Cheu Noodle Bar, Wiz Kid Pull Out of Whole Foods

There’s no doubt that the Cheu brand is a winning concept. Shawn Darragh and Ben Puchowitz struck gold when they opened their inauthentic-by-design ramen bar in Washington Square West. In fact, it was the restaurant’s sheer popularity that attracted Whole Foods in the first place when it was still in the planning stages of its now-year-old Rodin Square location.

But Cheu isn’t exactly an easy operation to run, especially when the space wasn’t designed around the concept like it was in WashWest and, as of July, in Fishtown. Everything’s scratch-made on premises, which is a tough thing for a burn-and-turn quick-serve food stall.

So, today, the guys announced via Cheu’s Instagram that they’ll be closing their Whole Foods outpost for good on Sunday, October 22nd, because “operationally, it wasn’t a food fit.”

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Here’s How Much Prices at Whole Foods Have Actually Dropped

Whole Foods | Photo by Adjua Fisher

I’ll admit: I totally wrote a fantasy grocery list the minute I heard Whole Foods would be slashing its prices after joining forces with Amazon. But now, over a month after the Amazon purchase, how much have Whole Foods’ prices really dropped? Well, not much, says a new analysis by research firm Gordon Haskett. Womp, womp.

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The Checkup: SoulCycle Just Unveiled a New (Bike-Free!) Fitness Concept

• We waited patiently for SoulCycle to finally (finally!) open up in our neck of the woods, and now it seems they’ve given us something new to pine for: SoulAnnex. The company just debuted a new — bike-free — fitness-studio concept in NYC. Now, we’ll just be over here hoping they have plans to bring the concept to Philly. [Well + Good]

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PHOTOS: Amazon Takes Over Whole Foods

Sign at Philadelphia’s South Street Whole Foods. Photo by Avante Edmonds.

Amazon’s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods was finalized on Monday. This means shoppers can get their hands on cheaper groceries at the supermarket chain, and, wait for it… discounted Amazon Echos.

Because Amazon wastes no time, upon entering Philadelphia’s South Street Whole Foods location, you’ll now be greeted by a display of “Farm Fresh,” “Pick of the Season” $99.99 Amazon Echos and Amazon $44.99 Echo Dots, discounted by 30 to 50 percent from their original retail price.  Read more »

Say What?! Whole Foods to Slash Prices of Groceries Starting Next Week

Whole Foods Callowhill | Photo by Adjua Fisher 

If you are firmly planted in the camp of people who avoids Whole Foods at all costs, rolling your eyes and referring to it as “Whole Paycheck” at the mention of its name, take note: As the Washington Post reports, thanks to Amazon’s $13.7 billion purchase of the grocery chain, which will be finalized on Monday, customers will begin seeing immediate markdowns on the stores’ best-selling grocery staples — think: salmon, avocados (!!), baby kale, almond butter, banana, eggs, ground beef, butter, apples, and more — next Monday.

Excuse us while we do the happiest of happy dances.

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Monday Morning TL;DR: This Place Is Making Garbage Ice Cream (For Charity)

So here we are again. Another Monday morning, the start to another week. And if you’ve found your way here, it’s probably because you’d like to know more about the Whole Foods/Amazon deal, the etiquette of European food fights, that Japanese restaurant that makes you fish for your dinner, or the changing menus at Panda Express.

But let’s start with something that we can all agree is awesome: Ice cream. Here’s how Salt & Straw, a Portland-based “ice cream laboratory” (eye roll…), is making new ice cream flavors out of garbage.

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Shoppers Rejoice: Instacart Will Bring You Same-Day Delivery From Giant

$114.99 in groceries from Instacart. Photograph by Jason Varney

Instacart, the San Fransisco-based on-demand grocery delivery service, has announced that it will be expanding its services in Philadelphia, with a new Giant Food Stores partnership. 

Giant operates 184 grocery stores throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, with a strong presence in the Greater Philadelphia area. Instacart promises to deliver your groceries from the chain within the hour for a delivery fee of $7.99, and it’s fee is just $5.99 for deliveries made in two hours or more, including those that are scheduled.

Instacart first arrived in Philly in February of 2014, and has established partnerships with a variety of vendors, including Whole Foods and Reading Terminal Market. Back in early 2016, Philadelphians were dismayed when the service stopped delivering alcohol in the city, but Instacart is confident that its Giant partnership can win them a larger customer base in the area.

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