Cecily Tynan Beats Hurricane Schwartz in Long-Range Winter Forecast Battle


Thursday was pretty much the Super Bowl of the local weather wars, with 6 ABC gale force goddess Cecily Tynan delivering her yearly Winter Weather Outlook and NBC 10 El Nino nerd Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz with his 19th Annual Long-Range Winter Forecast. Schwartz was the guy who brought the idea to the Philly market, back when Tynan was cutting her pearly whites as the station’s first weekend meteorologist, picking up some general assignment reporting on the side.

Though they could never admit it, we’re going to take a wild guess and assume that both of these bona fide meteorologists hate doing these ridiculous predictions about as much as people love to take to Facebook to chide them for doing so. But ratings are ratings and year after year the stations turn on their hype machines and yell “GO!”  Read more »

#RainedOutinPHL? No! #OpeninPHL!


The first weekend of October is supposed to be filled with wonderful weather and delightful fall festivals. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating. But so far most of Philadelphia’s outdoor events are still on! We don’t let the weather get us down here in Philly!

The good news: The National Hurricane Center‘s “cone of uncertainty” has moved to the east. The chance for a destructive, costly storm — Hurricane Joaquin is a Category 4 hurricane with sustained max winds of 130 miles per hour — have dropped. The bad news: Phillywx (a must-follow at times like these) writes, “That does not mean the next few days won’t suck, especially at the Shore, due to onshore flow and heavy rain.” They’ll be coastal flooding at high tide down the shore. It will be rainy in Philadelphia until Saturday afternoon.

There’s a lot of outdoor festivals and parades this weekend — and, in a case of a particularly bad coincidence, an in-water boat show in Atlantic City. We’ll keep you updated on the likelihood of their postponement or cancelation here, but for now most things are staying on. Read more »

UPDATE: Hurricane Joaquin Upgraded to Category 4

National Weather Service prediction for Hurricane Joaquin as of October 1st at 5 p.m.

National Weather Service prediction for Hurricane Joaquin as of October 1st at 5 p.m.

[UPDATE 7:55 P.M.] The National Weather Service has moved Hurricane Joaquin’s “cone of uncertainty” east, dropping the chance of a costly, destructive storm. Most of the region’s outdoor events remain on.  [The NWS’s most recent briefing package is here.]

[UPDATE 2:42 p.m.] The National Weather Service has upgraded Hurricane Joaquin to Category 4 storm, “extremely dangerous” as it passes through the Bahamas.

“We don’t know what this hurricane is going to do, what impact it’s going to have on Pennsylvania, but we’re doing everything we can do” to be prepared, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said at an afternoon news briefing. He urged residents to have three days of food and medication, and to stay in their residences unless evacuated. [The NWS’s most recent briefing package.]

[Original 12:04 p.m.] Hurricane Joaquin is currently hitting the Bahamas hard, with max sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. But is it going to hit the mainland U.S.? And will it effect Philadelphia?

Whatever happens, the area is buckling down: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie today declared a state of emergency, readying itself for the first major storm since Superstorm Sandy hit coast three years. Read more »

Hurricane Joaquin’s Projected Path Looks Bad for Philly


[UPDATE: 12:00 P.M., October 1st] Hurricane Joaquin Moves North; Will It Make Landfall? No matter what Hurricane Joaquin does, it looks like we’re in for a wet next couple of days. N.J. Gov. Chris Christie today declared a state of emergency, readying itself for the first major storm since Superstorm Sandy hit coast three years.

[ORIGINAL] The forecasted path for Hurricane Joaquin is not looking good for the Philadelphia area.

The National Hurricane Center upgraded Joaquin from a tropical storm to a Category 1 hurricane earlier today, and now says it is strengthening. It’s currently moving southwest toward the Bahamas, but by early next week appears destined to hit the Philadelphia area. The NHS says that “additional strengthening is expected, and Joaquin could become a major hurricane during the next couple of days.” Per the NHC, parts of the East Coast could be under a hurricane watch as soon as Thursday night. It’s looking like Joaquin would hit the area on Sunday or Monday, if it does.

At noon today, the National Weather Service’s Philadelphia/Mt. Holly bureau released a daily briefing: “A dangerous weather pattern is developing for our region. Threats include very heavy rainfall, inland river flooding, as well as major coastal flooding with heavy surf and beach erosion. These impacts will be felt this week from a storm system affecting the region. There is now also the potential for major impacts from Hurricane Joaquin affecting the region this weekend into early next week.”

The NWS says 4-10 inches of rain could soak the region, and that weather will complicate preparations if a hurricane hits us early next week.

A word on the above forecast track, provided by the National Hurricane Center. The “cone” in that image is not the storm’s projected size; it is the possible path it could take. Either way, we’re going to get a lot of rain. Right after Pope Weekend (Live 8 plus a snowstorm), we’re headed for a disruptive weather event. Read more »

Poncho Personalized Weather Alerts Come to Philadelphia

Bye, Sheena Parveen. Hello … Poncho?

Philadelphians may no longer need to watch the morning and evening newscasts for the weather report. Nor, for that matter, check their weather apps ever again.

This is not to say these services will become obsolete (Cecily, Sheena, Hurricane, Wunderground and the like will always have a place in our hearts), but their impersonal approaches have a challenger in Poncho, a new weather service arriving in Philadelphia (and all of Pennsylvania) today. Read more »

CBS3’s Kate Bilo Interrupts Big Brother With a Tornado Warning, Big Brother Viewers Get Mad

CBS3’s Kate Bilo did what TV meteorologists do on Thursday night: When the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for her viewing area, she went on the air to warn viewers.

Unfortunately for Bilo, she did so right during the middle of Big Brother, the CBS reality show, and while tornadoes can sometimes be a matter of life or death, well, Big Brother is really important. Read more »

Tornado Warnings Issued Across Southeast Pennsylvania

Severe thunderstorms are hitting the area, and tornado warnings have even been issued in the region.

NBC 10 reports: “The National Weather Service issued earlier tornado warnings for parts of Berks, Chester, Delaware Lehigh, Montgomery and Northampton counties that expired but not before reports of possible funnel clouds in the areas of Trexlertown, Morgantown and Parkesburg in Pennsylvania and also reports of large hail — more than 1 inch in diameter — in Lehigh County and near the Main Line.” Read more »

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