The Checkup: Trying to Lose Weight? Do These 6 Things Before Lunch 

• Earlier, I saw a headline that read something along the lines of “20 Things to Do to Have a Healthy Night.” I thought to myself, twenty things to do just so I can go to bed? Pass. But six things — six things seems manageable enough. And if you’re trying to lose weight, checking these six tasks off your to-do list in the hours leading up to lunch is a simple way to up your weight-loss game. [Men’s Health]

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The Checkup: The Simple Trick Dietitians Swear By to Avoid Overeating 

• Raise your hand if, come lunchtime, you’re ready to shovel your entire tupperware of quinoa salad into your face in one forkful? Same. But dietitians suggest you take a different approach to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortably full and bloated for the next few hours: Halfway through your meal, take a 10-minute break. Then, after your body has had a bit of time to start digesting your meal, decide whether you are still hungry for the rest. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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The Checkup: The Unexpected Meal to Add to Your Post-Workout Routine

• Confession: Homemade fried rice is one of my favorite lazy-night meals. And even though I always pack it with tons of veggies, I still think of the dish as somewhat of a guilty pleasure. After all, when it comes down to it, it’s fried rice. But according to nutrition experts, a brown-rice rendition actually makes for a great recovery meal after a tough workout, thanks to the combo of soy sauce (it provides a needed dose of sodium), egg (hello, protein), veggies and rice (both provide healthy carbs and dietary fiber). So if you’ve got some leftover brown rice in the fridge from your most recent delivery night, you know what to do with it. [Outside]

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The Checkup: The Trick to Cut Calories Every Single Time You Order Delivery

• We’ve all been there: You’ve been working away at your desk, incredibly focused, when all of a sudden your stomach lets out a big growl and you realize and you realize you need to eat — like, now.  You quickly call up your favorite delivery joint and order the most drool-inducing, satisfying meal you can think of. But newsflash: You should be ordering way earlier. A recent study suggests that ordering food at least an hour before you’re usually hungry could help you save in the calories department. [Futurity] Read more »

The Checkup: The Unexpected Food That’s Packed With Post-Workout Powers

• Sometimes, when my family eats out, a plate will be garnished with a flower and my mom will swallow it right down with the rest of her meal. “Mom, it’s for decoration, you don’t eat it … ” we all say. But perhaps she’s onto something. (Mom’s are always right, aren’t they?) Perhaps flowers are more than a beautiful decoration. According to science, edible flowers offer a whole host of health benefits including some serious post-workout anti-inflammatory powers. [Runner’s World] Read more »

The Checkup: The Gym Machines You Should Stop Wasting Your Time On

• Choosing a gym machine over free weights can seem like the logical choice when pumping iron at the gym. Why would you want to venture into the unknown dumbbell territory when you could stick to an exercise you are absolutely, 100-percent sure you are doing correctly? (Shoutout to those little illustrations on the side of the machines!) But turns out, these particular gym machines are wastes of time, according to fitness pros. [SELF]

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The Checkup: How to Navigate the Grocery Store Like a Boss (And Save Big Bucks)

• You walk into the grocery store with one thing on your mind: “I just need avocados, I just need avocados.” Then, suddenly, a bright bag of kale chips catches your attention, so you grab it and toss it in your cart without much thought. Next thing you know, your cart is piled high with foods you never even planned on buying and the cost of a simple trip to buy just avocados has eaten up half of your paycheck. We’ve all been there — but how does it happen? Turns out grocery stores have lots of tricks up their sleeves to get you to buy more than you planned. Never fear, though: There are a few ways to combat their sorcery. [Huffington Post]

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The Checkup: The Sneaky Mealtime Mistake That’s Screwing With Your Waistline

• Picture this: You’ve just whipped up a healthy meal of quinoa, roasted veggies and salmon for dinner and you’re about to pile food onto your plate. What do you reach for first? Probably the quinoa, right? Then the salmon, then, lastly, the veggies. No more though: Here, a dietitian explains how putting your plate together in this order is throwing your portion sizes completely out of whack, which can lead to weight gain — even when the meal itself is a healthy one. [Self] Read more »

The Checkup: How to Use Up Almost-Overripe Avocados Before They Turn

• Just when you thought you’d seen all that avocado has to offer, it hits you with this: A four-ingredient avocado ice cream recipe — the perfect way to use up a few almost-overripe avocados before they turn, without having to eat four pieces of avocado toast — that doesn’t even require an ice cream maker to concoct. [Mic]
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