The Checkup: How to Perfect Your Protein Intake



• It’s no secret that protein serves as a building block for all sorts of things — from healthy skin to toned muscles — but what’s a bit less clear is just how much protein you’re supposed to be eating, and how you should be getting it. Here to clear things up, five nutritionist-approved tricks for perfecting your protein intake. [Well + Good]
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Inspiration: How Jennifer Chapman Overcame Challenges and Lost 95 Pounds

Jennifer Chapman at 230 pounds

Jennifer Chapman at 230 pounds

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Name: Jennifer Champman

Age: 44

Home: West Deptford Township

Starting weight: In October 2001, I weighed 230 pounds — my heaviest. Even though I had weight-loss success during this time I don’t think it was as successful as it could have been because my focus at this time was mainly the numbers on the scale. Fast forward to August 2013, when I weighed 165 pounds. This is when I would mark the real start of my weight-loss journey. It has turned out to be my most meaningful and successful journey.

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