Eight Great College Football Games to See (in Person) This Fall

Football is under siege — from parents, doctors, academics, a Kennedy, even from Buzz Bissinger, the guy who wrote the definitive book on football, Friday Night Lights. This makes us sad. Football is a wonderful game perfectly suited to the American spirit, and we’d miss it if it went away. We love us some Eagles, but for true passion — from guys who aren’t making millions a year to take the field — you can’t beat college football. Here are eight upcoming games featuring local college teams that should offer lots of rivalry, fun and excitement, not to mention cheerleaders and marching bands. Catch as many as you can — while you can. Read more »

Main Line Monday: Yep, This Lower Merion Charmer Went For the Floor Layout Switch

TREND images via Zillow.com

TREND images via Zillow.com

Well, looky here! Is this a thing with Main Line homes we weren’t aware of? Sure, we’ve seen new constructions try out this layout switch before, but rarely have we spotted this in an older residence. In any case, we kind of like it: this circa 1900 Lower Merion home has its living area and kitchen on the second level, while three of its four bedrooms on the main floor.

Not to worry, though. Its old and new features have been commingled in such a way that deem it a charmer through and through. For example, though renovated in 2011, the historic home managed to keep its original hardwood floors and its entrance hall boasts Old World wainscoting. Upstairs, the main living area offers cathedral and beamed ceilings, recessed lighting, and a kitchen with concrete counter tops and built-in cabinetry refrigerator.

But the apple of our eye? There’s a plank wood wall made of reclaimed barn wood in the family area and the master suite – also on this level – appears to have a similar feature.

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Headlines: Radnor Township Approves Villanova’s $225M Expansion Plan

villanova_university_logoThe Radnor Township Board of Commissioners approved the long fought expansion plans for Villanova University Monday night. The endorsement means that two new dormitories, more parking, a pedestrian bridge and (eventually) a performing arts center will soon rise around Lancaster Avenue.

Jason Laughlin of The Inquirer reports, “[t]he board voted 4-2, with one abstention, Monday night to approve the $225 million project.”

The dorms are anticipated to open in 2019 and will house nearly 1,200 students. Officials say that the new housing is expected to lessen the number of college kids living off campus in Radnor.

Some neighbors don’t buy that argument and, on top of that, worry that construction will be disruptive to the area.  They’re also miffed that Villanova doesn’t give enough back to the township in the form of taxes or even payments in lieu of taxes.

Work on the dorms and parking is expected to kick off this fall. Funding is still being sought for the performing arts center.

Villanova U. expansion plans approved [The Inquirer]

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Local Study: Having a Thin Boyfriend May Lead to Eating Disorders

Man With Scale

You’re out with your boyfriend and he orders a mini-salad with no dressing and refuses to eat the croutons. You ordered a pizza with extra cheese. Do you chow down on that pizza or just pick at it while your significant other eats like a bird on the other side of the table? According to a new study by Rutgers University—Camden and Villanova researchers, that pizza is going to sit there barely touched.

There’s been little research focused on same-sex couples and the influence of romantic relationships on eating and diet habits, but the study, which appears in the June issue of Journal of Health Psychology, suggests that “a thinner partner may be a problem in a same-sex relationship.” Of particular note, the study suggests that having a thinner partner may lead to restrained eating:

“Restrained eating is defined as the deliberate, long-term restriction of food intake in order to lose, maintain, or avoid gaining weight. It is characterized by alternating episodes of cognitive dietary restraint, uncontrolled eating, and emotional eating. Although exercising some restraint is critical in the current food environment, where supersized portions can be found around every corner…dietary restraint—as the researchers studied it—is considered dysfunctional.”

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Villanova Piccolo Girl Officially Turned Into a Bobblehead

Roxanne Chalifoux is most likely crying again, this time in joy, after a Kickstarter project was fully funded to turn the Villanova Piccolo Girl into a bobblehead.

A rendering of the bobblehead from the project's Kickstarter page.

A rendering of the bobblehead from the project’s Kickstarter page.

The project, which called for $5,000 in funding, already has pledges of $5,754, and as of this publication, there’s still 6 days to go for the Kickstarter. For pledges of $35 or more, you’ll receive a limited edition numbered Piccolo Girl bobblehead. For higher pledges, you can get signed pictures from Chalifoux and a personalized Villanova campus tour. The entire project is being sponsored by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame.

Chalifoux become an overnight “celebrity” of sorts when a television camera caught her crying while playing the piccolo during a March Madness (or, as social media deemed the moment, “March Sadness”) game.

Main Line Monday: This Villanova Residence Would Have Been Perfect for the Mad Men Finale

TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach-Bryn Mawr

TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach-Bryn Mawr

Don and the rest of the former Sterling-Cooper gang may have moved onto the next chapter in their lives with last night’s finale, but that doesn’t mean we’ve completely let them go. Case in point, this classic mid-century modern abode in Radnor Township, which although built in 1946, gives off a certain late sixties vibe that has us feeling like an alternate story arch with Don and Betty reuniting in Montco is about to take place. (Okay, so it’s not exactly possible, but Birdie is from the area, remember?)

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Houses With Names: Villanova’s Must See ‘Montangelica’ Hits the Market

All photos by TREND via BHHS Fox & Roach –Wayne

All photos by TREND via BHHS Fox & Roach –Wayne

Hark! The Mount of Angels has officially hit the market. Officially dubbed Montangelica, the 9,000-square-foot estate in Villanova is certainly a sight to behold, thanks in large part to a massive addition that includes, among other things, a grand ballroom.

The European-inspired gardens and grounds were designed by Doylestown-based landscape architect Carter van Dyke. You can take them all in from your expansive Ipe deck or the refurbished saltwater pool. There are some real stunning features inside the home, including the two-story center hall entryway with marble floors, the skylit eat-in kitchen with numerous windows and library with built-in shelves.

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s all about the entertainment wing. Read more »

Main Line Monday: Pat Croce’s Former Villanova Estate Now Without Jolly Roger Chairs

All images via the Sivel Group.

All images via the Sivel Group.

If you were expecting some of its more elaborately marked furnishings, we’re sorry to say that those are pretty much all gone. (Should have made time to go to that auction, huh?) But even if his pirate memorabilia has been anchored in somebody else’s living room, that doesn’t mean Pat Croce’s former estate is without any other distinctive–and more appealing?–features.

Case in point, the grounds, which contain a a number of stone and slate terraces, a large in-ground pool, stone pool house, and lighted tennis court. Inside, the main house’s two-story center hall comes with a butterfly staircase and inlaid marble floors. Nearby, the living room opens out to a covered patio. A “handsomely-paneled study” offers handcrafted bookcases and a fireplace.

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Main Line Monday: This Gawk-Worthy Villanova Estate Has it All

All photos by TREND by BHHS Fox & Roach

All photos by TREND by BHHS Fox & Roach–Bryn Mawr

Confession: Main Line Monday is probably the toughest theme house of the week for us to choose. Why? Well, so many of these houses could easily, easily, be the Jaw Dropper of the Week as well. Since the two names don’t really fair well in the mash up department (Jaw Mainer? Main Line Dropper?), you still get two glorious houses to gawk at each week.

Its presence from the road is quite lovely. A stone fence with lanterns on each pillar welcomes you into the well-landscaped property–you know you’re in for a real treat.

Honestly, you might need to make an appointment with a chiropractor Read more »

On Fallon, Villanova Piccolo Girl Plays with The Roots

Things are looking up for the Villanova piccolo girl, aka band member Roxanne Chalifoux. After the Wilcats were upset by N.C. State in the second round of the NCAA tournament, TV cameras showed Chalifoux crying while playing the piccolo. Everyone had a good laugh, and made a bunch of memes, because that’s what college sports are all about: Watching students cry after their dreams are crushed!

Fortunately, Chalifoux took it pretty well. And last night, she was able to sit in with The Roots and chat with Jimmy Fallon, as shown in the video above. She also got a gift basket! Read more »

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