Tonight: Village Whiskey Reunion at Lemon Hill, Sure to be a Boozy Bash

Professional drinkers aside, usually when you hear Village Whiskey you think burgers, right? Well, keep thinking about the burgers but now add the whiskey this time as well because tonight (Tuesday, November 6th), Village Whiskey will be having a reunion at Lemon Hill.

Strange? A little. But get past it. If you’re looking for a place to get weird after the polls close, this is it.

They’ll be serving up original Village Whiskey cocktails developed by the opening staff at a discounted price. There’s sure to be some fancy whiskey floating around there, too. Plus, the event is open to the public, and starts at 9:30 p.m. Or maybe 10pm. Or whenever. A slew of bartenders will be mixing, and the lineup includes Keith “Danger” Raimondi, Stephen Siebert, Lindsay Kruger, Alejandro Vaca, and Juan Bustamonte. Wear your drinking socks and come ready to sip the night (and maybe a small piece of your liver) away.

Lemon Hill Events Page [Official]

Six Pack: Veggie Burgers in Philadelphia

Travel + Leisure named Philadelphia the no. 2 burger city in all of America this year jumping up from last year’s paltry no. 22, and second only to Providence, Rhode Island, which, if we’re being honest, at less than 21 square miles barely counts as a city anyway.

So with that said, by my count that makes the City of Brotherly Love the best burger town in the US of A. So with cheesesteaks and burgers it looks like we’ve got the meat thing down. But what to do about our vegan brothers and sisters? Luckily, it looks like Philly is improving on this front as well, serving up killer veggie burgers at some of the same joints making our top meaty burgers. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, try one of these six options on for size. Who knows? Maybe you’ll convert. (But probably not.)

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Around The Web: Secret Suppers

Photo courtesy Grub Street Philly

An Irish cheesesteak, foie-kebabs, Nutella pizza and a simple plate of spaghetti at a restaurant known for somewhat more complicated presentations–these are just a few of the secret plates uncovered by Grub Street Philly in an excellent investigation that hit the interwebs this afternoon.

There are a million dishes in the naked city, but not all of them are listed on menus. And there’s no single answer why chefs and restaurateurs keep these secrets. Some are things that were replaced in menu updates, but remain tastes that loyal customers can’t live with out; other are simply special plates reserved for celebrities, high rollers and dearly loved regulars.

So check it out, won’t you? All 8 of the plates that made Grub’s list sound like they would make an excellent dinner tonight. Though something tells me you might not be the only fella in the dining room looking for those foie kebabs…

Secret Suppers: 8 Amazing Off-Menu Dishes [Grub Street Philly]

Six Pack: Deviled Eggs Are Having a Moment

Deviled eggs aren’t just for holidays at your aunt’s house anymore: they’re a full-fledged appetizer just waiting for the right creative hands to make them the masterpieces they really are. Okay, so that might be a bit over the top, but they’ve come a lot farther than your standard boiled-yolk-mustard-and-mayo combo and right now they’re popping up on menus all around town. Check out what these six Philadelphia restaurants are doing deviled eggs in new and delicious ways.

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Jose Garces Openings At Revel In Atlantic City

Opening one new restaurant is tough. Opening two? That’s crazy. But Jose Garces (who, I think, must have access to both a jet pack and a time machine what with his sudden explosion of interstate restaurant openings) will, come April, be opening three new restaurants, in Atlantic City, all within 14 days.

Then, when he’s done, he’s going to ride his bike from A.C. to Paris, fight Mike Tyson and eat the entire moon in a single sitting.

The Details

Why Is This Truck Parking By Village Whiskey?

A truck parked outside of Village Whiskey in the morning is not an uncommon sight. We often spot the Garces Trading Company truck unloading supplies. But for the fourth time in a little more than a week we’ve spotted this truck parked outside of VW. Why is a truck with ads for Atlantic City’s Diving Horse Cabaret (and by cabaret we mean gentleman’s club) now routinely parking where the Garces truck did?

Is it moonlighting as a delivery van in the slow winter months? Are there pole dances offered within? Is it shuttling employees to Jose Garces’ Revel Casino restaurants? We want to know.

Foodzy: Food Guilt For The Information Age

Puh-lease. We needed another consumer gaming site as much as we needed someone else to yak at us about eating better. And now, thanks to a new site called Foodzy, we have BOTH–all rolled up into one fat tootsie roll of post-Michelle Obama guilt.

Foodzy is a website that rewards you with badges for eating healthy foods. When you sign up, you input your age, weight, height, country of residence and other vitals. Every time you eat something (say, Village Whiskey’s duck fat french fries with Sly Fox cheddar sauce), you report it to the site, which then spits out information like nutritional content and how it’s contributing to your weight loss or gain. You know, just like your annoying cousin Rhonda who’s perpetually relying on Weight Watchers to help her vanquish her ass fat.

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