Hot Enough for You?

How hot is it going to be today? Well, look at the map on the right. The colors range from orange to deeper shades of red. Which means, depending on where you’re at, it’s either going to feel hot — or maybe just stiflingly hot.

Another hot day is expected tomorrow. Temperatures will be similar tomorrow as they were today, but the humidity will be…

Posted by US National Weather Service Philadelphia/Mount Holly on Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Forecast: “Below Normal” Hurricane Season Expected

Hurricane Sandy left ruins behind along the New Jersey coast. This hurricane season is expected to produce fewer storms.

Hurricane Sandy left ruins behind along the New Jersey coast. This hurricane season is expected to produce fewer storms.

The federal government’s forecasters are predicting a “below-normal” hurricane season this year, officials said Tuesday.

“NOAA’s 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook indicates that a below-normal hurricane season is most likely this year,” the agency said in a release. “The main climate factor expected to suppress this hurricane season is El Niño, which is now present and is expected to last through the hurricane season.” Read more »

You Can Now Pay John Bolaris $500 a Month for Personal Weather Forecasts


Would you like to be in contact with John Bolaris all the time? You are in luck. The Philadelphia weatherman is now offering a “weather concierge” service.

For the low, low price of $500 a month, Bolaris will be in contact with you via “phone, email and text” seven days a week at the times you designate. No days off all summer! Never accuse this guy of not working hard: If you pay him that $500 a month — or $1500 for the whole summer, May 15th to September 15th — he will literally talk with you every day if you so wish. Read more »

Not Your Imagination: Philly Really Is One of the Dreariest Big Cities in the U.S.



Meteorologist Brian Brettschneider has created a “dreariness index” based on an area’s annual precipitation, number of days with precipitation, and cloud coverage. Philadelphia’s index score? Twenty-three out of a maximum score of 30.

Of the country’s 73 biggest cities, only 15 locations are as dreary or more dreary than us.

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It’s Coming: The Massive Snow Dusting of Spring 2015


While watching the news at home on Sunday, I was amused with the local meteorologists who were warning us that it was going to get “downright cold” by midweek, that “downright cold” being a high of 42-degrees just weeks after actually downright-cold temperatures near zero crippled the region and burst lots of my friends’ pipes. But now, their biggest dreams are coming true thanks to a pretty certain snow prediction for tomorrow, which just happens to be the first day of Spring. Read more »

What Your Evening Commute Will Look Like in Philadelphia


Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones, and the only travel you’ve had to do today is to your refrigerator. But if you had to commute to work today, get ready for a snowy, wet and annoying evening commute home.

The National Weather Service is still forecasting 4 to 6 inches for most of the Philadelphia area. The snow should end from the northwest in the late afternoon or early evening hours. Temperatures will continue to drop, and there is a danger of more icing overnight. Read more »

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