In Philadelphia, It’s the Worst Winter for Potholes — Ever

Utility trench or Pothole at 18th and walnut rittenhouse

On the heels of yesterdays’ news of our snowiest half-decade ever, there’s an interesting fact in this story by PlanPhilly’s Christine Fisher: The Philadelphia Streets Department has filled more potholes this winter than any one in history. Like, probably dating back to 1682 or something.

“It’s been an unusually tough winter, and with potholes being repaired at a record pace an increased investment in paving is being made in this capital budget,” said Andrew Stober, chief of staff at the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities.

The Streets Department has already repaired more than 12,200 potholes.

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The Ultimate Philadelphia Klout Ranking


Klout, Inc. was founded in San Francisco in 2009. It measures online influence by using data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and a bunch of other social media platforms. Each user is assigned a Klout score on a scale from one to 100. The higher your score, the more influence you are said to have online.

Many Internet aficionados are skeptical or downright dismissive of Kloutjoin them at your own risk. Marketers and major companies take the very basic web analytic very seriously.

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Warm Weather Returns to Philadelphia — But What’s Looming?

The temperature is going to hit 60 — at least! — today. Finally, some nice weather.

Sixty! Phillywx informs us it’s the warmest it’s been since we had a few springlike days in late December. Even better, the temperature will stay warm well into tomorrow, with temperatures forecast to be in the 60s for tomorrow as well.

But then, well — it doesn’t stay this warm for much longer.

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20 Signs that Spring Is Actually Going to Happen in Philadelphia


Begone with your Punxsutawney guesswork and horticulture-based projections — this super-beautiful weekend has me convinced that spring is precariously close to sprung. I base this not on unreliable barometers like ”scientific weather data” and “experts who know what they’re talking about” — instead, it’s the pure power of Philly observation that’s informed this airtight conclusion. After the jump, 20 excuses to check out mentally 20 reasons why I think we’re ready to leave this shitty winter behind, once and for all (more or less).

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The Weather Won’t Suck This Weekend

A couple of things to know about this weekend:

• Daylight savings begins! Spring your clock forward an hour on Saturday night, so that when you wake up the next day you’ll be tired, groggy and disoriented! But hey, an extra hour of sun at the end of the day!

• The weather on Saturday might not suck:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.59.35 AM

It’s enough to bring tears to our eyes. So: Damn John Bolaris to hell for this bit of forecasting:

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“Cyber Snow Days” Could Keep Classes on Schedule

NewsWorks reports on the possibility of Pennsylvania educators implementing “cyber snow days” to keep education rolling when the snow makes travel impossible:

Following this winter’s rash of snow-related school closings, Sen. Elder A. Vogel, R-Beaver, pitched this idea to state Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq at a recent education budget hearing:

“I have a private Catholic school in my district who’s gone to a virtual school day. Basically, when it snows, they literally make all the kids go online, the teachers go online and you get your class instructions for the day,” said Vogel. “Any thought to trying to do this on a larger scale statewide?”

“Yeah, I think folks call that ‘cyber-snow days,’” Dumaresq said.

The big obstacle: At-home broadband access isn’t as widespread as it needs to be to ensure all students would be able to continue classes, officials say.

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