Two Chic Ways to Wear Summer’s Best Shirt, the Wawa Tee

A Wawa shirt can be worn during the day and night |

Wawa gets fancy.

There are two indisputable facts about Philadelphians: They are fiercely loyal to their sports teams and they are devoted to Wawa (see: Wawa tattoos). If you’re a fan of the latter, then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can actually buy a Wawa shirt online. Consider Wawa clothing a less permanent way to show your love for the chain than actually getting inked.

A Wawa shirt might not scream chic — at first. But with a bit of craftiness and some savvy styling, you can make a great outfit. Case in point: my own “I love Wawa” tee, a gift from a friend. It was initially a bit boxy, a shirt made for sleeping, so I hacked off the bottom eight inches. Voilá: a cheeky, not cheesy, tee.

Want your own? Here, some tips on how to incorporate the world’s best convenience store into your wardrobe. Read more »

Hoagiefest Is Here


Hoagiefest is here, people. Same deal as always–$4.99 hoagies at all participating Wawa locations from now until some point later in the summer which seems impossibly distant right now, but which will likely sneak right the hell up on you before you know it.

It’s a summer tradition already–important enough that we were sitting around Foobooz World HQ talking about it and realized that almost everyone we knew had a special “recipe” that they went for at Wawa. A combination of stuff that they felt was uniquely theirs and which, for the next few weeks anyway, can be gotten for a discounted price because it’s Hoagiefest.

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Beer at Wawa? Yes, Please

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

Buying beer at Wawa is closer to becoming a reality.

Wawa is seeking approval to sell beer at its Concordville, Pa. location on Naamans Creek Road. Other nearby retailers like Wegmans and Whole Foods sell alcohol, so why not Wawa? Read more »

Chinatown Wawa Closes

chinatown wawa closed

Graphic via Trocadero

The Chinatown Wawa at 1038 Arch Street has closed. The location, which was the smallest of Center City’s Wawa stores, shuttered at midnight, Sunday June 7th. A spokesperson told’s Michael Klein that Wawa wants to find another location in the area.

The Chinatown Wawa was always a bit of an anomaly, besides its size, it may have been the dirtiest Wawa store we’ve ever visited.

The Wawa closure leaves Center City with four location of the convenience chain.

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Headlines: Wawa HQ Expansion Plan Moves Forward

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

It looks like everything is coming up Wawa at the moment. Not only did the quick-stop giant recently announce their plans for a flagship at Broad and Walnut (and hope to have it open by the time Pope Francis I is in town), the Chester Heights Borough Council recently approved an expansion plan at Wawa’s Red Roof corporate headquarters at 260 West Baltimore Pike.

According to the Daily Times, the plan received conditional approval in December 2014 and this week’s vote was unanimous, with two councilmen abstaining on various votes, including Councilman Frederick Wood, whose father founded Wawa. Here is the plan: Read more »

BizFeed: Wawa Rushing to Open Center City Flagship For Pope Visit

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

1. Wawa Rushing to Open Center City Flagship

The News: Wawa is reportedly moving full-speed ahead to build its flagship location in Center City, hoping it will be completed by the Pope Francis visit in late September. The 5,300 square-foot store (with indoor seating!) will replace the Robinson Luggage store at Broad and Walnut Streets.

The Philadelphia Business Journal spoke to Larry Steinberg, senior vice president of Wawa’s retail brokerage firm CBRE, who said the retailer is “rushing to open prior to the Pope’s visit.” Read more »

Why Dunkin’ Donuts Is Philly’s True Coffee Soulmate

The cup of coffee you carry around Philly says a lot about you. In a city where no one smiles or, God forbid, says hello, it can quickly relay a good amount of information about strangers. I like to think of it as the human equivalent of a butt sniff – or rather, the Philadelphian’s equivalent of a butt sniff.

When I see Red Hook’s cute little cup parading down Fourth Street, I can’t help but admire its drinker. Not only did she resist the best muffin in town, but she went to a locally owned café and spent a little extra to support her neighbors. She’s socially conscious and expensive smelling, but not so much better than me that she remembered her reusable travel mug. Read more »

How Wawa Is Spreading the Gospel of Hoagies


Promotional image posted to Wawa’s Twitter account on April 11th, with the message: “They say it’s National Submarine Day, but we’re sticking with the term hoagie.”

Wawa opened three stores on April 23rd in Fort Myers, Florida. The convenience store chain, which began an expansion into Florida in July 2012, has 65 stores in the state. It plans to have 100 locations by the end of 2016. Read more »

Rewards App Wars: Wawa vs. 7-Eleven


Wawa and 7-Eleven seem like polar opposites when it comes to customer loyalty and brand power.

In one corner is Wawa, beloved by Philadelphians for always being there with a cup of coffee on your morning commute or a late-night Italian hoagie when you’ve had too much to drink.

In the other corner is 7-Eleven, seen by many as corporate, drab and lacking a hometown feel (and the all-important deli counter). In fact, a recent survey found that customers prefer Wawa to 7-Eleven by a 2-to-1 margin. Read more »

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