The Checkup: The Fruits and Veggies That Will Help You Lose the Most Weight, According to Science

• Everybody knows that fruits and veggies are good for you and can help you keep your weight in check. But new research narrows in on exactly which fruits and veggies do the best job. Surprise: It’s the ones that are high in flavonoids, which also happen to be red in color. [TIMERead more »

How This Philly Chef Lost 160 Pounds

Chef Mike Stollenwerk before his 160-pound weight loss and after.

Chef Mike Stollenwerk before and after his 160-pound weight loss.

You might’ve seen Chef Mike Stollenwerk’s name floating around in the past few months, probably in regard to his newly opened seafood-centric BYOB restaurant, 26 North, in Old City. But along with whipping up culinary creations on the daily and dealing with the grind that comes with a new restaurant, Stollenwerk has also been working at something else: keeping off the 160 pounds he’s lost in the past few years.

We chatted with Stollenwerk — who, fun fact, studied food science at Drexel — to find out what kinds of challenges he faced as a chef trying to lose weight (we guessed many), what he thinks of the “fat chef” stereotype (a dying breed, it seems) and, of course, what tricks he uses to transform what could be dull food into a delicious meal (hint: he loves avocado just as much as your friends who won’t stop posting avocado-toast Instagrams). Below, see what Stollenwerk had to say about all of the above and more. Read more »

The Checkup: The Best Winter Foods for Weight Loss 

• Sweater season is wonderful for many reasons. To name a few: During sweater season, it’s totally socially acceptable to hibernate on your couch all day and you rarely feel guilty about indulging in an extra slice of pizza (because, baggy sweaters, duh). But you have to balance your love of pizza and Netflix somehow, so here: The 10 best winter foods to eat for weight loss. [Eat Clean] Read more »

The Checkup: Stop Talking About Your New Year’s Resolution If You Actually Want to Make It Happen



• If you made a New Year’s resolution — you’re going to run your first marathon, or you’ve vowed to finally master home cooking, or this year, you’ll finally stop eating McDonald’s breakfast after a night of one too many margaritas (still noble!) — go you. But note: If you actually want to stick to your resolution, research says you should probably stop blabbing about it and focus on actually making it happen, instead. [Science of Us] Read more »

Penn Study: Changing Diet, for Better or Worse, Affects Sleep in a Big Way

Raise your hand if you are always tired. Like, so tired that you would not be surprised if you fell asleep at your desk right this second. Well, a new study performed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, published in the journal Sleep, found that changing your diet to lose a few pounds could impact more than just your waistline: For folks who are overweight, ditching a few pounds can lead to feeling more awake during the day, all while getting less (better quality) sleep at night. Three cheers for weight loss working double duty! The bad news: Small dietary changes in the wrong direction, even just for a little while, can have the opposite effect. Think: crappy sleep and lowered daytime energy.
Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Carbs

While at a rookie camp for an NHL team, I asked the players what they eat at Chipotle. A few of them raised their hands and said, “I usually get the bowl.” Wrong answer. So I asked, “Why in the world don’t you eat a burrito?” Their response? Because of the carbs.

Most of my clients are athletic, fit individuals seeking advice on how to improve their diet for performance and overall health. They are usually at a point of feeling stuck — i.e. they’ve plateaued in terms of their body-composition goals or performance. And usually, the first thing I notice when I look at their food logs is the serious lack of carbohydrate in their diet. When I press them on it, they usually tell me they avoid carbs because they think they’re bad for health or will make them fat.

I’m here to set the record straight, for my clients and for you. Carbs aren’t evil. I repeat: Carbs. Aren’t. Evil. I can say this with absolute confidence, as a registered dietitian.

Don’t believe me? Here, five reasons why carbs — well, certain carbs — are super important and necessary for hitting your health and fitness goals. Read more »

The Checkup: How to Eat Well — And Keep Your Weight in Check — Without Dieting

• You’ve probably heard of the “everything in moderation” approach to eating — that is, allowing yourself to eat a little bit of everything you want, as a way to satisfy cravings without going overboard. The problem with it, according to a new study, is that, well, it doesn’t really work: Study subjects who ate everything in moderation increased their waist circumference by 120 percent (!) over five years. If you want to make the eat-what-you-want method work, check out these dietitian-approved tips for indulging without overindulging. [HealthRead more »

The Checkup: 7 Foods to Reach for When You’re Desperately Trying to De-Bloat

• Confession: I ate approximately 1,879 biscuits this weekend. I know, it was crazy. But I was just trying to free up some room in my fridge, crowded with Thanksgiving leftovers, for vegetables! If you, like me, ate way too many Thanksgiving leftovers this past weekend, take note: Seven foods to reach for when you’re feeling bloated, like potassium-packed bananas and antioxidant-packed ginger. [Greatist] Read more »

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