The Easiest Way to Re-Fluff Your Puffer Coat At Home

puffer coat

Care for your puffer so you can look just as stylish next winter. | Images via Style Caster.

It’s sunny and finally feeling like spring today—hurray! This warmer weather has us dreaming of storing our cold-weather clothes away in an attempt to will the climate into turning balmy. Before you do so, however, there’s one step you can take to ensure your puffer coat stays, well, puffy. Try this easy trick before storing your cozy winter puffer away to make sure it comes out of the coat closet next November in mint condition.  Read more »

What Your Winter Hat Says About You

Have you looked up from your frozen misery lately to take in the sheer range of winter hats out there on the streets? We’ve got a veritable encyclopedia of headgear out there any given hour, from tight skullcaps to furry poof-topped beanies to shaggy earmuffs. And while you might not think twice about how you cover your noggin, we’ve given it a lot of thought. Because, really, how you cover your head conveys a whole lot about the person beneath the layers. We set out to answer the age-old, burning question of what your cold-weather hat says about you. Here’s what we found. Find your style.

14 Stylish Coats That Won’t Ruin Your Fancy Outfit

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There’s still time to add this to your wish list! | Nasty Gal.

Although it may not feel like it in the slightest, guess what, people? It’s December, and it won’t be this balmy and beautiful forever. Now is the time to snag some stylish outerwear – right around the holidays and before the cold front hits. While you’re out party-hopping, don’t spoil that fancy ensemble by pairing it with a not-so-cute coat. Take it from us: That pill-y peacoat just doesn’t jibe with your cute cocktail dress. Leave the everyday outerwear at home, and opt instead for one of these fabulous options.  Read more »

The 10 Craziest Winter Fashion Looks Ever

So, we didn’t quite get the blizzard of the century last night. But, temperatures are still hovering around the freezing mark and without the buffer of a snow day, you might find yourself actually having to go outside.

To combat the winter chill, we’ve been gathering advice on strategic cold weather dressingdown coats, fur, tons of layers and a bevy of winter accessories are the usual suspects. However, it appears some people succumb to an acute form of winter dressing hysteria when the temps drop, and before you know it, faceless puffer coats, furry mittens that look like animal paws, and Yeti boots are on full display. Here, the 10 craziest winter fashion looks ever. All of a sudden a Northface coat and snow boots don’t seem so bad, right?

Click here for all 10 looks.

Monday Obsession: Stellapop Sweaters, the Coolest Knits in Philly


The best knits to invest in now. | Photos via Vagabond.

Mary Clark has been a fixture on the knitting scene (yes, there is a knitting scene) for some time. Vagabond devotees know this; the Old City boutique, which she co-founded, sells luxe yarns and other knitting supplies. These shoppers also know to be on the lookout for Stellapop, Clark’s line of handmade sweaters that have garnered a cult following. And we’re not the only ones: Her cozy pieces have made their way onto the sales floors—both real and virtual—of major retailers like Barney’s, Steven Alan and Anthropologie.

How much?

POLL: Ralph Lauren’s Winter Olympics Uniforms—Hot Or Hideous?


Well, cat’s out of the bag: Ralph Lauren unveiled its designs for the 2014 Winter Olympics on the Today show this morning.  The sporty look our team will be wearing, the outfit that represents our country, the way we’ll be presenting ourselves to the world is this: a cardigan that looks like an ugly Christmas sweater or a very patriotic afghan that your grandmother would toss over the back of her sofa, the most unflattering sweatpants (sweatpants!) ever, and a hat that looks like something a loser Christmas elf would wear on the Fourth of July. Even the model over there on the right looks embarrassed to be wearing this. But that’s not all: You can own this preppy, patriotism-on-acid atrocity, too! That sweater is $598, the cream turtleneck underneath is $245, the fleece pants are $165, the leather boots are $395, and the reindeer hat is $95.

POLL: Do you think these uniforms are great or absolutely hideous?