Winter Weather on Way for Weekend

Forecasters say a nor’easter is on the way to the Philadelphia region and should give us a serious mix of rain and snow this weekend.

“We can expect mainly snow and sleet overnight Friday into Saturday morning,” Fox 29 reports. “On Saturday, by midday we will see snow to sleet, and then Saturday early afternoon to early evening we will see sleet to snow as the event ends. In the video above, the green coloring on the map is rain, pink is a mix of rain and snow, and white is snow.

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Snow Enters Region; Commute Will Be Messy

As expected, it’s snowing.

What’s more, it’s snowing just as the region’s workers are about to start commuting home. That means they’ll be sharing the roads with PennDot crews trying to make those roads safe — and PennDot officials hope drivers are patient with the process.

“You get on routes like the Schuylkill Expressway and the Blue Route, we’re pretty much at a crawl — that’s about the rate we can spread salt. We can’t go out ahead of everybody. We have to go with the flow,” Penndot assistant district executive John Krafczyk told KYW Newsradio.

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Snow Will Make Wet, Slick Roads During Evening Commute

Snow should be arriving in time to make your evening commute tricky, forecasters say, with an expected 1 to 3 inches expected in the Philadelphia region..

“The steadiest snow will fall during the evening commute, between 5pm and 8pm,” says CBS Philly. “With temperatures around freezing, it will be a wet, sloppy, snow that will reduce visibility at times and make for wet and slick roads.”
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John Bolaris Fired Someone Over Sunday’s Ice Storm

[UPDATE, 9 p.m., 1/21] Harry Holmes, who says he’s the man John Bolaris claims to have “fired,” has responded.

[ORIGINAL] John Bolaris always gives good conversation. So we thought we’d call the longtime meteorologist up to have one about Sunday’s deadly ice storm. True to form, Bolaris, now at, had plenty to say.

What the heck happened on Sunday?
I really do blame it on the overall meteorologists on this one. At the beginning of last week, Sunday looked like a very mild 50-degree day.

But then the computer model started changing on Wednesday. And yet on Friday, the day when I wrote that Sunday was going to be colder than expected — I said there could be a cold rain — the local news stations were still calling for this mild weather. I was taken aback.

And then, what I feel horrible about, this flash freeze that took place in the city wasn’t in any forecast. But it was a concern and should have been addressed much more during the week.

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Streets Commissioner David Perri Explains Sunday’s Ice Disaster


On Sunday morning, thousands of folks in the Philadelphia region got in their cars, unaware that the roads were about to turn into sheets of ice. We got City of Philadelphia Streets Commissioner David Perri on the phone to get his take on what happened.

Was Sunday one of your more nightmarish days on the job?
Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of highway departments more than an ice storm. They are the most difficult storms to fight. They are so difficult to predict. The weather conditions really have to be, kind of like a perfect storm of conditions for freezing rain to develop.

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More “Black Ice” Possible This Morning

Sunday’s rain and ice was deadly for morning drivers; forecasters are telling pre-dawn commuters to be aware of the same today.

6ABC reports:

PennDOT started calling in crews on Sunday evening to prep the roads in hopes of preventing more dangerous conditions during the morning commute.

At 8:00 p.m. Sunday, the trucks loaded up and started salting the roads that were already to beginning to freeze.

About 135 trucks began working on the highways mostly in Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks counties.

PennDOT says drive slow, give yourself extra space, and be careful for slick spots or if possible, just stay inside.

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39 Places to Take Your Kid When the Weather Is Miserable


From left: Please Touch Museum, Get Air, Sky Zone Trampoline Complex, Garden State Discovery Museum

The bad news: If you’re reading this, it probably means it’s freezing outside. The good news: The city and suburbs are full of awesome places to hang out indoors with little ones. Here, a bunch of stellar family-friendly indoor fun zones, all with easy hours, distinct vibes and different attributes. (That’s our way of saying that there are some at which you’ll romp around with your kid inside a sprawling playground, others where you can sit on the sidelines and thumb through your phone while they throw themselves into a giant foam pit. And in some cases, all that fun is even free! Check individual sites for admission and pricing details.)

This post originally appeared on Wee Wander, a website dedicated to helping parents navigate Philadelphia.

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National Weather Service: Icy Commute Expected

Some news from the National Weather Service at Mount Holly:

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Light Snow, More Extreme Cold Expected

There’s a light snow hitting the area this morning, but perhaps more painful: Temperatures are going to stay around freezing today and for several days.
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