The Best Architectural Review of a Wawa

Can someone get Harrison Blackman to review the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center when it’s completed? Would he think it’s giving West Philly the finger too?

I ask because Mr. Blackman recently wrote a marvelous review of the fancy new Wawa at Princeton’s renovated Dinky station. Apparently, this branch of the beloved PA store has all the markers of a sophisticated city home, complete with skylight, wood-paneled bathroom stalls and a distinctly modern design by Rick Joy.

Here’s a snippet (although I recommend you read the piece in its entirety):

Adjacent to all this is the new Wawa, a black-onyx proposition with large windows that is part Wawa, part stealth fighter. One half expects Michael Caine’s character from “Interstellar” to step outside and announce that once he has solved the problem of gravity and that he has transformed the WaWa into the premier spaceship of our generation.

My roommate said he thought the Wawa looked like a prison. I disagreed, saying that if the new Wawa looked like a prison, then it was the sexiest prison I had ever seen.

The Dark Wawa Rises [Daily Princetonian]

Nutrition Facts: The Best and Worst Seasonal Hot Drinks at Wawa

wawa coffee

‘Tis the season for escaping the cold by ducking into a coffee shop and ordering a piping hot cup of peppermint hot chocolate with extra whip and sprinkles. Or, in the case of many Philadelphians, ducking into a Wawa and doing just the same.

While I’m not here to needlessly rag on Philly’s most ubiquitous and beloved convenience-store chain (we did find lots of healthy stuff there, ya know), I’m betting that a lot of you have wondered, even once for a split second, just how many calories are in your favorite seasonal Wawa latte or hot cocoa drink. So in the name of fact-finding, we compared them side by side—looking only at stats for 12-ounce drinks, to keep it fair—to help you find the best choices and avoid the pitfalls.

Here’s to smarter holiday sipping.

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Wawa, Rite Aid Among Lowest-Scoring PA Companies On HRC Corporate Equality Index (UPDATED)

The Human Rights Campaign just released results from its annual Corporate Equality Index, which assesses LGBT inclusion in major U.S. corporations based on five categories: non-discrimination policies, employment benefits, demonstrated organizational competency and accountability around LGBT diversity and inclusion, public commitment to LGBT equality, and responsible citizenship.

There’s a lot to be excited about here. The report shows that out of 781 companies, a record 366 across the nation earned a perfect score of 100 percent. Some other things to get excited about:

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Did You Know You Can Hike the Wawa Preserve? And More Secret Local Trails You Can Find in This Handy New App

ChesLen Preserve, Photo credit: Simone Collins Landscape Architecture

ChesLen Preserve, Photo credit: Simone Collins Landscape Architecture

Hold the phone: Did you guys know you can run, hike and, heck, just explore, the land surrounding Wawa’s corporate offices in Media? The 98-acre piece of land, located near the Wawa headquarters and aptly named Wawa Preserve, is owned and operated by the Natural Lands Trust.

It’s one of 39 lesser-known tree-, trail- and bird-filled preserves throughout eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey, 18 of which are open free of charge for public use seven days a week. And to make this news even better, the Natural Lands Trust just rolled out a free app called ExploreNLT that makes navigating the many miles of trails within their preserves super simple.

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Oof. Here’s How Many Calories Are in Those Wawa Pizzas

If you live in Philly and not under a rock, you probably heard that Wawa is selling pizza now. In the few days since its debut, the convenience store’s focaccia pizzas have gotten mixed reviews. The folks over at got their hands on three of the five available pies—there are plain, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, veggie and bacon-jalapeño in all—and were generally unimpressed. But over on Twitter, people seem to be digging it—or at least digging the concept.

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Wawa Is Selling Pizza Now


On Monday, Wawa rolled out a new menu item to its touch-screen menu ordering: Pizza. That’s right: You can now get pizza at your local Wawa. It’s even on the menu!


This is not just a test rollout in the area, either: Wawa ’za is for sale at all the chain’s locations. It comes in five varieties: cheese, veggie, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, and bacon jalapeño popper. Oregano and parmesan cheese are the available toppings.

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Wawa Only Nation’s Second-Favorite Convenience Store


According to a new marketing report, Wawa is the second most-beloved convenience store chain in the United States. It finished second in the rankings, behind QuikTrip. The Tulsa-based chain operates in the Midwest and South.

Before even getting into the data, let’s note what complete B.S. this is without even knowing anything about QuikTrip. If there’s one thing people in the Philadelphia area do well, it’s gush about Wawa. Does the Midwest’s equivalent of Johnny Knoxville have a QuikTrip tattoo? Did five women visit every QuikTrip and blog about it? Do robbers dress up in QuickTrip employee t-shirts and steal cigarettes? Did I write a piece on 50 cool things about QuikTrip? Was Christine Speer Lejune interviewed for this survey?

Maybe Floridians haven’t figured out Wawa’s greatness yet and gave it lower marks. It’s the only possible explanation.

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