Philly Craft Spirits Week Is Back


So you already know about Whiskey Fest, Philly Mag’s whiskey and fine spirits festival that’s happening at Lincoln Financial Field on October 26th. It’s a huge party, with something like 300 different spirits available for sampling, a dozen-some restaurants serving snacks, and almost every local distiller in the Philadelphia region getting together in one place to put their booze side-by-side with some of the best in the world. If you don’t already have your tickets for Whiskey Fest, you should absolutely get them now.

But Philly’s local distilling scene? It’s gotten too big to be contained to just one night. Which is why, for the second year in a row, the whole gang of them has gotten together to plan a week of festivities in and around Philly — everything from several different Halloween parties, bar takeovers and a huge cocktail competition to a block party, brunches, various collaborations, an old-school gin & juice party and more. It’s Philly Craft Spirits Week, and details about the various events are just starting to pop up on the official website.

Here’s what looks good right now.

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Whiskey Fest Set for Thursday, October 27th

whiskey-fine-spirits-940Philadelphia magazine’s Whiskey Fest is of course about whiskey but that isn’t all. As you may have noticed, the exact branding is Whiskey and Fine Spirits Fest, which means all sorts of booze will be available for sampling, including from 12 spirit lounges. The event is also serving as the kickoff to the inaugural Philly Craft Spirits Week and 11 local distilleries will be set up to show you what’s happening in Philadelphia’s booming craft scene.

And since you can’t live by whiskey alone, there are also tons of excellent food options to choose from; including  Village Whiskey, Zeppoli and Double Knot in the Infiniti Lounge, where there will be hand-rolled sushi and Japanese whiskey.

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Calling It A Day


Well, gone drinkin’ really. We’ve got a Manhattan contest to judge, and then Whiskey Fest to get to. All that hooch isn’t gonna drink itself.

So, until tomorrow, we bid you a fond farewell–and hope to see a lot of you down at the Linc in a couple hours.

So You Guys Are Coming To Whiskey Fest, Right?

whiskeyv3I’m just asking because it’s tomorrow night. And it’s the kinda thing you have to plan for–at least a little. You gotta get your tickets, find your favorite drinking pants, figure out how best to work your way through the bajillion spirits that will be available. It requires some thought.

VIP tickets are already sold out, but there are still some general admission tickets left. $95 a head basically means you can drink (and eat) for two-and-a-half straight hours and, frankly, if you can’t get your money’s worth in that amount of time, you need to seriously re-think your strategy.

There will be plenty of restaurants there (Indeblue, Luke’s Lobster, Slice and Village Whiskey just to name a few), and the guys from Righteous Felon will be doling out the jerky. But really, this is about the booze. And as in years past, there will be no shortage of liquor on the premises. I mean, check out this list. You pour a little Stranahan’s down your neck, chase it with some 15 year old Redbreast, and you’re already well on your way to making back that ticket price.

Anyway, we’re all gonna be there tomorrow so here’s hoping you’ll be joining us. Get your tickets below and we’ll see you tomorrow night.

Whiskey Fest [Official]

Whiskey Fest Early Bird Tickets Are On Sale

whiskeyheader-mob-v1Early bird tickets for the 2014 Philadelphia WhiskeyFest & Fine Spirits Festival are now on sale. The 2014 WhiskeyFest will take place on Thursday, October 23rd at Lincoln Financial Field.

WhiskeyFest brings a wide selection of spirits from around the world including premium whiskey, scotch, malts, bourbon, rum, vodka, gin, tequila and more to a single location. 

Discounted tickets are being offered from now until September 23rd. Early bird VIP tickets, which come with an extra hour-and-a-half of sampling plus access to exclusive spirits, a behind-the-scenes tour of Lincoln Financial Field and Fine Wine & Good Spirits gift card are currently $30 off (now $120) and general tickets are $15 off (now $80).

Buy tickets now for 2014 Whiskeyfest [EventBrite]

2014 WhiskeyFest: Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival [Philadelphia Magazine]

Gone Drinkin’: Heading Out For Whiskey Fest


Yesterday, the inimitable Emily Goulet over on the Shoppist blog documented the arduous process undertaken by the good folks over at Henry A. Davidsen and T.R.I.M. Philadelphia to get Art and me ready for our big night at the Whiskey Festival. We were shorn and shaved, cleaned up, dressed and accessorized by experts in the field–all so we wouldn’t look like a couple of streetcorner winos when we went stumbling into the fancy-pants VIP reception tonight.

It was no small task (as was painstakingly documented in a slideshow that reveals the condition in which we both entered the men’s grooming, suitifying and image overhaul bodyshop that is Henry A Davidsen, and the Herculean efforts undertaken by the staff to make us both look presentable in our fanciest of pants), but we came out on the other side looking pretty sharp. That snap above? That’s the “after.” For the “befores,” you should head on over to the Shoppist blog right now and see what Art and I look like on any normal day when we’re not planning on getting sloshed on bottles of Jameson Rarest Vintage and party vodka that tastes like lasers and unicorn daydreams. The phrase “serial killer” is tossed around a little bit. And there may be accidental mullets.

But anyway, we’re shutting down the ‘booz for the day and heading out now. For those of you who have tickets to the event, we’ll see you there. If you don’t? Well the first thing Art and I have to do is judge the Woodford Reserve Manhattan competition, and tomorrow morning Hugh E. Dillon will be posting pics of the winner (and maybe some other whiskey-related shenanigans) over at Philly mag’s The Scene.

And now, it’s time to go drinking.

The Great Foobooz Whiskey Fest Makeover [Shoppist]

Want To Win Free Tickets To The Philadelphia Magazine Whiskey Festival?

Time is running short. The date is drawing nigh. The Philadelphia magazine Whiskey Festival is right around the corner but, because we love you, we’re still trying to give away a free pair of VIP tickets for the event happening on Thursday, October 25.

What do you have to do? Almost nothing. Just go the the Philadelphia Whiskey Festival page, look for the button marked “sweepstakes” and follow the direction. Do what you’re told and you’ll be entered into the drawing for the free tickets. Easy as pie.

So what are you waiting for? The contest ends next Wednesday and you’re not going to improve your chances any by waiting until the very end.

Philadelphia Magazine Whiskey Festival [Official website]

Whiskey Festival Sweepstakes Page [Just to make it even easier for you]

Want Discounted Tickets For Whiskey Fest?

Of course you want discounted tickets. Who wouldn’t? More to the point, who wouldn’t want to spend the evening drinking top-shelf brown liquors and getting fed by the likes of Davio’s, Capital Grille, Doc Magrogan’s and Bobby Flay Steak? As in years past, Philadelphia magazine’s Whiskey Festival is one of those high points on any drinker’s calendar when distillers from all over the country come together to pour their best stuff (which includes vodka, gin, rum and other spirits, but focuses on whiskey) and those who love the hard stuff gather to drink it.

This year, though, to make things even better, we’re offering those of you who receive the Foobooz newsletter a killer deal: 25% off general admission tickets to the event. Why? Because we can. And because we like to pack rooms like these with fans of Philly food and booze.

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Sneak Preview: October At COOK

It’s that time again, folks. Time for the wise among you to start planning for your October adventures at COOK.

As we do every month, we’re offering you a sneak peek at the schedule so that you can formulate a plan of attack for when tickets go on sale–a way to get everything you want as fast as you can, before the best classes inevitably begin selling out.

So take a look, make a list, and then be ready to make with the clicky-clicky when COOK opens up registration at 2pm on Monday the 10th.

You ready?

Show me the classes