7 Science-Backed Reasons to Exercise That Have Zero to Do With Weight Loss



Sometimes, you need motivation aside from the promise of fitting into your skinny jeans to get your off your couch, outside of your pleasantly air-conditioned apartment, and exercising. If you’ve been at a loss to find any reasons (we’ve all been there), not to worry: We’ve got plenty for you.

We’ve rounded seven science-backed reasons to get off the couch and get moving—none of which have to do with weight loss—from the oh-so-wonderful runner’s high to the promise of a better night’s rest to improved skin to better sex and more. Read up, then get moving!  Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Sculpt Your Upper Body in 8 Moves

This workout is going to target your upper body in just eight moves. To complete the workout you are going to work with four pairs of exercises, doing each pair for the assigned number of reps five times through before moving on to the next pair.

And to all you speed demons out there: This workout is not cardio-based, so make sure you focus on using good form and the appropriate weight so that each set is a challenge, rather than powering through it as fast as you can.

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What Are the Best Workout Songs for Grueling Sweat Sessions?

If you were hoping the weather gods would have some mercy on us all and turn the temperature down a few notches, we’re right there with you. But alas, with the forecast calling for temps in the high 80s and 90s all week, it appears that’s just not going to happen (sigh.)

And we all know, when it’s so toasty you’re drenched as soon as you step outside, motivating yourself to voluntarily sweat can be a real struggle. If you’re anything like us, you end up relying on the motivating powers of a good workout playlist. So we want to know: What are your go-to songs to push you to the finish line of the sweatiest, most-grueling workouts ever? For the good of your fellow fit humans, tell us! Once we hear back from you, we’ll put together the ultimate summertime workout playlist, complete with all of your favorites (plus a few of our own, of course), on Spotify.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The 1-Minute Challenge 

You can do anything for one minute, right? Here’s your chance to prove it. For this workout, you’re going to tackle each of the 10 exercises below for one full minute with the goal of getting through the circuit a total of three times.

And whenever you feel like you can’t make it, just remember: It’s only for one measly minute. Happy sweating!
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Free Workouts Galore: How to Work Out for Free Every Day This Summer 

You (and your wallet) can thank us later.

Yoga in the Garden at Front Street Cafe | Photo via Facebook

There’s no doubt about it: A good workout class is certainly worth paying for. But there come those days — usually after an irresponsible, happy hour-induced online shopping spree — where I have to make a choice: A $20 workout class or $20 for SEPTA tokens for the week. SEPTA tokens always win. (Side note: Anyone want to help turn me into a responsible, budget-loving, money mastermind?) But thanks to this handy list, no money doesn’t have to mean no workout: Here, how to work out in Philly for free.99 every day of the week this summer. Happy sweating, people!
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