Ian Knauer Chef Dinner At Wyebrook Farm

Ian Knauer

If you’ve watched any Saturday morning TV recently (not counting cartoons), you might have caught Ian Knauer’s show The Farm on WHYY. Knauer, who spent almost a decade as a cook in the test kitchen of a little magazine called Gourmet, has returned to his roots, cooking, filming, writing and teaching from his family’s farm in Chester County.

And now, he’s teaming up with neighbor Wyebrook Farm to host another of their wildly popular chef’s dinners on Saturday, April 12th. Fifty guests will enjoy a complimentary toast of Victory beer followed by a menu of Spring produce favorites and Wyebrook’s pasture-raised meats.

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5 Questions: Chris Satullo on WHYY’s New Urban Reporting Project

l_satullo-300px-preferredThe Corporation for Public Broadcasting last week announced a $1.5 million grant to WHYY and public radio stations in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh to form “Keystone Crossroads,” a joint urban reporting program to be based at WHYY. Chris Satullo, WHYY’s vice president for news and civic dialogue, talked with Philly Mag about the project, about the problems facing Pennsylvania cities, and whether pushback can be expected from rural parts of the state.

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WHYY to Host New Public Radio “Journalism Center”

AP reports: “The Corporation for Public Broadcasting will fund a new journalism center in Philadelphia to allow public stations to work together on important projects. The nonprofit corporation has awarded a $1.5 million grant for the local journalism center, to be called Keystone Crossroads and housed at WHYY. The center will be a collaboration of public media stations across the state, including public broadcast stations in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. The center will focus on challenges facing the cities, including budget deficits and crumbling infrastructures.

Mike Nutter Hates WHYY Pledge Drives As Much As You

Every year I get suckered into thinking that my contribution to the local public radio outfit will somehow make the local public radio outfit stop asking me for money, as if my dial was linked into my personal account. (Wait, that’s an amazing idea. If NPR actually figured out a way to do this, donations would skyrocket.) In any event, Michael Nutter is just as annoyed as the rest of you with WHYY’s current fall membership drive.

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PHOTO: Meet Terry Gross’s Cat

Terry Gross did a cat show today. So her staff decided to throw some pictures of their cats up on Tumblr. The big gray feline lady up top–Mighty Mite–is Terry’s. (Can I call you Terry?)

The best of the rest? A Fresh Air key:

(Left) Associate Producer John Sheehan’s cat Molloy

(Right) Assistant Producer Molly Seavy-Nesper’s cat Sullivan

(Left) Executive Producer Danny Miller’s cat Spotty

(Right) Administrative Assistant Dorothy Ferebee’s cat Mr. Sweetie

(Left) Director Roberta Shorrock’s  cats Sully (in a bag) and Gracie (right)

Use This Website to Create Your Own “NPR Name”

Today The Atlantic published a piece on the impossible coolness of NPR reporter names. Kai Ryssdal, Chana Joffe-Walt, Dina Temple-Raston, Neda Ulaby, Sylvia Poggiole. When it comes to public radio in Philadelphia, Marty Moss-Coane is no slouch.Want your own? Either you could try novelist Liana Maeby’s proposal (“Stick your middle initial in your first name, and adding it to the smallest foreign place you’ve ever visited;” she’s now Liarna Kassel.) Or plug yourself into the Public Radio Name Generator, where drab Adam Smith becomes worldly Mahmoud Franklin-Garrels.

There’s only one situation in which this game isn’t fun. When you already have an NPR-ready name, like yours truly. When I plugged my name into the generator, it came up with Karim Stamberg-Blechman. Blech. [The Atlantic]

Ira Glass Hosting A Giant Dance Party in Philly This Weekend

This American Life‘s Ira Glass is bringing a conceptual art performance/dance party to Philly, and it goes away forever come Monday. It’s called “One Radio Host, Two Dancers,” and here’s how it’s going to go down: Ira will stand on stage and tell poignant stories, while dancers from Monica Bill Barnes & Company, well, dance.

Glass wouldn’t reveal much about the show in a conversation with Daily News gossip scribe Molly Eichel, but he did give us this: A. He can’t dance, B. He claims to have beaten Dan Savage in a DJ battle, after the syndicated sex columnist (open up Philly Weekly) played too many show tunes. The shows are taking place Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 7, at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are 20 bucks.

Did WHYY Cause the Super Bowl Blackout?

First we learn that the company that manages the Superdome is based in Conshohocken. Now, it seems little old WHYY may have been at the center of the blackout brouhaha. Let the likely culprits tell you themselves:

To hear [WHYY Reporter Tom] MacDonald tell it, he was just getting back into the building after Beyonce’s halftime show when he plugged in an extension cord outside the Niners locker room and flipped the switch on the equipment.

“And the room goes dark,” he said.

By “room” he means half of an arena holding more than 71,000 people, with the eyes of an international audience fixed upon it.

Coincidence? WHYY pleads innocence. “The thing that tells me that it wasn’t me, because everybody was looking at everybody else was that the power I was plugged into was still up even though the light was off.” You’re going to trust that testimony? You know who said that? Tom MacDonald. Yeah. [WHYY]

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