Cat Disowned for Being Gay in Nigeria

gay cat nigeria

Side note: This is not the cat in question, but I bet he’s just as cute.

As if news from Nigeria couldn’t be any more atrocious, this comes along:

According to Leadership“Nigeria’s most influential newspaper,” a middle-aged woman in Lafia has put out a very public announcement that she wants to get rid of her cat because she feels that he is gay. She says that the cat — which she has owned for seven years — displays “an unnatural sexual behavior” that she describes as “a contradiction of the laws of nature.” More:

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WATCH: Secrets of the Living Sex Dolls

Secrets of LIving Dolls

A documentary, Secrets of the Living Dolls, premiered this week, and the web has gone crazy — kind of like what happened when we found out about furries. The project revealed a sub-culture of grown men who dress as female sex dolls. Not sure how to take this one. Are they drag queens? Or is this just something in a land all its own?

Check out some clips from the doc below, and be careful, some are borderline NSFW.

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