Morning Headlines: Secret Cosby Lawsuit Comes to Light

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby arrives for a court appearance Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016, in Norristown, Pa.

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby arrives for a court appearance Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016, in Norristown, Pa.

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know:

Cosby sues Constand for breach of contract.

Comedian Bill Cosby, now facing a criminal trial he strove mightily to avoid, has filed suit against his most prominent accuser, Andrea Constand, and the National Enquirer’s parent company, claiming they broke Constand’s 2006 agreement to keep details of her lawsuit against Cosby confidential in exchange for a cash payment. The suit, which had been filed under seal, was re-filed in a redacted version yesterday, pursuant to a judge’s order. New York magazine’s Vulture section was the first to report on the redacted suit, noting that it confirmed The Hollywood Reporter’s earlier conjecture that the suit involved the confidentiality agreement. The Enquirer got roped in for reporting on the allegations against him, which Cosby claims broke contractual obligations it had with him. Cosby is seeking damages, or repayment of money previously paid to the defendants in this suit — plus interest. Read more »

Former Wawa Employee Proposes Big Class-Action Suit Against Convenience Store Chain

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

Every time Wawa’s valuation goes up, Greg Pfeifer believes he’s losing hard-earned money.

Pfeifer was employed at Wawa from 1992 to 2009, working his way up from retail stores to the company’s headquarters in Wawa, Pa., where he worked in the point-of-sale division. In that time span, he continually earned the company’s private stock through its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) — and watched that stock grow as the company exploded from Philly favorite to a regional powerhouse with locations up and down the Eastern seaboard.

Upon leaving the company, Pfeifer claims he was told that he’d be able to keep his Wawa stock — and watch it grow — until he retired or reached the age of 68, when the company makes beneficiaries cash out. But in August 2015, Wawa allegedly forced all former workers to sell their company stock and barred any current or future workers from holding company stock once they’re no longer employed with the company. Read more »

Comcast Workers Love Wawa So Much, They Got Their Own Crosswalk

Crosswalk - Arch Street - Comcast - Wawa

A crosswalk was installed on the middle of Arch Street in December. Photo: Dan McQuade

The darkest time at the Comcast Center was in early 2012. Things were good at the company. But the Wawa was under renovation.

I was working there at at the time, along with about 5,000 other people. It seemed like half the building went through the Comcast Center’s back doors to go to the old Wawa for lunch, mid-day snack breaks or a quick coffee. Including me. And when the Wawa was being re-done, I never went out the Comcast Center’s back doors. The Wawa reopened in June of that year in a nicer, larger location. Even more people left the Comcast Center for the Wawa.

Here’s the problem: The Wawa is at 1707 Arch, in the middle of the block. The Comcast Center’s back doors are also in the middle of the block. The walkway and plaza at Three Logan Square (the former Bell Atlantic Tower) sits across from Comcast, too. The Comcast Center’s back entrance connects with Suburban Station. That means there is a lot of foot traffic across the middle of Arch Street that wasn’t there before the Comcast Center opened in 2008. While it’d be safer if everyone went to the corner to cross the street, that’s simply not happening.

So a Streets Department study came up with a solution: A new crosswalk in the middle of the block. Even better, Liberty Property Trust (which co-owns the Comcast Center) and Brandywine Realty Trust (which owns Three Logan) paid for the whole thing. Read more »

Is Blatstein Planning a Residential and Retail Complex at Former Foxwoods Site?

1401-99 South Columbus Boulevard | Google Maps

1401-99 South Columbus Boulevard | Google Maps

A new mixed-use complex on the Delaware River would bring apartments, townhouses, park space, and retail–including a new Wawa and an Aldi–to the mix of strip malls and big box stores on Columbus Boulevard in Pennsport. That’s according to a brochure from MSC Retail, which shows the expansive 16-acre parcel would essentially be divided into four distinct areas.

Bart Blatstein, who originally assembled the site some 20 years ago, purchased the property once again in 2014 for $13 million after plans for a Foxwoods Casino at 1401 South Columbus Boulevard failed to get off the ground.

A large retail complex would front Columbus Boulevard, which the brochure shows plans for a proposed Wawa at Tasker Street and an Aldi supermarket, located near a newly created drive aisle that looks to be an extension of Dickinson Street, the latter would get a new traffic light and extend to the river.

Blatstein couldn’t be reached for comment, but a person close to project said the plan is to be completed it in two phases: the retail portion opening in early 2017, and the residential part would follow at some point.

Read more »

Wawa Lawsuit May Lead to Prison for “Wawa Curry” Owner

Wawa Curry Taste of India

Wawa Curry Taste of India’s home page. The convenience store chain Wawa Inc., of Pennsylvania, filed a lawsuit against owner Yogi Patel.

Updated on Wednesday, December 2nd: Owner Yogi Patel says he received an extension on the contempt order, and will have the changes made by next week.

Original: A Wawa lawsuit may end up sending a man to prison.

No, the company has not grown so powerful that it has prosecutorial powers. But it did sue Yogi Patel, a restaurant owner in Kissimmee, Florida, over his restaurant: Wawa Curry Taste of India.

Wawa, which owns a trademark on the term — a Lenni Lenape word for goose — sued Patel to get him to change the name of his restaurant. Patel told the Orlando Sentinel that “wawa” means good job or congratulations in Gujarati Indian, his native language.

“Defendant’s use of the name and mark WAWA CURRY, as set forth above, is likely to damage and materially diminish the value of the name and mark WAWA and result in Defendant unfairly benefiting and profiting from the reputation and goodwill that is represented by the name and mark WAWA,” the lawsuit read. Read more »

Cops: Bro Stole Red Bull from Center City Wawa

Wawa - Red Bull theft suspect

Philadelphia Police released this surveillance image of a man wanted for stealing several cans of Red Bull from the Wawa in Society Hill.

Maybe he got away because Red Bull gave him wings.

According to a release from the Philadelphia Police Department, cops are searching for a brazen thief who entered the Wawa on 2nd Street in Society Hill and stole several cans of Red Bull.

Police released surveillance video of the suspect entering and leaving the store. According to cops, the man walked into the Wawa on September 18th at 3:40 p.m. and began loading all of the cans of Red Bull from a shelf into his backpack. When confronted by a store manager, they say, he left. The police did not say how many cans of Red Bull the man got away with, but said he left the store with the stolen items.

Cops also did not say why the public has been left in the dark on this crime for over a month. Hopefully you, like most smart people, keep an eye on your Red Bull stash at all times. Read more »

Wawa Launches Credit Card

Wawa's new credit card.

Wawa’s new credit card.

Wawa has launched its own credit card, and the popular retailer hopes it’ll attract more customers to get gas at its locations.

For the first two months that their accounts are open, Wawa Credit Card customers will save 25-cents-per-gallon on gas when re-fueling at Wawa locations. After that, they’ll save 5-cents-per-gallon on up to 100 gallons per month. (I’ll be applied to customers as a statement credit at the end of the month.) Read more »

Wawa’s Sneakiest Calorie Bombs, According to a Dietician

Photo via slgckgc/Flickr

Photo via slgckgc/Flickr

My foodie friends and I like to play a game whenever we go to a convenience store. It’s called: “How Many Calories Are in This?” It’s exactly what it sounds like: We’ll stand there guessing the calorie counts of some of the most popular snack foods, and often find ourselves shocked at how many calories some items contain. (And yes, I’m certain we sound really annoying to the person standing there in line with an 800 calorie snack that we just completely ruined for them. Sorry about that.)

Wawa is one of our favorite places to play this game; there are just so many snacks to choose from. So I decided to hit up a Wawa and play the game myself, all for your benefit, dear reader. My hope is to point you in the direction of grab-and-go snacks that might be better alternatives when you’re craving something salty or sweet. Read more »

Wawa’s Flagship at Broad and Walnut Has Opened

Wawa Trophies

Photo | Dan McQuade

Mayor Michael Nutter stood at the podium and braced the crowd for a special announcement.

“It is my understanding that it is quite possible, because of where he he lives… that Pope Francis has never had a Wawa hoagie,” Nutter said. “I’m pleased to announce that we expect to serve Pope Francis a Wawa hoagie. I don’t know what he likes, but he can have anything he wants!”

Nutter was at the new flagship Wawa location at Broad and Walnut in the old Robinson Luggage. It opened two months ahead of schedule Friday morning. It is the first new store to open in Center City in about three decades. Wawa “goose-in-chief” (president and CEO) Chris Gheysens said more could be coming.

“Wawa and Philadelphia go together,” Gheysens told Philadelphia magazine. “Philadelphia is our hometown. It was a perfect storm of great location. There’s so much great going on in Center City and in Philadelphia. Frankly, our brand and our strategies have changed to allow us to do something like this.”

The flagship Wawa’s opening was such a joyous event Philadelphians didn’t even boo the mayor. Read more »

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