WATCH: Drone’s-Eye View of Wilmington Church Fire

We told you earlier today that the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Wilmington burned to the ground overnight. It was the second fire at the church in two weeks, and federal officials are investigating.

One witness to the fire captured the scene from a camera-equipped drone — see above — providing a rare perspective of the conflagration. Read more »

Video: Behind the Making of Anthropologie’s Holiday Window Displays


Gingerbread and icing, or cardboard and spackle? | Anthropologie.

Beloved Philly-based powerhouse Anthropologie sets the standard in window displays, hands down. The only competitors that even come close are Free People and Urban Outfitters, which fall under the same company umbrella. Every holiday season, Anthro goes all-out in their festive decor, ending the year in a wintry wonderland that somehow gets better year after year. But the assembly process isn’t all gingerbread and gumdrops. Hours of structural planning, countless racks of cardboard, and painstaking sprinkles of delicate sparkles just so go into the making of each and every Anthro window design.

Take a peek inside the crafty world of the creative masterminds behind the window displays, and maybe you’ll pause a little longer to take in the views from the street. Read more »

Summer Fiction Records Peppy Music Video in Abandoned Divine Lorraine

Archbishop Ryan and LaSalle alum Bill Ricchini (aka Summer Fiction) recorded a series of music videos on a windy afternoon in the Divine Lorraine. He’s debuting one of those today, the aptly titled and impossibly charming “Lauren Lorraine.” The video begins with several set-up shots. As the band and crew head into the Divine Lorraine with their gear, you’re treated to some really cool visuals of the abandoned hotel: once-grand entryways, graffiti-stained columns and walls, and old staircase beams. The actual song part takes place in an airy open room on the 10th floor that almost resembles an airplane hangar.

Read more »

Watch This: Your Muscles Will Burn After Seeing This Insane Stacked Push-Up

There is no exercise I hate more than push-ups, so whenever I successfully do a set of them without collapsing, I do a little happy dance. And that’s just regular push-ups! I can only imagine the happy dance I would do after mastering this jaw-dropping multi-person, stacked push-up, demoed here by three trainers from Newtown Athletic Club in a video the club posted to Facebook. It would probably be a happy dance of Flash Dance proportions.

Check out the insane push-up variation below. Then try it out for yourself — just make sure you really, really trust your partners.  Read more »

Watch This Live HD Stream of a Bald Eagle Nest in Pennsylvania

Earlier today on the Hanover, Pennsylvania, Eagle Cam.

Earlier today on the Hanover, Pennsylvania, Eagle Cam.

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission once again set up a camera focused on a bald eagle’s nest near Codorus State Park in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Now, there appear to be a pair of eggs in the nest on the adorable HD bald eagle cam, which is done in partnership with a company called HDontap, Comcast Business Services, Friends of Codorus State Park and other partners. Read more »

WATCH: Man Trashes Philadelphia Little Caesars in Epic Surveillance Video

Police are looking for a man who freaked out at a Little Caesars on Valentine’s Day, throwing punches at a cashier, grabbing the phone and cash register and knocking over a rack of food. He eventually fled in a car with some friends.

The footage, from the Little Caesars on West Girard Avenue, is one of the more incredible police surveillance videos in some time. Let’s go through it with GIFs. Read more »

WATCH: 3 Grandmas Smoke Pot For the First Time

Cut Video found three grandmothers in Washington (where marijuana is legal) who had never smoked pot before and persuaded them to do it on camera. What results, naturally, is hilarious. And they get blasted—smoking from a bong, a vaporizer, and sipping on marijuana-infused tea.

Check out the video above for unforgettable quotes like, “I could go iron for days now,” and “I’d do it again … if I could get this bag of chips open.”

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