Donald Trump Went to Wawa and Bought Tastykakes

Donald Trump at a King of Prussia Wawa. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

Donald Trump at a King of Prussia Wawa. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

This morning Donald Trump made a bold move to win the hearts and minds of Philadelphia area voters: He went to a Wawa.

Yes, Trump and his entourage ducked into Wawa store No. 8058 on West Dekalb Pike in King of Prussia this morning after a speech at the Doubletree Hotel next door.

Per a pool report from the traveling press corps, Trump greeted all of the approximately 15 customers in the store and took selfies with three of them. Pool reporter David Martosko, U.S. political editor of The Daily Mail, wrote that Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway “picked out a box of Krimpets and five individual fruit pies: caramel apple, blueberry and cherry, lemon and pumpkin pie.” Read more »

Olympic Gold Medalist’s Brother: “We’re Going Straight to Wawa”

Wawa - Laurie Hernandez instagram

Yesterday, the U.S. women’s gymnastics team obliterated the competition in Rio, winning the team the gold medal for the second consecutive Olympics in a rout. One of the five gymnasts on the team is New Jersey’s Laurie Hernandez, a 16-year-old who had the second-highest score overall on the balance beam despite it being her first Olympics.

“It was awesome,” Hernandez said afterwards. “I mean, when we first walked out there it really hit me: Wow, we’re at the Olympics. As I started dancing for my floor routine, I felt calm, I felt normal, and I think that was a really good feeling.” Read more »

Yes, You Can Get a Free Wawa Hoagie Today

It has begun.

From noon to 1 p.m. at the Independence Mall on 6th and Market streets, you can get your hands on a (free!) hoagie for the 24th annual Wawa Hoagie Day.

Preparation kicked off early this morning.

Six tons of hoagie will prepared. We repeat: six tons.

Read more »

PLCB Approves Six-Pack Licenses at Gas Stations

Six packs of beer at Pennsylvania gas stations

Yesterday, we told you about Gov. Tom Wolf’s plea to “free the six-pack” at Pennsylvania gas stations. Wolf called for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to approve several licenses that

On cue, today the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved nine applications yesterday. Several were from gas stations asking to be able to sell six-packs of beer (up to 192 fluid ounces at a time). Almost as if this were designed this way, Wolf then released a statement complete with hip graphic (above) declaring victory and praising the LCB. Hrmm. Read more »

How Did Wawa Become One of the Top Spots for Missed Connections?

Love and Wawa. Photos | Wawa Instagram

Love and Wawa. Photos | Wawa Instagram

Looking for a summer love? Don’t bother with dimly-lit bars serving $6 Coors Lights. Skip the club scene and the electronic beats. Even your corner coffee shop with the expensive — but admittedly delightful — light roast may not be the right spot. The real place you should plop down is in your local Wawa. At least that’s what the data from Craigslist’s Missed Connections suggests.

For a February 2013 issue of Psychology Today, Dorothy Gambrell created an infographic mapping the most popular spots for missed connections across the nation. For the majority of states, the prime destinations were the supermarket, the gym, public transit and Walmart (in 15 states, yikes). Aside from Illinois, which oddly has its top location as “at home,” and Rhode Island where apparently you’re bound to meet in a parking lot, Pennsylvania takes the snack cake for the oddest spot with convenience stores — a.k.a. Wawa (and, okay, Sheetz).

If you’re unfamiliar with Missed Connections, it’s the section on Craigslist where Internet sentimentalists write short posts about a person they saw somewhere — or someone they had a brief conversation with — who they can’t get out of their head. A lot of it is romantically oriented. Occasionally they can get a bit weird.

As I write this, 30 Wawa-related missed connections are currently listed on the Philadelphia site, dating back to March 24th (the posts disappear after 45-day limit), out of 1,003 missed connections. Open it up nearby locations like Central Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Delaware, that number grows to 86 Wawa-romantics out of 2,367 posts. That adds up to about 4 percent of the Missed Connection community. While that may on first glance may seem small, a large chunk of the other messages aren’t actually missed connections. Artist, writer and researcher Ingrid Burrington found during a study of Missed Connections data that almost half of the posts on the site fall into a “Grey Area” that includes, replies to other posts, tirades about former relationships, and saucy poems or song lyrics. The rest of the posts for Philadelphia are scattered about the city or don’t include a specific location.

But either way, there are a lot of hopeless — or misguided — romantics out there, crossing their fingers that a few Internet clicks may connect them with the love of their life. And a lot them appear to be frequenting your local Wawa; buying sandwiches, filing up on gas, and hoping not to miss another opportunity.

So why would a place that specializes in made-to-order hoagies be a top spot for almost-lovers? Read more »

Now There Is Free Wi-Fi at Every Wawa

Comcast Tower via

Comcast Tower via

While customer service has long been the Achilles heel of Comcast’s reputation, they might’ve taken a step in the right direction by teaming with one of the most beloved brands in Philly. Comcast Business and Wawa announced that Xfinity Wi-Fi will be available in every Wawa store beginning … today.

It will come up on your screen as “xfinitywifi” and is completely free. Not bad. Now Wawa will really be the perfectly anti-social convenience store — you don’t have to talk to people to order your sandwich and you won’t have to waste data on your phone while you’re waiting for it. Read more »

Wawa Is Planning Even More Center City Expansion

Wawa - 19th and Market - rendering

Rendering courtesy Wawa

Reversing an old trend, Wawa is making a big push into Center City.

Today is Wawa Day, celebrating the anniversary of the first Wawa convenience store’s opening on April 16th, 1964, in Folsom. Free cups of coffee are given to patrons chain-wide. As such, a line of corporate heads — as well as Mayor Jim Kenney and sports media personality Howard Eskin — were on hand at the Wawa flagship store at Broad and Walnut to pour the ceremonial “first cup of free coffee” and make some major announcements. Read more »

Sources: New Wawa Is Coming to 19th and Market

19th and Market - new Wawa

1900 Market Street, rumored location of a new Wawa.

A new Wawa is coming to Center City.

On Monday, Wawa announced it would reveal the renderings and location of a new Center City Wawa on Thursday at the flagship store at Broad and Walnut streets (“the Robinson Luggage Wawa”). Two sources have confirmed to Philadelphia magazine that Wawa will be in a currently vacant location at 1900 Market Street. The Philadelphia Business Journal reported the same earlier this morning. Read more »

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