What to Eat This Week: 5 Dinners That Are Beyond Easy to Make 

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You know when you get home after a long day of work and your brain feels like it’s broken and the thought of having to read a bazillion directions just to put food in your face actually makes you want to sit down on the floor and cry? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Which is why this week’s recipes are all beyond easy to make with minimal directions. I.e. proof you can get a healthy, delicious meal into you at the end of the day without having a mental breakdown. Enjoy! Read more »

What to Eat This Week: Warming Winter Soups

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If you plan on leaving your house this weekend, you deserve like 1,623,928 gold stars. The highs are in the low 20s — the highs! — and the lows are too scary to talk about. So, I figured there would be a strong demand for soup this week: Here, five soup recipes, from Spicy Thai Curry Noodle to Skinny Creamy Chicken Noodle, to warm your insides over the next few days. Read more »

What to Eat This Week: Veggie-Packed Bowls 

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This week is all about bowls, veggie bowls in particular. You’ll get your fill of nutrient-packed veggies — think: teriyaki sweet potato, tahini-dressed roasted cauliflower and egg-topped sauerkraut — piled on top of rice, or in some cases cauliflower “rice,” or quinoa, or whatever other starch your heart desires. Happy cooking! Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Healthy (and Delicious!) Meals That Aren’t Salad

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If on January 1st, you were all “New year, new me! This is the year I’m going to eat salads for lunch and dinner every day and LOVE it like I’m eating mac and cheese topped with fried bacon,” and then January 8th rolled around and you never wanted to see another salad in your life, you are not alone in your salad fatigue. Which is exactly why we bring you all five healthy recipes — zero salads in the bunch! — that will keep you on your healthy-eating game without boring your taste buds. Happy cooking! Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 10-Minute Meals You’ll Devour

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Am I the only one who can’t fathom coming home from a long day at the office only to park it in the kitchen for an hour or more, slaving over dinner? Putting in more than minimal dinnertime effort just so is not in the cards for me.

If you’re of the surgical-strike mindset when it comes to dinner, too, I am pleased to present you with this week’s What to Eat: 10-minute meals that are simple, filling and, most important, delicious. Have at it, my friends.  Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Oh-So-Easy No-Cook Dinners

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We know, we know, you are so over the Thanksgiving madness (we are, too). After cooking for hours straight to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal and  just finishing off that last bit of leftover turkey a few days ago, we think you (and your poor overworked oven) need a break from the kitchen before the second swing of holiday madness hits.

That’s where these recipes come in: This week, we’re giving you five light, no-cook meals that you can make in no-time. We’ve got a yummy chilled soup, meaty marinated mushrooms, and a handy-dandy sandwich if you’re eating dinner on the go. And don’t you worry, no turkey or pumpkin in sight. Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Dinners That Double as Lunch Leftovers

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Picture this: It’s lunchtime at work and you’re running around like a crazy person, wondering when it the world will you find time to actually, you know, eat? We’ve all been there. Make your life easy this week by whipping up this menu of dinners that work overtime and become yummy lunchtime leftovers the next day. These dishes double in flavor after a night in the fridge so you’ll actually look forward to your brown bag for once. No, seriously, you’re so welcome. Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Genius Ways to Stuff Veggies

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Stuffed veggies are a wonderful dinner in many ways: they leave you with few dishes, because the stuffed veggie is the dish, basically; they are generally super nutritious; and the recipes are totally flexible in terms of what you throw in. So for this week’s recipes, we give you five stuffed veggies (okay, okay, technically avocados and peppers are fruits, but work with us, people) to make for dinner this week. Enjoy! Read more »

What to Eat This Week: Breakfast Bowls for Dinner

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Simply put, a breakfast bowl is the upgraded eggs with toast. And since I often eat eggs with toast for dinner — and I’m guessing some of you guys do, too — I figure a breakfast bowl for dinner is a perfectly acceptable way to up my dinner game. But this week’s recipes aren’t all about eggs, because that would be kind of boring, don’t you think? We’ve also got a breakfast bowl with a scrambled chickpea concoction, and a raspberry breakfast bowl that’s basically dessert for dinner. You are welcome. Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Dinners Starring Fall’s Yummiest Ingredients

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A few days ago, while sitting outside enjoying the weather, fall smacked me right in the face. Literally: a crunchy leaf fell from the sky and hit me right between the eyes. But I wasn’t mad, because fall is my all-around favorite time of year. What’s not to love? There’s football, beautiful weather, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and not to mention absolutely delicious seasonal produce.

This week, celebrate fall with these five dishes featuring — strike that — starring fall’s yummiest ingredients. We’ve got apples (if you feel like being fancy, pick your own), mushroom, squash, sweet potatoes, and even pomegranate. Oh, and did I mention all of the recipes this week are completely meatless? Yep, no meat here. And no scary falling leaves, either. Read more »

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