Be Well Workout of the Week: Jump-Start Your Broad Street Run Recovery 

Since many of you ran the rainy Broad Street Run this weekend, let’s do a nice recovery workout to help ease your achy muscles. Now, I know you’d like to recover by laying back on the couch forever (and you totally deserve it), but one of the best ways to help your tired muscles feel better is actually to move.

But instead of working for speed and power, we’re going to slow things down and make your movements more about stretching and strengthening. So, start with 20 reps of each exercise below, then decrease by five reps each round, for a total of four rounds, until you’re just doing five reps of each exercise. For the sprints, just stride it out to get those muscles moving again. Even though working out might be the last thing on your list this week,  your body will thank your afterward — promise. Read more »

The Checkup: All the Brown-Bag Lunch Recipes You’ll Ever Need — All Under 400 Calories

• When you haphazardly throw together a lunch from whatever you have lying around in your fridge (this is often my morning M.O.), it can be hard to keep track of how much you’re actually eating. That’s where these healthy brown-bag lunch recipes, all under 400 calories, come in: They take the guesswork out of the equation. [POPSUGAR Fitness] Read more »

The Checkup: How to Get the Benefits of a Long Workout in Just 1 Minute — Really! 

Say goodbye to long workouts: A new study, published in PLOS One, found that men who completed a workout that consisted of just one minute of all-out exercise (10 minutes of movement total) three times a week saw the same results as those who completed 45 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week. Best. News. Ever. [New York Times] Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Get in and Out of the Gym in 35 Minutes 

Short on time today? Put eight minutes on the clock and get ready to move. You’ll have four exercises to get through as many times as you can in those eight minutes, then you’ll have three more eight-minute rounds. With a total of four rounds, you’ll get a full-body workout in a little over 30 minutes! Can’t beat that, can you?
Read more »

Whoa: Philly Trainer Walks Down Art Museum Steps on His Hands

Image via Instagram | @phillychitchat

Image via Instagram | @phillychitchat

Get ready for your eyes to pop out of your head. The other day, HughE Dillon of Philly ChitChat posted a video on Instagram of his personal trainer, Jordan Hankins, walking down the Art Museum Steps on his hands. I have watched it roughly 6,374 times at this point, and my eyes still haven’t fully returned to their sockets. Check it out below for a serious dose of midweek fitness motivation. (And don’t worry: He — amazingly — never topples over.) Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Shred Your Abs in 15 Moves

Three’s the number for this workout.  Complete three rounds of each set of three exercises, then move on to the next. You’ve got five sets of exercises to get through total. (Note: The number of reps decreases as you get through the workout, so adjust your weights accordingly.) And if you feel your abs shaking, that’s the idea: Your abs — along with your arms and legs, too — should really feel the burn during this workout. Happy sweating, folks! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Beat the Clock and Feel the Burn 

Are you ready to work, folks? For this workout, you’re going to see how quickly you can get through four rounds of the circuit below, starting with 25 kettlebell swings (if you’re not comfortable doing swings, just swap them out for squats) and ending with five hanging knee raises. Go through the full workout as fast as you can — without sacrificing good form! — then try again later in the week to see if you can beat your time. Now, set your timer and get ready to sweat! Read more »

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