A Scientific Explanation for Why This Wegmans News Makes People So Happy

We may never be able to fully explain why people love Wegmans SO much, but we can put a little science behind why people love this recent Wegmans news so much. Last week, we told you guys that Wegmans and Instacart had expanded their same-day delivery service in the Philly area. Meaning, granted your zip code is within the delivery range (they can’t deliver across state lines, and only deliver in certain areas), you can now shop your favorite grocery store without ever actually, well, going to the store. Needless to say, people were overjoyed at hearing this. And now, as the Atlantic reports, a new study points to why that is. Read more »

Trump Boycott Trouble for Wegmans

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Uber, Nordstrom, and L.L.Bean have all recently come under fire for their political or business connections to President Trump or his family. Now another well-known company finds itself in the fray: the grocery chain Wegmans.

The Washington Post reports that the supermarket chain is facing calls to remove Trump Winery products from its 10 Virginia stores, and members of the country’s largest feminist organization, the National Organization for Women, plan to pressure the company to drop the line of products. Read more »

Wegmans Is About To Become Your New Local Wine Shop

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

So guess who has been snapping up wine permits lately? Wegmans has. Yesterday they officially announced that wine sales will be starting at the Malvern store tomorrow (November 9) and at the State College store on Friday (November 11). And this is a big deal. The stores will be stocking between 400 and 800 labels (depending on available space), and that’s not even the big news.

The big news is that Malvern and State College (along with the Mechanicsburg store which began selling in September) are just the beginning. Wegmans is hoping to have wine shops open in all 17 of its Pennsylvania stores within the next two weeks.

Read more »

What the Philly Grocery Store Boom Is Really About

Photography by Jeff Fusco

Photography by Jeff Fusco

In early 2008, not long after I came out of a not-excellent relationship, landed a new job and moved to Philadelphia, I found my soul mate at the supermarket. Okay, my soul mate was the supermarket — specifically, the Trader Joe’s around the corner from my apartment.

Like most affairs, this one didn’t really start with love. I just felt lucky that I had such a decent place to shop so close by, even if the cramped store always felt like blizzard shopping, all bumper-carts and panicked grabs for the last box of Puffins. (I once watched a man in the middle of a line so long it wrapped around the store heave a sigh, abandon his basket on the floor — milk and all! — and stomp out the door. As one friend says: “The lines and the parking lot there are like you’re on Candid Camera.”)

But as time went on, I found that it wasn’t just about the convenience of geography: I adored the happy-go-lucky vibe and the friendly (stoned?) dudes in Hawaiian shirts, the punnily named products (“Hold the Cone” mini-ice creams! Adorable!), the famously well-edited selection of frozen meals, the planet’s most addictive chocolate-pistachio toffees. So what if Trader Joe’s didn’t carry fresh shrimp or Ben & Jerry’s or contact solution? The whole store felt like me, or the person I fancied myself to be. Organically inclined, but not overly crunchy. A little more special than Acme, but not as upmarket as Di Bruno’s. Good-humored, not terribly experimental, disinclined to excess and preciousness, with a tendency to overdo it on the snacks and the avocados.

When I moved across town to Fairmount a few years later, I bravely tried to transfer my loyalties to the Whole Foods, which was much closer to my new place and boasted a cult of followers (many of them my friends) so staunch, they made the Scientologists look like Brownies. Somehow, though, it just never took. Sure, the place was gorgeous, the bakery’s cakes were light as air, and the olive selection was basically the eighth wonder of the world. And I was happy enough to pop in for the pre-formed grass-fed burger patties (the best in the city). But I never really felt like I fully belonged amongst its gluten-aware, multi-tattooed denizens. I mean. These people actually remembered to bring their own bags.

“Whole Foods is bullshit,” offers a colleague of mine. “All that effort going into feeling authentic and romanticizing food shopping when the place is all about Ayn Rand-style capitalism.” He prefers Aldi, where “you’re shopping in a gray box with no music; they barely even have shelves. What they have is great stuff, cheap, for which you trade money. That, my friend, is a pure experience.” Read more »

“Wegmans Is God”: Why People Are So Obsessed with Wegmans

Photo by Flickr user Erica

Photo by Flickr user Erica

Earlier this week, after learning that Wegmans was named the best supermarket chain in the country for customer satisfaction, I dared to ask the question: Why are people so obsessed with Wegmans? The post received over 170 Facebook comments, proving that was, in fact, a totally valid question. Some of the comments were angry (One read something like “This chick doesn’t like Wegmans. Get ‘er, Interwebs.” Really, guys?), a few agreed with my confusion concerning the Wegmans obsession, but most of the comments were in support of Wegmans. There were many, many paragraph-long comments of support, defending Wegmans heaven-on-Earth status, my favorite of which started with this line: “Wegmans is God in our family.” Really.

And before you all-caps comment on this post, screaming at me for not getting the hype, let it be known: I am not alone. So, why are people so obsessed with Wegmans? Below, the reasons behind the obsession, as explained by Philly Mag readers. Read more »

Why Are People So Obsessed with Wegmans? 

Photo by Flickr user Amy Dreher

Photo by Flickr user Amy Dreher

One Sunday this past summer, I took my first-ever trip to a Wegmans. The Wegmans in Cherry Hill, to be exact. After years of hearing grocery-shopping tales that likened the supermarket to heaven on Earth, I was pretty much expecting to have my own personal butler follow me around the store, hand-feeding me cheese samples whenever I opened my mouth.

Let’s just say, my shopping trip did not live up to the hype. And it’s not to say that it was a bad grocery shopping trip — it just wasn’t as sparkly and spectacular as a decade of stories had convinced me it would be. It was just a supermarket. A really big supermarket, fluorescent lighting and all. Read more »

Why Does Going To The Supermarket Still Suck?

(Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock)

(Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock)

The announced bankruptcy of A&P doesn’t surprise me. I’ve watched the supermarket chain decline over the years and I’m sorry for the 28,000 employees who are the victims of its poor management in the face of much better run stores like Wegmans. But, as great as Wegmans is, it still sucks doing the food shopping, doesn’t it? As a business owner, I can’t help but see many inefficiencies and places for improvement. Every time I shop, the same questions keep popping up in my mind. For example… Read more »

La Colombe’s Plan to Destroy Starbucks: A Canned Latte Worth Drinking

Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe shows off his latest creation: Draft latte in a can. (Photo by Jared Shelly)

La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael shows off his latest creation: Draft latte in a can. (Photo by Jared Shelly)

If you stopped by La Colombe‘s flagship location in Fishtown this weekend, you were likely offered a sample of its latest creation: The draft latte — a coffee and milk combo poured from a keg that has a semi-sweet taste and a slight milkshake-like texture. The best part is that there’s no ice diluting the drink and screwing up the taste.

But that bit of frothy good news is just the beginning. The company plans to start producing cans of the draft latte to sell in stores across the country. CEO Todd Carmichael thinks it’s a product that can seriously disrupt a market dominated by Starbucks and its bottled Frappuccino. Read more »

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