Where to Eat This Weekend: A Whole New Thing

Al pastor at Que Chula es Puebla

We know it can be tough.

The weekend is here. But this city is so full of bars and restaurants that it can sometime be tough to make a choice. And we spend a lot of time here on Foobooz trying to tell you exactly that. We make lists of the 50 Best Restaurants and the 50 Best Bars in the city. We tell you the 32 tacos that you need to eat right now and the all the best breads in the city.

But seriously? Who’s going to go out this weekend and eat 32 tacos? Or drink at 50 bars? (I mean, other than us.) And while big lists are handy because they give a fine overview of the city, sometimes what you need is just one thing — just one place that you need to go right now. One thing that you need to try. One amazing thing that, if you haven’t had it already, should be at the top of your list for the weekend.

Well, the Philly Mag food team got together and came up with suggestions:

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Where To Eat This Weekend: Who Needs a Drink?

a.bar | Photo by Ted Nghiem

It’s Friday, and you know what that means? It means we all deserve a drink. Or two. Or seven.

This weekend, it’s all about the booze. From excellent parties to drinking in the sun to a Sunday jazz brunch with Adele’s piano player, we have everything you need to know to give yourself the kind of weekend that you won’t remember come Monday.

So let’s kick things off with the best bars in Philadelphia, shall we?

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Where To Eat This Weekend: A Real Sausage Fest

Photos courtesy of Standard Tap

Happy Friday, everyone. If you’re anything like us, all you’re really concerned with right now is where you’re going to be eating (and drinking) this weekend. The good news? It looks like you’ve got plenty of excellent options–from new restaurants to cool events to Ping Pong bars.

Yeah, Ping Pong bars. Let’s start with that one, huh?

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Where To Eat This Weekend: All-Houston Edition

Proceeds from the roasted veal loin with smoked carrot romesco, green onions, and hazelnuts at a.kitchen will go to the #chefs4Houston hurricane relief effort. a.kitchen/Twitter

We know that a lot of you are going to be out of the city this weekend. We know that most of you are already gone. But for those of you sticking around, we’re focusing this week’s Where To Eat on restaurants that are doing charity work for the people (and pets) of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

So let’s go do some good this weekend, huh? And we can start with…

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Where To Eat This Weekend: Inside, Outside and On the Roof

Skygarten | Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

Well, you’ve made it to the end of another week. You know what we should do? Get out there in the world, enjoy these last few days of summer, and eat and drink ourselves stupid.

Yeah, I mean all of us. There are only so many beautiful weekends like this given to us. And I think it would be a damn shame to waste even one.

So, let’s get started with a little something to rev us up, huh?

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Where To Eat This Weekend: We All Need a Little Break, Don’t We?

Photo by Jason Varney

Okay, so this has been a long week for everyone. But the weekend is coming, so I think it’s on us to try to take a breath, shake it off, and find some way to make the best of things. Call some friends, some family, get together with your neighbors, and then get out in the world and live a little.

Here are a few new, notable or awesome places you might want to consider.

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Where To Eat This Weekend: A Whole Mansion Filled With Beer

Photo courtesy of Stock

So here we are — another Friday afternoon in the waning weeks of summer. And while things in town are certainly starting to feel like they’re slowing down, that doesn’t mean you have to. You’re going to need somewhere to eat this weekend, right? Maybe somewhere to have a drink? Possibly a beer or three?

Have no fear. We’ve got everything you need to know right here.

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Where To Eat This Weekend: Eat Your Vegetables and Drink Your Whiskey

Wiz Kid/Facebook

Happy Friday everyone! And congratulations on making it to the end of another week. If you’re anything like me, what you need right now are some donuts, a sandwich, a little lobster and a stiff drink, though not necessarily in that order.

But we can help! And let’s start off this week with that drink…

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Where To Eat This Weekend: Pizza When You Least Expect It

Jack N’ S’mores shake at Frankford Hall | Photo by Claudia Gavin

Congratulations! You’ve survived another week. And if yours has been anything like mine, you need a pizza, a milkshake and a stiff drink–though maybe not in that order.

But have no fear. We’re here to help you make the best of this weekend. And we’re going to start with something that’s just so perfectly bizarre that I can’t stop telling people about it.

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