Why Do Former Wawas Always Look Like Wawa?

former wawa

The ultimate insult: a Wawa on Mystic Island that’s been turned into a 7-Eleven. Photo via Google Street View.

It was one of the great sadnesses of my life as a native Center Cityan when the Rittenhouse Square Wawa closed. I’d done so much growing up there — bought countless packs of to-be-regretted-later cigarettes, hidden from my parents in the depths of my backpack; giggled with my friends over the Playboys and Penthouses in the very back rows of the magazine racks; stocked up on Butterscotch Krimpets and Jolly Ranchers before the daylong vigils by the fountain in the park, waiting for the boys to walk by.

And then, in 2008, it closed and became  (gasp!) a 7-Eleven. What fresh hell was this? Every day my Center City childhood disappears a bit more, crumbling into Burberry or Cole Hahn ash. But come on, people! Some things are sacred! (At least it didn’t become a Sheetz.)

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Is Philly Still a Wawa Town?


A confession: One small matter that has kept me from feeling like a complete and true Philadelphian is that I have no loyalty — none — to Wawa.

This is not entirely my fault. When I moved to the city in 2008, it was impossible to avoid the chain’s catchy commercials urging viewers to “start your day on a roll/with a Wawa breakfast hoagie.” The tune was relentlessly cheery, relentlessly overplayed and simply relentless. I think I spent November of that year singing the jingle to myself over and over again. Wawa tried to capture my mind, and it certainly did.

It was just never around to capture my heart.

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The Biggest Seasonal Calorie Bombs at Wawa Right Now

Wawa Junior cheese hoagie

Listen, I love Wawa as much as the rest of you, but if you’re a serious Wawa-aholic, be warned: Some of your favorite seasonal eats and drinks aren’t doing your waistline any favors. While I’m not of the opinion that you should abstain all together—especially if the butternut squash and apple soup is your jam—you might want to think twice about making Wawa pitstops a daily ritual.

I took a look at Wawa’s menu to sleuth out the nutrition facts for some of its most popular items this time of year, from soups to sides to hot drinks. Here’s how it shakes out.

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The 5 Worst Wawa Parking Lots in the Philly Area

3-headhouseOh my dear Wawa. I love your coffee. I love your hoagies. I love that I can leave my house and be at two of you within 10 minutes.

But you’re far from perfect. I hate that you closed down some of your shore locations because they couldn’t sell gas. I hate that you took so long to repair those shore Wawas after Sandy.

But most of all, I hate Wawa parking lots.

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Wawa Now Offers Tables and Chairs. Maybe Next You’d Like Napkins and Plastic Forks, Mr. Fancypants?


We haven’t seen the new chairs and tables at Wawa, but we imagine this is what they look like.

The Inky’s Joseph DiStefano discovers that the new Wawa on Route 202—between Wilmington and Concordville—has chairs. And tables. He writes: “This 16-gas-pump, hoagies-smokes-snacks-and-Cokes shop adds four two-seater metal tables on the porch sidewalk, amid the square, stone porch pillars, inviting customers to sit awhile.” It’s based on an experiment at the company’s Florida stores. Of course, in Florida, they have sunshine in January. Philadelphia? Not as much. It’ll be fun to see the table used to create snow drifts, though.

Penn Students: Pooping in Bushes, Peeing in Wawas

Last week, a drunk Penn student was seen “droppin’ trou and lettin’ loose” in a bush near 39th and Spruce. A couple nights later, another damning report trickled in to the mailboxes of the Daily Pennsylvanian.

At approximately 2:30am a few nights ago, we received this tip:

Uh a girl just peed on the floor in Wawa. She also stayed to shop and had to be forcibly ejected.

Why, Wawa Wee-Wee Woman?

On a more sanitary note, we later found out that her blessed friends stayed in Wawa to pick up her sandwich and other dining accoutrements before fleeing the scene.

Penn: Since more liquor stores are coming to campus, it’s only right to provide more bathrooms for the poor, drunken students who’ve lost all control of their internal plumbing.

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