) and otherwise forgettable. While I don’t want to run across town in sequins, I do want to feel good — strong and stylish. And with race season in full swing (Broad Street is this Sunday; there are even more great runs and outdoor fitness events happening in May—see them here), there’s never been a better time to up your workout gear game.  Read more »

Exciting News: Temporary Location for Lululemon Walnut Street Announced

Photo via Lululemon/Facebook

Photo via Lululemon/Facebook

If you’ve been dying to spend the Lululemon gift card you got for Christmas, looks like you’ll be able to do it in-store sometime soon. Lululemon announced on Facebook that they’ll be temporarily relocating the Walnut Street store to 1422 Walnut Street, where Kenneth Cole (which closed at the end of January) used to be. The temporary location is just a hop, skip and a throw from their 1527 Walnut Street location, which has been closed for the past few weeks after the store’s roof unexpectedly collapsed.

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No Undies Necessary: New Yoga Pants Made for Going Commando

Photo via Dear Kate

Photo via Dear Kate

Ladies, we’ve all been there. You’re sweating it out in the middle of a yoga class, run or bike ride, and it’s going great, except for the fact that you have to stop every five seconds to readjust your pants. You know what I’m talking about—tugging them back into place when they ride up or fall down, or worse, trying to pick your thong wedgie in public. It’s embarrassing, annoying and it’s detracting from your workout.

But there’s a solution on the horizon. Well + Good NYC just gave word of a new line of yoga pants designed to be worn with no underwear—and tested them out, too. Dear Kate, a startup that makes women’s underwear, is expanding to make a line of pants and shorts designed to let you go without, no adjustments necessary. Read more »

Coming Next Month: Urban Outfitters Fitness Brand

Shoppist’s sister site Be Well Philly spilled the details on Without Walls, the new Urban Outfitters outdoors and fitness brand slated to launch March 1st. The promo video is enticing (it almost makes me want to go camping) and the gear looks cool—bright patterned tights, colorful sports bras, colorblocked windbreakers, one questionable bodysuit. Surely it will be a more affordable option than Lululemon, which I’ve come to think of as the John Galliano of workout wear: pretty to look at, uber-expensive, and always embroiled in some sort of controversy.

But there’s a hitch.