David Bowie’s Puttanesca Recipe

wmmr-rock-n-roll-cookbook-bowie-400There’s no doubting Philadelphia’s connection to David Bowie, from Sigma kids like Doobies owner Patti Brett to the influence the musician had on Philly-born supermodel Gia Carangi. The personal connections are strengthened through Bowie’s Philadelphia recording of “Young Americans” and the live album he recorded at the Tower Theater. But did you know about Bowie’s other contribution to Philadelphia? In the late eighties, Bowie contributed a Penne Puttanesca recipe to the WMMR Rock N Roll Celebrity Cookbook.

Well he did, though he wasn’t that precise with the measurements.

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How Philadelphia Created Billy Joel

Photo by Don Huntstein for CBS

Billy Joel in 1973, one year after his pivotal Philadelphia performance. | Photo by Don Huntstein for CBS

Billy Joel has released just one studio album in the past 20 years — a 2001 recording of his classical compositions that you’ve likely never heard. Yet when he takes the stage in Philadelphia on August 13th, he’ll do so at Citizens Bank Park in front of some 40,000 fans and play through his repertoire of modern American classics. He’s a true star, and one with a fiercely loyal following. But it wasn’t always that way.

Back in 1971, Joel was a no-name 22-year-old from Long Island. In November of that year, he released his first album, Cold Spring Harbor, which got virtually no attention or airplay. Then one day in 1972, local music producer Dennis Wilen, who had launched a live WMMR concert series from Philadelphia’s Sigma Sound Studios, got wind of Joel during a visit to New York and invited him to do a show. Read more »

All Hail Halestorm

From South Street to the grammys

From left to right, Halestorm members: Arejay Hale, Josh Smith, Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger.

Halestorm has performed drunk exactly once. As frontwoman Lzzy Hale tells it, the show was in 2005, at what was then called Whiskey Dix, next door to the Electric Factory. The rockers from Red Lion had just signed a deal with Atlantic Records, and one celebratory shot led to five. The end of their set faded into a blur. “Our bass player’s dad said, ‘You know that rule you have about not drinking before a show? You might want to stick to that,’” Hale recalls.

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Steve Morrison from WMMR’s Preston & Steve Battling Cancer

steve-morrison-preston-steveSteve Morrison, co-host of WMMR’s long-running Preston & Steve morning show, recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center.

Morrison, who celebrates 10 years at WMMR in May, learned of the cancer about six weeks before the surgery. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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Preston Elliot From Preston & Steve Loves to Sing Journey’s ‘Stone In Love’

Illustration by Andy Friedman

Illustration by Andy Friedman

My name is … Preston Elliot. There’s an uncle somewhere in the family tree named Preston.

I am … an avid golfer. My handicap is a 12.

One thing about Philadelphia that drives me crazy … is the traffic. It just fucking sucks.

My secret talent is … juggling. I do it whenever I see three objects that need to be thrown into the air.

This year for Christmas, please don’t buy me … booze. I quit drinking. I’ve been having a bad run with migraines, and the booze just made it worse. Did you ever have a migraine and a hangover at the same time? It’s awful.

The best video game ever is … Zelda.

My wife is always telling me … to shut the fuck up. No. I’m kidding. She’s actually always telling me to leave her alone when she’s cooking. I like to move in and take over when I see her doing something incorrect. I mean, she puts the burner on high no matter what she’s cooking. It’s ridiculous.

One song I love to sing at the top of my lungs is … “Stone In Love” by Journey. That’s so embarrassing, but it’s true. I can’t even begin to hit the notes, but I still sing it. Loudly.

I probably shouldn’t tell you this about Steve … but when he is on the phone with his wife, he baby-talks a lot. It’s really weird.

My favorite material possession … is a book from my childhood called The Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her Friends. I recently had it restored for $500. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a baby. It’s definitely an heirloom and will be passed down.

If you really want to piss me off … start preaching politics. I don’t care.

I am deathly afraid of … dying. It’s something that crosses my mind maybe once a day.

When I was 16 … I was even more of an idiot than I am now.

The most famous person I ever met … was Paul McCartney. Met him in 1993 on the New World Tour. I thought I was just going to be getting a quick picture, but without my knowledge, I was scheduled to interview him. They said, “It’s time to interview Paul.” And I said, “What?” He knew I was nervous and not ready, and he made me very comfortable. The most gracious man I have ever come across.

If I wasn’t doing this … I’d be living off my wife somehow, because I can’t do anything else.

One game you will never beat me at is … foosball.

I got my first tattoo … at 24 years old. It’s an eighth note on my left shoulder. I got it just to see what it was like to get a tattoo.

When I want a cheesesteak, I go to … Jim’s on South Street. It’s not as gristly as some of the other places. But you stink like a cheesesteak for the rest of the day when you come out of there.

My DVR is always set to record … Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’ve always been a fan of Marvel.

When I want to relax … I jump in my hot tub and chill out for a while. It’s open year-round, and when it snows, it’s a requirement that the entire family get into the hot tub.

My kids are always telling me … to leave the room before I fart.

* For an interview with the other half of Preston & Steve, Steve Morrison, visit phillymag.com/steve.

Tom Selleck Finds Out About Iron Hill Brew Named After Mustache

Yesterday morning Preston & Steve of 93.3 WMMR had the opportunity to interview Tom Selleck of Magnum, P.I. fame about his upcoming TV movie. During the interview Preston & Steve, both big fans of award winning Iron Hill Brewery, had the chance to inform Selleck about the beer made by the North Wales Iron Hill named “Tom Selleck’s Mustache.”

The beer is a Black Cherry Stout created in 2009 by Vince Desrosiers, head brewer at the North Wales location. Selleck seemed pleased by the news and good-naturedly replied to description with “There is no cherry flavor in my mustache.”

Vince Desrosiers had his own response to this news, saying “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Tom Selleck would be talking about a beer we named after his mustache. So awesome.”

If Selleck wants to drink the beer inspired by his very own mustache Iron Hill may have a celebrity sighting in its future.

Iron Hill North Wales [Official Site]