Get Fit for Summer: Workouts for Every Body Part (Yep, Including Your Pelvic Floor)

‘Tis summer, the season of tank tops, bikinis and belly-baring crop tops. I.e. the season that can make you realize that all those arms-and-abs days skipped during winter actually did have an impact. That’s where this workout cheat sheet comes in: We’ve rounded up our favorite workouts for every body part so you can strengthen whichever areas you totally slacked off on for, oh, the past six months.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: How to Kill It at the Gym With a Kettlebell

For this week’s workout, I want you to challenge yourself to make it through this full-body workout ladder using only one kettlebell. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, grab a friend and challenge them to a workout race to see who comes away the winner.

You’ll start with 20 reps of each exercise listed below, with everything being single count (so every time you do the exercise on one side, it counts as a rep), then drop down to 18 reps, then 16 reps, and so on down the ladder until you finish with just two reps of each exercise.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Your Ticket to Lean, Mean Legs

This workout is going to target your — you guessed it! — legs. So be prepared to feel the burn and then some.

You have a circuit of exercises to do three times, and each time you go through, your reps will decrease, but your weights will increase. So, start with a set of weights you can do 20 reps with, and then increase from there. And you’re going to hold onto your weights for just about every exercise in the circuit, so choose wisely. Good luck!

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Bookmark This: This 35-Minute YouTube Workout Is a Godsend on Rainy Days

Finding a good YouTube workout is almost as hard as finding a perfectly ripe avocado at Whole Foods. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve pressed play on what looked like a good workout video only to, just a few minutes later, be filled with the same level of regret sending a drunk text to a high-school boyfriend induces. This, my friends, is why I was downright overjoyed when I discovered this Body By Simone 35-minute dance-cardio workout on YouTube a few months back.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Countdown to Toned Muscles

Timed rounds: That’s what’s in your future this week. For this week’s workout, you’ll be tackling eight exercises, and you’ll do five rounds of those exercises total. Not so bad, right?

You’ll start with 60 seconds of each exercise for the first round, then decrease by 10 seconds each round until the final 20-second round. Got it? Okay, grab your stop watch and get ready to sweat!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Carve Your Muscles With Zero Equipment

All you need to tackle this full-body workout is, well, your body. That’s right: You’ll get a full-body workout with only bodyweight exercises. To make this workout even more muscle-burning than it already is, move through the rounds as fast as you can to challenge your cardio and endurance. You will have two sets of exercises to work through: for the first set, complete 20 reps of each exercise, then 18 reps, then 16, 14, 12, and 10 reps of each exercise before moving on to repeat that process for the second set of exercises. Got it? Good luck!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Let’s Redesign Your 30-Minute Workout

Three rounds, four exercises each round, 10 minutes per round: That, my devoted fitness friends, is what this workout has in store for you.

To break it down for you: You will complete 10 minutes of each round before moving on to the next. Each round will use a different piece of equipment. For round 1, you’ll use weights, for round 2, grab a physioball, and for round 3 you’ll need a kettlebell.

So work as hard as you can for those 10 minutes, and get through each round as many times as you can in the time allotted.  Good luck!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Boredom-Defying Full-Body Workout

You’re going to do a lot of quick exercise switches in this week’s workout — meaning you won’t have a chance to get bored. Here’s the deal: You’ll start out this down-the-ladder workout with 20 kettlebell swings. After that, you’ll decrease your reps by two for every new exercise — from tuck jumps to plank jumping jacks to rows — on the way down the ladder until you finish with just two pull-ups. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? Oh! But you’re going to complete the entire circuit four times. You can do it!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Quick (But Killer) 55-Rep Challenge

This workout — one of my favorites, actually — is a quick but powerful workout that challenges your strength, cardio and ability to keep moving, even when things get tough. Start with 10 reps of each exercise, then do a quick burst of cardio, then do nine reps of each and get back to cardio, and so on. You’ll decrease your reps by one each round until you finish with one rep of each exercise and one final sprint. In the end, you’ll have done 55 reps of the exercises listed. Good luck!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The 8-Minute All-Out Workout

Set your stopwatch for 30 seconds and get ready to work as hard as you can for each interval in this workout. You’re going to do a series of exercises for 30 seconds, interrupted by 30-second sprint intervals. You can do these sprints on a treadmill, bike or elliptical, use a jump rope, or simply just run place in as fast as you can — the options are endless, so don’t feel like you need a gym (or even need to leave the house, really).

Your goal is to complete the eight-minute circuit four times for a quick, cardio-challenging workout. Ready, set, sweat!

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