Scenes of an Early Summer in Philly


Spring has sprung, Philly.

You got your free Rita’s in March – on the first official day of the season – and now, finally, it’s time to break out the shorts and/or T-shirts: the temperature will likely surpass 80 degrees today, and if it gets up to 84 degrees, we may have record-breaking heat on our hands.

The winter may have been mild, but that’s no reason not to celebrate. We’ve rounded up some of the finest Philly posts about spring today – enjoy!  Read more »

City Warns Residents of Falling Ice

Watch Out for Falling Ice sign

Photo | Dan McQuade

Ah, snow. The first day, it’s quite pretty. Then for the next week it’s a blot on our fine city. From snow piles that make crossing the street a game of King of the Mountain to slippery floors inside buildings and train stations, it’s been a rough couple of days walking around Philly.

There is also the danger of falling ice. And now the city is warning residents and building owners to beware. Read more »

A Majority of SEPTA Bus Routes Are Suspended

47M bus - snow

Photo | Dan McQuade

SEPTA has suspended all but 35 of its bus routes due to the winter storm today, general manager Jeff Knueppel said at a press conference this afternoon.

“This storm has really become more about sleet and freezing rain than snow totals,” he told reporters at a presser at 1234 Market Street, SEPTA headquarters. “Icing of overhead wires and third rail and slippery road conditions have created significant service impacts.”

Those impacts initially caused SEPTA to suspend 88 of its 123 bus routes today at midday; some have come back online in the meantime. The Norristown High-Speed Line was also suspended, but service resumed after 1 p.m. The Route 101 and 102 trolleys are currently suspended.

The bus routes that are running tend to connect to the SEPTA lines that are running: The Green Line trolley routes are running, as are the Broad Street Subway and Market-Frankford Line. Regional Rail is operating on an “enhanced Saturday schedule,” with delays expected. Read more »

Why Do You People Hate Meteorologists So Much?


As Stella makes its way out of the Philadelphia area, a lot of people are pissed. Pissed that they’re stuck in the house with their kids, who should be in school. Pissed that they spent two hours in the Acme yesterday. Pissed that their flights were cancelled. And who are they blaming? Our meteorologists. Read more »

Remembering the Blizzards of 1993 and 1996

Blizzard of 96

A truck dumps snow into the Schuylkill after the Blizzard of 1996. | Photo: Nanine Hartzenbusch

Snow is on the way. We could get around a foot of snow from tonight into tomorrow, and no doubt the local news (non-stuffed bunny division) will be at its peak for the next few days.

It seems kind of odd we’re having a snowstorm in March, especially because we had several 70-degree days in February. But March snowstorms are nothing new for Philadelphia. Read more »

Some Weather Today, Huh?


The above photos were taken four hours apart from my office. What a day!

The forecast called for snow in Philadelphia today, but at 9 a.m. in Center City it was just raining. During the next hour it slowly changed to snow, then quickly changed to absolute blinding snow that seemed like it was blanketing the city.

Then it stopped. Then it got sunny. By 3 p.m. it looked like it was a nice — cold, but nice — day all along. Looking out at the city now snow only exists in tiny patches on rooftops. What happened?! Read more »

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