Polaneczky, Cataldi Tangle Over “Crude” Wing Bowl

Until now, we didn’t know that Angelo Cataldi could be hurt by anything but a poorly swallowed cheesesteak. Turns out he takes criticism of WIP’s Wing Bowl very personally—and Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky’s criticism of it very, very personally.

“I always assumed there must have been something missing, because who would attend an event limited only to gluttony, binge drinking, vomit and half-naked women? There had to be more to it, yes?” she wrote Saturday, after the 22nd Wing Bowl. “No. There is not more to it.”

Polaneczky joined Cataldi on the air Tuesday morning, where he called her column a “hatchet job”—saying she focused on negatives when there were plenty of positives to be found, including money raised for charity.

“What did you expect?” Cataldi asked Polaneczky. “It really is not a show for someone in your demographic. What did you expect when you went to the Wing Bowl?”

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Video: Massive Fight at Wing Bowl 22

massive fight at wing bowl 22 Philadelphia

A huge number of people were involved in a fight in the stands at WIP’s Wing Bowl 22 on Friday morning at the Wells Fargo Center. Witnesses say nearly 50 people were in the fray and the fight lasted 7 or 8 minutes. Around 40 seconds into the video below a security guard appears only to be thrown backward over the rows of seats.

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What Are Your Favorite Wings?


Just in time for the Super Bowl Epicurious has just come out with its list of America’s Best Wings. Philadelphia is represented by Federal Donuts interpretation of the Buffalo classic. And with the Wing Bowl all set for the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow, we’ve been thinking about wings a lot.

So we’re opening up to you, faithful Foobooz readers, what are your favorite wings? Are they FedNuts? PJ Whelihan’s, which provide the wings to Wing Bowl? Or do you have a favorite bar that does them just right?

Leave your favorites in the comments.

Cheesesteak Almost Takes Out WIP’s Angelo Cataldi


Dramatization – do not try at home.

Yesterday, 94 WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi was filming a Super Bowl commercial spoof that required him to spin and chomp down on a cheesesteak. When Cataldi completed the bite in the second take, things went wrong. The ringmaster of Wing Bowl couldn’t get the cheesesteak down. He ran back into the building looking for water. Howard Eskin’s son and WIP host Spike Eskin was there and once he realized Cataldi wasn’t joking about not being able to breathe, Eskin performed the heimlich maneuver 5 or 6 times until Cataldi’s breathing passage was clear.

Cataldi estimates he wasn’t breathing for about a minute.

Speaking of opportunities to choke, WIP’s Wing Bowl takes this place this Friday at the Wells Fargo Center.

Eskin Save Cataldi’s Life [Philly.com]
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