The Checkup: A Full Year’s Worth of Totally Doable Weight-Loss Tips

• BuzzFeed is an unlikely treasure trove of weight-loss tips. And being the kind people they are, they’ve compiled a bunch of their useful weight-loss posts full of totally doable tips — think: ban mindless couch eating (done!) — into a GIANT master list featuring 333 doable weight-loss tips. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, maybe read a tip a day as food for thought. Skipping weekends (because you gotta give yourself a break), that’s a full year’s worth of tips to take in! [BuzzFeed]

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The Checkup: Why This Counterintuitive Weight-Loss Tip Works 

• When you’re trying to lose weight, your goal with your workouts might be just that: To lose weight. But trainer Tony Gentilcore makes a good point: Replacing your thoughts of weight loss (seriously, forget it!) with another purpose for exercising — a goal separate from the simple aesthetics-focused goal of weight loss — like finally being able to do a pull-up, could be the key to actually reaching your weight-loss goals in the end. [Women’s Health]

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How When You Eat Breakfast and Dinner Affects Your Waistline

I am, without fail, always the first person to fall asleep at a sleepover. Things that should never be drawn on someone’s face have been drawn on my face more times than I care to share. Recently, at an adult slumber party — a PG one, guys. Get your heads out of the gutters — as all my girlfriends made s’mores, I snored next to them, asleep on the cement in my friend’s backyard. I was only mildly inebriated, swear.

Because I have always been a grandmother in terms of my sleep habits, I’ve long romanticized the idea of staying up late to settle down for dinner and a glass of wine around 10 p.m., like I live in Barcelona or something. But now I have validation that my inability to stay up (and/or eat) past 9 p.m. might actually be a blessing: A small new study out of the University of Pennsylvania looked at how the timing of meals affects health, and the news isn’t great for late-night eaters.

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The Checkup: How to Choose the Best Beer for Your Waistline 

• Because warm weather means barbecue season has arrived, and with barbecue season comes beer: Here, a registered dietitian dishes on the quick trick to estimate the calories in any given bottle of beer (multiply the alcohol percentage by two, then multiply that by the ounces of beer), plus the best beers to reach for if you’re watching your weight. [Women’s Health]

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The Checkup: How This Common Ingredient Could Be Making You Fat 

• Put dooooown the salt shaker: New research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that folks were hungrier when they were on higher-sodium diets than when they were on lower-sodium diets consuming the same number of daily calories and nutrients. And being hungrier means there’s a greater chance you’ll reach for that 3 p.m. office-kitchen donut. Womp, womp. [TIME]

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A Philly Health Coach’s Guide to Getting Unstuck

You may be sitting where I was about a year ago — in a large office building, feeling like you’re not in the right place in your career, job, or life, but not knowing where you do belong, either. Or you may be perfectly happy in your career, but feeling stuck where you’re at with your health, weight, or relationships. Either way, I hope some of the lessons I’ve learned about getting unstuck from my quarter-life career crisis of sorts will help you through any change you’re making in your journey to ultimate health and happiness.

But first off, in case we don’t know each other already, I’m Sam Vander Wielen, a corporate-attorney-turned-certified health coach who helps (mostly) women learn how to create a healthy relationship with food/exercise, prioritize self-care, and live the life they want.

In 2016, I left my career as an attorney at a large law firm to start my own health coaching business, Hygge Wellness. It was hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done (and the Pennsylvania Bar is no joke!). Not only because I chose to walk away from great coworkers, an amazing managing partner, a generous salary, bonus, and the perks afforded to an attorney working at a great firm, but because I realized I had gone so far down a path I didn’t want, I didn’t know how to get back home. I know so many people, in various jobs in different fields, in the same position.

I realized life wasn’t going to hand me the perfect situation or timing to leave. It was actually pretty alarming to realize that I was in control of my happiness and future.

Here are the top 11 lessons I learned through the process of leaving my career as an attorney to chase my dream of starting my own business, helping others make themselves a priority, and spreading wellness across the Philadelphia region.

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The Checkup: The Secret Ingredient That Transforms Homemade Salad Dressing 

• You’ve probably made your fair share of olive oil salad dressings with the usual suspects, like shallots and lemon zest, but have you ever thought of adding pomegranate molasses? According to this home cook, the addition turns a basic homemade salad dressing into a drool-worthy staple that will guarantee you finish ALL of your greens. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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