The Checkup: How to Make Perfume and Cologne Scents Last Longer

• If you’ve always sprayed perfume or cologne on your wrists or neck, well, you’ve always been doing it wrong. Experts say there’s no proven evidence that spritzing these areas, which are pulse points, makes the scent last longer. The good news: There are ways to optimize your perfume and cologne habits to prolong your pleasant smell. Click through for the cheat sheet. [GreatistRead more »

Free Acupuncture in Center City Today

Healing Arts Community Acupuncture | Photo via Facebook

Healing Arts Community Acupuncture | Photo via Facebook

I have no idea if Healing Arts Community Acupuncture timed today’s free acupuncture day just in time for the onset of Pope madness here in Philadelphia, but if you’re already looking for a means of escape — even just five minutes away from the security barriers, parking restrictions and tow trucks — this might be just the thing.  Read more »

You’re Fooling Yourself If You Think Your Treadmill Desk Counts As Exercise



I know. Treadmill desks seem like a such a great idea. You can happily clack away on your computer while offsetting some of those terrifying side effects of sedentary office life. Heck, I even had a blast when I got to try one out for a few weeks.

But a new study aims to temper at least some of your expectations when it comes to the good your treadmill desk can do for your health. Namely, that it doesn’t provide enough of a workout to, well, count as real-deal workout.
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HEADS UP: The Happy Healthy Lesbian Online Conference Starts Next Week

happy healthy lesbian

Happy Healthy Lesbian founder Amy McDonald (top right, surrounded by rainbows) and the array of speakers in her upcoming weeklong telesummit for queer women.

Your 2014 resolution to become the best lesbian you can be just became a little more attainable. Next week the Happy Healthy Lesbian Telesummit kicks off with an informative, online women’s wellness conference. The gathering features five days worth of empowering, lesbian-centric discussions on everything from staying in shape to traveling to keeping things nice and steamy in the bedroom.

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I Survived Ex-Gay Therapy

As Pennsylvania gets ready to debate a bill that would make it illegal to subject minors to conversion (or ex-gay) therapy (California is the first state in the nation to do so), a former patient speaks out about the torment it caused in his own life.

Truth Wins Out shared the video of Matthew Shurka. He’s a 24-year-old who at 16 was forced into six weeks of reparative therapy. His own father sent him into this so-called “ex-gay” therapy after Shurka came out as gay. Now, he says the experience was profoundly painful: “It was pretty horrible – it was basically living the life of how to become straight based off of stereotypes.”

He was in therapy for five years. “Those five years are bad,” he says. “You don’t ever really learn to accept who you are.”

Check it out: