WATCH: Zombie Flash Mob Terrorize Philadelphians All Over the City

Dev prodüksiyonlu zombi şakası insanları böyle korkuttu.

Posted by Hürriyet TV on Friday, April 10, 2015

Turkish entertainment website Hürriyet TV recently released this video on their Facebook page, showing a flash mob of zombies terrorizing Philadelphia. We’ve seen videos like this filmed in Philly before—but never with a whole freakin’ mob, which is probably why it genuinely scared people shitless.

The horde show up in random places all over the city. Check out the video to see them lurking from beneath a bridge in Fairmount Park, in the plaza of City Hall and even down one of those cramped, cobblestone streets in, I’m guessing, Old City.

WATCH: Philly Native and His Family Featured in “Love Has No Labels” Video


By now you’ve probably caught sight of the Upworthy-approved “Love Has No Labels” PSA that went viral this week. The work features folks from various sexual, religious and ethnic backgrounds as skeletons behind an X-ray screen set up on a busy strip in Los Angeles. The point of the project is to show that we all look alike underneath—or in this case as skeletons—and that love, as the title suggests, should carry no labels.

One of the couples featured in the project has local ties: Germantown native Anthony Henderson, who has since moved to Los Angeles to become a fashion stylist to the stars, shows up with his husband—and former Philadelphia suburbanite—Jason Strong and their son Marcelino.

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WATCH: Cory J. Popp’s “Frozen Philadelphia” Captures What’s Awesome About Philly in Winter

Philly videographer Cory J. Popp, who we’ve featured numerous times on our blogs, just released a new video that captures the essence of wintertime in Philadelphia. No, I’m not talking about the sludge, and the delayed trains and that grumpy, cold woman you pass on your way to work every morning. This is stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of winter in Philadelphia—those little touches that we often miss because we’re jetting from Point A to Point B before our nipples freeze off. Here, you’ll find the little elderly lady watching the snow from a window on her South Philly row home, a friendly neighbor about to pelt you with a snow ball, the Schuylkill frozen solid in the evening, creating a mirror of twinkling city lights on its steely midnight-blue surface.

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WATCH: Taylor Swift Releases Stunning Video for New Single “Style”

Taylor Swift promised fans that she would release a new video on Friday the 13th. It was supposed to debut on Good Morning America, but it actually hit the web a few hours earlier. It’s a stunning video, finding the Wyomissing native slowed down quite a bit since her last offering, “Shake It Off.” Check it out above.

WATCH: Philly Band Films Music Video at Tabu’s Drag Brunch

wonder and fury

Philly rock band Wonder and Fury wanted a few queens for their latest music video, “Talk Talk Talk,’ so they called up Tabu to see if they could bring their cameras to one of the bar’s signature Sunday Drag Brunches in November. Of course, the queens were more than happy to oblige.

The video spans a whole afternoon of drag-brunching—from going backstage where the ladies are caking their faces with makeup to showing performance clips on Tabu’s tiny upstairs stage. Some of the gals who make an appearance are Brittany Lynn and her drag daughter Robyn, Crystal Electra and Maria TopCat.

“Talk Talk Talk” is from Wonder & Fury’s eponymous first EP, which you can listen to and buy here. See the video below:

WATCH: Men Describe Their First Sexual Experience With a Guy

Gay Bachelor Blog asked a series of good-looking men to describe their first sexual experience with another man. Here is what followed:

I found the video on The Gaily Grind, which threw up an accompanying poll asking readers to share how old they were when they had their first sexual experience. Surprisingly, as of press time, the most popular answer by far is “Between 8 and 12,” with a more reasonable 17 following about 10 points behind. Check that out—and weigh in—here.


WATCH: Gay Couples Reenact Crazy Grindr Messages

I have a confession: I’ve never used Grindr. My husband and I started dating almost 11 years ago, way before the gay-dating was a twinkle in the gay community’s eye. So I’ve just never had any use for it. I do, however, get a kick out of some of your Instagram and Facebook posts, you know, the screen captures that show funny, bizarre, and downright blush-worthy messages that show up on your screen from other users.

This new video, by TrentandLuke on YouTube, goes a step further, asking gay couples to reenact crazy Grindr conversations. It’s pretty funny, and the couples are so cute. Check it out below. Oh, and I wouldn’t blare this too loud if you’re at work, btw.

WATCH: Kurt Vile Performs With Warpaint in L.A.

Philly indie rock star Kurt Vile joined Warpaint on stage this weekend during the Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days in L.A. music festival. The group brought him out to perform the dreamy “Baby from their 2010 album The Fool. Vile will perform his own show at the 30 Days in L.A. on November 21st.

Check out the performance above, then read our Q&A with Vile from the Conversation Issue in the current Philly Mag.

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