BizFeed: Whole Foods Battling Organic Farmers

Photo via Flickr/David Shankbone

Photo via Flickr/David Shankbone

Whole Foods in Organic Food Fight

The News: The farmers that supply Whole Foods have some serious issues with the supermarket chain’s new produce rating system. It ranks items as Unrated, Good, Better and Best but farmers argue that non-organic produce can get higher ratings than organic items. Read more »

The Checkup: Why You Should Step Away from the Scale If You’re Trying to Lose Weight



• At Be Well Philly Boot Camp last week, Philly-based personal trainer Brian Maher explained that if you’re trying to slim down, weighing yourself every day won’t get you anywhere: Muscle is more dense than fat and numbers can be deceiving. Instead, he said, go off of how your clothes fit and how you feel. That same sentiment is echoed in this super-useful list of 17 trainers’ best advice for getting in shape. [BuzzFeed]

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Whole Foods Reveals Name of New, Cheaper Chain


Whole Foods Market | Shutterstock

And the name of Whole Foods’ soon-to-come cheaper chain of grocery stores will be — drumroll, please — “365 by Whole Foods Market,” the Huffington Post reports. As all you Whole Foods junkies out there surely know, “365 Everyday Value” is the name of the company’s store-brand items, already sold in the stores, so you can see where the inspiration came from.

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BizFeed: Whole Foods Reveals Cheaper Supermarket Chain

Meet Whole Foods' sister supermarket.

Meet Whole Foods’ sister supermarket.

1. Whole Foods For All

The News: Long considered too expensive by many, Whole Foods revealed details about its highly anticipated, moderately priced grocery chain. It’ll be called 365 by Whole Foods Market. It’s named after the company’s cheaper in-store brand.

Why It Matters: The launch of a less expensive Whole Foods not only makes the brand more inclusive, but will surely take a bite out of traditional grocery stores like Acme and Giant. Read more »

Last Genuardi’s Supermarket to Close

Goodbye Genuardi's.

Goodbye Genuardi’s.

The end of a supermarket era has arrived.

Before Whole Foods became a household name, before Wegmans became a force and before Giant stores sprouted up everywhere — Genuardi’s had a reputation for being the family-owned, veggie-focused option that healthy people turned to.

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Whole Foods to Open New Grocery Store Chain With Lower Prices



If Whole Foods is your happy place (yep, me too), but your bank account takes a beating every time you step foot inside, listen up: Today, the company announced they’ll be opening a new chain of lower-priced (read: won’t eat up your entire paycheck on a trip to the salad bar) stores aimed at Millennials, USA Today reports. If you just shed a few tears of joy, no need to be embarrassed: That’s a totally normal reaction.  Read more »

Meat Bandit Strikes Whole Foods South Street


Do you recognize this man? If so, get a dinner invite right quick before police find and arrest him for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars of meat, seafood and other overpriced gastronomic delights from Whole Foods South Street. Read more »

Discuss: What’s the Best Salad Bar Item at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods salad bar goodies | Photo via Flickr user 10outofsomething.

Whole Foods salad bar goodies | Photo via Flickr user 10outofsomething.

If you’ve ever found yourself standing frozen in front of the Whole Foods salad bar for 10 minutes straight, debating whether or not to ladle a scoop of never-before-tried Mediterranean chik’n salad into your cardboard to-go container, you are not alone. As we all know, trying a new item at the Whole Foods salad bar can be hit-or-miss: Sometimes, it’s the greatest $3 you’ve ever spent (thank you, seaweed salad!), and sometimes it’s a $3 scoop of sad, sad regret. Which is why we’re asking you: What’s your all-time favorite item at the Whole Foods cold salad bar? This way, the next time we brave the salad bar aisle, we can all try something new and know, prior to scooping, that it’s the bomb dot com.

I’ll go first. Whole Foods just so happens to be my happy place, so I’ve tried just about every vegetarian item their salad bar has to offer, and I’d say my favorite thus far is the seaweed salad I mentioned above: It tastes awesome piled onto a salad with tofu and spinach, or on it’s own, plus it’s cheaper than the seaweed salad sold at their sushi bar (and tastes better!). Now, your turn. Ready, set, comment!

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Where to Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey (or Entire Thanksgiving Meal) In Philly


If you’re not the cooking-Thanksgiving-dinner type–or if you just want to fool everyone into thinking you are–Philly’s food scene is down to help you out. There are plenty of places out there willing to supply you with everything you need to convince your friends and loved ones that you know how to use your oven for something more than warming your pants on winter mornings.

And if you do want to cook the turkey, then there are also places to get your fresh, heritage turkey needs filled by local farms and stores.

Check it all out below. And remember: Many of these places need a significant amount of advance notice, so pre-order now and don’t get caught scrambling later.

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