Stop What You’re Doing and Play This Sam Hinkie-Inspired 8-Bit Video Game

The folks over at sports columnist Bill Simmons’ site, The Ringer, gave Sixers fans the greatest gift ahead of tonight’s NBA Draft: this amazing 8-bit video game featuring former general manager Sam Hinkie as its hero. Trust me when I say you’ll want to stop what you’re doing and play this thing right now.

With a click of the mouse you’ll be transported back to childhood by this game’s scaled back graphics, goofy sound effects and terrifically-techno soundtrack. (Missed opportunity not having “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6ers” as the song, though). Read more »

Photos: Philly Is Apparently Really, Really Good for Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, the app that actually forces its users to wander into the world in order to catch ’em all, has beaten Tinder as the No. 1 most-downloaded App on iTunes.

And according to data from SimilarWeb, the augmented-reality smartphone game could soon surpass Twitter in daily active users. That’s saying something.

People all over the world are caught up in a mad Pokémon frenzy, and now they’re wandering throughout the city as if it actually is the safe little world projected on their screen.

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Philly-Set Game Homefront: The Revolution Releases Today

Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution features a stylized version of Philadelphia. This would be Morgan’s Pier in the game. You have to love what Groundswell Design Group has done with the place!

When Fasahat Salim and his team were working on Homefront: The Revolution, they realized they had a problem. The latest in the Homefront series — the first developed by Dambuster Studios, where Salim is a designer — was set in Philadelphia. Yet the setting was causing a problem.

“I think nothing quite says Philadelphia more than a rowhouse,” Salim tells Philadelphia magazine via phone from England, where the game was made. “Rowhouses are actually quite key to a lot of the areas that we have in our game … initially, they’re all quite similar from the outside, so it was kind of difficult — at least in the early stages — for us to get any kind of satisfying gameplay because everything kind of felt the same.

“To fix that, we got into this situation where we got to blow holes through these buildings and open up routes that allowed players to jump in and out of these buildings and cut through streets and back alleys really quickly. So, all of a sudden, it feels like it’s war-torn but it’s also serving a gameplay purpose.”

If you ever wanted to blow a hole through a neighbor’s rowhome, there’s finally a game that lets you do it. Read more »

Moore Prof: Women Don’t Design “Girly” Video Games

Game Changers promotional image (Photo | Allison Carrier). Digital painting from student Animation & Game Arts student Leslie Hammond.

Game Changers promotional image (Photo | Alison Carrier). Digital painting from student Animation & Game Arts student Leslie Hammond.

Two years ago, the Animation and Game Arts major at Center City’s Moore College of Art & Design was just getting off the ground. Only eight students were enrolled, and the junior- and senior-year curricula hadn’t even been, well, designed. That’s when the school brought in Stephen Wood, a young adjunct prof from Minnesota, to beef up the program and build its visibility and connectivity.

Wood was excited for the opportunity — and curious. The classrooms in which he’d been teaching had been male-dominated, like most of the video game industry. Moore is a college for women. What, he wondered, would his students be like?

The answer, he’s concluded, is: no different from the guys. “There are no gender differences in designing,” says Wood. “You see the same personalities, the same types of gamers. You have someone who likes first-person-shooter games, someone who likes role-playing games. I’ve talked to people who think women design ‘girly’ games. They don’t. They want to play Mortal Kombat. They don’t make kitten-and-rainbow games. Or if they do, the kittens blow up.” Read more »

WATCH: Homefront: The Revolution’s “This Is Philadelphia” Trailer

When we last checked in on the upcoming video game Homefront: The Revolution, an analogue of the Eagles had just won the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, it was in a timeline where Korea and other East Asian nations had formed a coalition and invaded the United States.

The new trailer, titled “This is Philadelphia,” doesn’t show any sports victories. But it does show, of all places, the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton. Read more »

Eagles Win Super Bowl (in Alternate Dystopian Future)

Homefront: The Revolution is an upcoming video game where you play a resistance fighter in Philadelphia. But this isn’t a game set in the Revolutionary War. The plot, according to Kotaku: “Set in an alternate timeline where Korea and other Asian nations form a federation before invading the U.S., Homefront places you in the shoes of a fighter in the Philadelphia resistance.”

The game’s latest trailer actually shows the city rendered pretty faithfully, especially the skyline (though the placement of houses seems to be a bit wonky). That’s okay, though, because of something I spotted in recently-released gameplay footage. Read more »

Comcast Adds Video Games to X1 Platform

No PS4 or Xbox? No problem.

No PS4 or Xbox? No problem.

Want to play FIFA soccer but don’t feel like purchasing an Xbox or PS4? Well, Comcast is adding video games to its X1 platform.

The cable giant recently unveiled Xfinity Games, a new partnership with Electronic Arts, which streams the games over the Internet to X1 set-top boxes. Subscribers use smartphones or tablet computers to control the action, rather than using traditional gaming controllers. Read more »

Does World’s First Gay Fighting Video Game Go Too Far With LGBT Stereotypes?


Gay Fighter Supreme creators Melchor Cardenas and Michael Patrick (aka Handsome Woman Productions).

Remember the last season of Looking (R.I.P), when Patrick and Kevin created a video game with gay characters that was panned for perpetuating tired LGBT stereotypes? Well, looks like real life is imitating art, or vice versa, thanks to game creators Handsome Woman Productions.

For the gaymer in us all, the world’s first gay fighting game is finally here after years of development. Handsome Woman Productions‘s Gay Fighter Supreme features 10 LGBT fighters—from drag queen Carrie Cupcake and pole artist GoGo Gary to lesbian Sappho Ethridge and twink Timmy Spears—all competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion.

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Drexel Gets State Grant to Develop Video Games

Tetris on the side of the Cira Center. Drexel's Entrepreneurial Game Studio is getting a state grant to help grow Pennsylvania's digital gaming industry.

Tetris on the side of the Cira Center. Drexel’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio is getting a state grant to help grow Pennsylvania’s digital gaming industry.

Technically Philly reports that Drexel University is one of three schools to receive state grants to help develop a video game industry in the state. Drexel will receive $200,000 for its Entrepreneurial Game Studio, which aims to serve helps students start their own game companies in Philadelphia.

Carnegie Mellon University and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology are also receiving grants. The three schools will also share an additional $150,000 for collaborative efforts, like a statewide gaming conference.
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