Why Does Going To The Supermarket Still Suck?

(Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock)

(Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock)

The announced bankruptcy of A&P doesn’t surprise me. I’ve watched the supermarket chain decline over the years and I’m sorry for the 28,000 employees who are the victims of its poor management in the face of much better run stores like Wegmans. But, as great as Wegmans is, it still sucks doing the food shopping, doesn’t it? As a business owner, I can’t help but see many inefficiencies and places for improvement. Every time I shop, the same questions keep popping up in my mind. For example… Read more »

La Colombe’s Plan to Destroy Starbucks: A Canned Latte Worth Drinking

Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe shows off his latest creation: Draft latte in a can. (Photo by Jared Shelly)

La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael shows off his latest creation: Draft latte in a can. (Photo by Jared Shelly)

If you stopped by La Colombe‘s flagship location in Fishtown this weekend, you were likely offered a sample of its latest creation: The draft latte — a coffee and milk combo poured from a keg that has a semi-sweet taste and a slight milkshake-like texture. The best part is that there’s no ice diluting the drink and screwing up the taste.

But that bit of frothy good news is just the beginning. The company plans to start producing cans of the draft latte to sell in stores across the country. CEO Todd Carmichael thinks it’s a product that can seriously disrupt a market dominated by Starbucks and its bottled Frappuccino. Read more »

Wegmans Hiring Hundreds, But Good Luck Getting A Job

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Attention Wegmans shoppers: For its new store in Concordville, Pa., the popular supermarket is hiring 325 part-time positions. But with so many applicants, getting hired at the 111,000 square foot facility in the Brandywine Mills shopping center will be quite an accomplishment.

When its Montgomeryville, Pa., store opened in 2013, 10,000 people applied for 525 jobs. That’s a approximately a 5 percent acceptance rate, less than many Ivy League colleges. (Yale is 6.3 percent; Princeton is 7.4 percent.) Read more »

Last Genuardi’s Supermarket to Close

Goodbye Genuardi's.

Goodbye Genuardi’s.

The end of a supermarket era has arrived.

Before Whole Foods became a household name, before Wegmans became a force and before Giant stores sprouted up everywhere — Genuardi’s had a reputation for being the family-owned, veggie-focused option that healthy people turned to.

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Wegmans Recalls Frozen Spinach Due to Possible Listeria Contamination



Well, this really puts a damper on National Spinach Day (it’s tomorrow, people!): Wegmans, grocery store and sample heaven, has recalled a whopping 12,540 packages of frozen spinach, sold in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts between January 27th and March 21st, due to possible Listeria contamination, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports.  Read more »

Brooklyn Brewing’s Garrett Oliver Is Hosting a Beer Dinner at Wegmans

LehighValleyBeerWeekWe’ll file this one under Unexpectedly Cool Event at a Supermarket. Brooklyn Brewing’s brewmaster,Garrett Oliver is coming to the Wegmans in Allentown to do a beer dinner on Tuesday, February 17th. The dinner is happening during Lehigh Valley Beer Week (which runs February 15th to 22nd). The dinner will feature Oliver and Wegmans Allentown’s executive chef, Geno Nosenzo. The $75 per person, seven-course dinner will kick off with a Bourbon washed Pie d’Angloys cheese from Wegmans cheese caves and will then feature foie gras, scallops, dry-aged steak and more.

Tickets for the dinner, which includes a Brooklyn Brewing beer with each course, are on sale at Wegmans That’s The Ticket ticket desk or by calling 610-336-7960.

Check out the menu »

Wegmans, Trader Joe’s Pull Fruit Products for Possible Listeria Contamination



A California company has recalled peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots over concerns of possible listeria contamination. While no one as of yet has been reported ill, the company, Wawona, says in a statement that it shut down and sanitized its processing facility when a sample tested positive for the bacteria, which can cause flu-like symptoms; they are using other facilities to maintain normal operations while the problem is being dealt with.

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Wegmans Recalls Ice Over Concerns of Metal Shards

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Heads up if you’ve purchased bagged ice from Wegmans recently. The grocer issued a recall for 18-pound and seven-pound bags of ice sold in New Jersey and Pennsylvania locations, as well as in Virginia and Maryland. Up to 6,000 bags of ice could contain bits of metal that have broken off from the ice machine. So far, no injuries have been associated with the ice, and the problem was discovered during a routine maintenance check, according to the FDA.

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Suburbanista: Food Fight in the Wegmans Parking Lot

Photograph by Clint Blowers

Photograph by Clint Blowers

At 3 p.m, on Saturday, the day before Winter Storm Titan was due to bury the entire Delaware Valley in a foot of snow, my friend Mandy did the stupidest thing any human being could ever do, ever.

She went to the Cherry Hill Wegmans.

I have long held the belief that the Cherry Hill Wegmans is the meanest place on earth. It’s not the people who work there. They’re quite lovely. Not only do they give you samples of brie with fig preserves on a freshly toasted baguette; they smile while doing it. No matter how many times management forces them to reorganize the store, they always, always know where to find canned whole clams. And if they make the error of doing their own shopping while still wearing their Wegmans employee golf shirts and you mistakenly ask them for help, they won’t hesitate to abandon their carts to go to the storeroom and find tahini for you. They are saints. And they have to be. Because the people who shop at Wegmans are evil.

Case in point: At 3:22 p.m. on said Saturday afternoon, I received this text from Mandy:

I am in Wegmans and a woman is SCREAMING at a man in the cheese section!

Mandy and I often share stories about the wickedness we witness at Wegmans. It started one Sunday a few years ago when we randomly bumped into each other there, near diapers and wipes, both unshowered and proud of it, moments before my wallet was stolen out of my purse in bulk food. (My own Wegmania may have been partly to blame for that. I’m not exactly myself there. Just a few weeks ago, Mandy happened upon me in the Asian food section, dazed and confused, mumbling to myself about low-sodium soy.)

And then there was that time during a school holiday when our friend Kris had no choice but to bring her four kids to the store. Her middle son accidentally nudged a woman’s cart into the kale, and the lady whipped her head around and shouted, “Those children do not belong here!” (Calmly, Kris replied, “Well, how about this: Next time I need to go food shopping, I’ll just drop them all at your house, ’kay?”)

And then there was that other time when my friend Maya bent down to snag some instant oatmeal off the bottom shelf in the gluten-free wing and was run over by another cart, then left there on the floor, prone and flailing, while the driver sprinted around a corner, executing a textbook Wegmans hit-and-run. And, of course, the time a woman F-bombed a man waiting at the prepared-foods counter because she thought he’d cut her in line and the man’s wife practically had to cover his mouth to prevent him from F-bombing the lady right back, all of this going down on Christmas Eve, the time of year when all our troubles are supposed to be miles away.

Apparently, those troubles reside permanently at the intersection of Route 70 and Haddonfield Road. At first I assumed that people who live in Cherry Hill and its environs were especially vile humans. But I run into the same clientele at other stores in the Wegmans shopping plaza, and I’ve never heard anyone in, say, Home Depot, shout, “Get the fuck out of my way, bitch!”

I’m pretty sure this new villainy comes hand-in-hand with the recent dawning of the Age of the Fancy Market. People who shop at Acme? Civil. People at ShopRite? Giddy. But go to Whole Foods, and someone wearing a NAMASTE t-shirt will smash her cart into your heels until they bleed to beat you to that extra-firm tofu on sale for $16.99 an ounce.

Still, Wegmans is worse. It’s where the twain meet — where you can buy the cheapest milk in town and organic medjool dates. Like the Shore, everyone is here, except they’re hungry. And they use their carts as weapons.

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