What Your Favorite Philly Weather Forecaster Says About You


In this town, there’s no shortage of meteorologists to turn to when you want to spend hours listening to hyped-up, laughably inaccurate forecasts while sending burnt offerings to the Snow Day Gods.

As this morning’s dusting proved, there’s no way you select your go-to forecaster based on accuracy. And yet, we all have a favorite, that one familiar face that we look to winter after winter when we’re low on personal days and high on misplaced hope.

So what does your favorite Philly forecaster say about you? We took some cues from the pros and glanced at a few charts, ran random numbers and consulted a leaky Magic 8 Ball to bring you this extremely unscientific analysis that will be of absolutely no help. We’ve also crunched the data to determine how you’d most likely save your parking spot. Be sure to check back throughout the day for non-updates, speculation and backpedaling.

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Meet Robert Drake: Philadelphia’s Unofficial Weather Savior


Over the last several major weather events in Philadelphia, we’ve noticed that more and more people seem to be looking to a guy named Robert Drake on Facebook for what’s really going to be falling from the sky. Drake, best known as a DJ and the producer of WXPN’s Kids Corner, was the first one to pooh-pooh any chance for Snowmageddon in Philadelphia this time around, and he’s been a constant critic of the hype surrounding the forecast. So we got him on the phone to learn more. Read more »

Here’s Why the Subways Ran All Night Last Night

The threat of snow gave many workers in Philadelphia Tuesday off. It also had another benefit: It caused SEPTA to run the Market-Frankford El and Broad Street Line all night.

“When the weather is really bad or bus and trains are suspended,” explains SEPTA spokesperson Jerri Williams, “the subway and elevated lines… can continue to operate and serve riders during the worst conditions.”

Though SEPTA now operates trains 24 hours on weekend nights, the winter weather service is unrelated to that rollout. Williams says SEPTA has run overnight trains during certain snow storms in all her six years with the transit agency.  Overnight, trains ran every 20 minutes.

SEPTA made several service alterations yesterday due to the snow forecast. Currently, all El trains are making all stops. It dispatched additional track inspectors, maintenance crews, signal maintainers and power crews to deal with any problems caused by the snow. Regional rail trains today are operating on a Saturday schedule. The Cynwyd Line is not operating. Additional Regional Rail info is on SEPTA’s website.

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The Best and Worst of Local News Snow Coverage

“Be sure to warm up before shoveling. You can walk around, or march in place.”

This was actual advice, delivered by Action News, on Monday afternoon. It was part of a segment that warned viewers not to eat, drink coffee or smoke before shoveling. The madness that grips the local news during a snowstorm — or, in the case of Monday, the threat of a snowstorm that didn’t materialize — gives viewers some of the best television there is. I mean, Action News had a four-person team covering the weather.


But 6 ABC was trumped by CBS 3:

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Snowpocalypse? Not Now.

So much for Snowmageddon. In Philadelphia, at least, the latest “storm of the century” is turning out to be a big dud.

One revised forecast this morning put expected accumulation at 1 to 3 inches of snow in Philadelphia. As late as 10 p.m. Monday, Mayor Nutter said forecasters were still expecting 6 to 10 inches for the city. It appears they were wrong.
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Here’s the Latest on What You’re Going to Wake Up To Tomorrow

Photo by Shutterstock

Photo by Shutterstock

Update 10:15 p.m.: Mayor Nutter just held the day’s final press conference, saying that all city government offices will be closed Tuesday; Philadelphia’s public and parochial schools will also be shut down for the day.

“There will be no activity on the city side, as well as the school side, for tomorrow,” Nutter said.

The call was made on the National Weather Service’s most recent forecast — “as of about 10 minutes ago,” Nutter said — that the city would receive 6 to 10 inches of snow starting during the overnight hours from Monday into Tuesday.

“We are still anticipating very heavy (snowfall) activity from midnight to 7 a.m.,” Nutter said.

He asked Philadelphia residents to look out for and assist senior citizens and homeless residents. He also urged drivers to stay off the road Tuesday morning, giving snow plows a chance to do their work before traffic resumes. “If you don’t need to be out in the morning, do your best to stay in,” Nutter said.

As previously announced, trash and recycling pickup for Tuesday has been canceled.

[Original] All of the meteorologists that we’ve talked to agree: This particular winter storm has been a very hard one to predict. But here’s what we do know as of 9:30 p.m. Monday.

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Tom Wolf Does Weather Channel Interview From His Jeep

It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand. | Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand. Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Gov. Wolf was on the Weather Channel Monday morning talking about the Big Snow coming to the East Coast.

He did the interview with AMHQ‘s Sam Champion by phone from — where else? — his Jeep. This thing is really not going away, huh?

“I’m driving on Route 83 right now in my Jeep,” said Wolf while discussing the effectiveness of PennDOT’s preparations. “I think it’s important that everybody feel comfortable that we’re doing everything possible to make sure that we’re prepared.”

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