More Snow Is on the Way for the Philadelphia Area

NWS forecast - February 8th/9th - Philadelphia/Mt. Holly

Forecast via National Weather Service

We’re getting more snow.

Though the city was mostly spared from last week’s storm, another winter weather system is headed our way late tonight into tomorrow. The National Weather Service says the most likely snowfall result in Philadelphia is 4-8 inches of snow from tonight until tomorrow night.

“This may not be on the scale of last month’s blizzard, but we are treating this as a full-scale event,” Clarena Tolson, Deputy Managing Director for Infrastructure and Transportation, said in a release from the City of Philadelphia. “We want to make sure we’re out there ahead of the storm.” Tomorrow’s trash and recycling collection is canceled. The city says it does not expect to declare a snow emergency. Read more »

Tomorrow’s Morning Rush Hour Will Probably Be Snowy

Snow - forecast - feb 4th to 5th

The latest forecast from the National Weather Service.

Just after most of it was washed away, the snow is coming back.

The snow won’t be anything like the storm we got in late January, but things are going to be messy tomorrow morning. The National Weather Service predicts about 2 inches will fall on Philadelphia tomorrow, with totals higher in New Jersey. Parts of the Jersey shore could get about 4 inches of snow. Read more »

Philly Schools Are Closed Again Tomorrow

Philadelphia School District Building

Photo by Jeff Fusco

All Philadelphia public schools are closed again tomorrow due to this weekend’s snowstorm.

Not long after the Philadelphia School District announced its decision, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia also announced schools in the city would be closed tomorrow as well.

Read more »

Why Philly Local News Is the Best During a Snowstorm

Philadelphia local news during Winter Storm Jonas

I turned on the 10 o’clock news on Friday night. The first thing I saw was someone falling on her ass.

Turns out the video wasn’t even in Philadelphia: It was from Washington, D.C., earlier in the week. (You can tell it’s not Philly from the street signs.) But it was an auspicious start to the local news’ nonstop snow coverage this weekend. I knew it was going to be great.

Philadelphia doesn’t really have celebrities. When people get famous nationally, they generally have to leave in order to continue their careers. So instead of celebrities, we have local news anchors. And for some reason Philadelphia has a huge attachment to its local news personalities. I can admit I do, too. (I wrote about Kerri-Lee Halkett — now Kerri-Lee Mayland, and sadly now in Connecticut — a lot when I was in my early 20s blogging for Philadelphia Weekly.) The local news is frequently stupid. Who cares? It’s also always entertaining. And never does the local news shine more than it does during a snowstorm. Read more »

Meet the Dentist Who Knew the Snowstorm Would Be This Bad All Week

The Weather Guy - Glenn Schreiber - Winter Storm

Dentist Glenn F. Schreiber, a hobbyist weather forecaster, said all week on his blog the storm would be bigger than predicted. He was right.

People get really angry at weather forecasters when they’re wrong.

Meteorology is, by its nature, an inexact science. But when the forecast calls for snow and we don’t get it, people get pissed. They call meteorologists charlatans only concerned with ratings. They curse them out on Twitter.

If you follow meteorologists on social media at all, you probably saw a lot of back-slapping over the weekend. We heard pretty much all week that we were going to get a big snowstorm, and we did. People will probably forget this the next time a forecast hits, but the forecasters were right about the big snowstorm this time.

But it wasn’t just professional meteorologists who nailed this storm. Dr. Glenn F. Schreiber, a general dentist with a practice in the suburbs, blogs as The Weather Guy. On Friday morning he published a post: “Forecasters are underestimating the Philly snowfall.” Read more »

Philly Schools Are Closed Monday

Photo Jan 24, 11 48 59 AM

Good evening, Philadelphia. Here’s what we know — and don’t know — as sunset falls on a snow-blanketed region:

District and Catholic schools in Philadelphia will be closed Monday. The announcement from the School District of Philadelphia came late Sunday afternoon: “Due to the snowstorm that occurred over the weekend, all School District of Philadelphia schools are closed for Monday, January 25.” The Archdiocese of Philadelphia also announced that “Archdiocesan high schools and Catholic elementary schools in the City of Philadelphia will be closed tomorrow, Monday, January 25, 2016 due to ongoing travel difficulties associated with the weekend’s winter storm.” Also closed are all early childhood and after-school programs and all administrative offices.”

City employees, however, will be on the job: Mayor Jim Kenney declared at a Sunday morning press conference that City Hall will be open. CBS3 reports, however, that there will be no trash or recycling collection on Monday.  Read more »

Wolf Administration Defends Response to Storm That Left Hundreds Stranded

Members of the Temple women's gymnastics team stuck on Pennsylvania turnpike

Members of the Temple women’s gymnastics team show off their provisions. They were stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for more than a day. (Photo: @TUWG)

The administration of Gov. Tom Wolf is defending its response to the storm that left hundreds of travelers stranded overnight on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

More than 500 cars, trucks and buses — including vehicles carrying Duquesne University men’s basketball team and the Temple University women’s gymnastics squad — got stuck on the turnpike Friday as the storm set in, with snowfall reaching near three feet in some areas.

“Despite the historic and daunting conditions of the storm, there were no fatalities or major injuries … due to the response of local and state responders who worked tirelessly to check on vehicles and keep drivers safe,” Mark Smith, a special assistant to the governor, said in a Sunday afternoon blog post.

He added: “Considering the low temperatures, heavy snowfall and number of vehicles trapped, this is a true accomplishment for those first responders, many of whom were from fire departments and other local agencies.” Read more »

WATCH: Philadelphians Throw Snowballs at TV Reporters

Several Philadelphians entertained themselves during the storm this weekend by throwing snowballs at television reporters.

Really! The first to be hit with a snowball was NBC10’s Lauren Mayk, at 11:15 on Friday night at 15th and Sansom streets. She responded beautifully, taking the snowball hit in stride. NBC10 and Mayk, who joined NBC10 last year and used to write for the Inquirer’s South Jersey bureau, declined to talk to Philadelphia magazine about the segment.

The next snowball attack came at 1:39 a.m. at Dilworth Park, when two Philadelphians ran in front of the camera and one of them hit CNN’s Sara Ganim with a snowball. She did not take the snowball throw as smoothly as Mayk did, but she eventually recovered to finish her segment. CNN and Ganim did not respond to a request for comment. (A promise: If anyone ever attacks me with a snowball in the course of my reporting, I will take any and all interview requests.) Read more »

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