Victoria Beckham Is Right: Treadmill Desks Are Awesome, Study Says

Photo via PLOS One.

Photo via PLOS ONE

It’s been a big week for treadmill desks. First, former Spice Girl (is that the correct attribution anymore?) Victoria Beckham totally took a page out of my book and discovered the joy of walking while working. Of course, she did so in five-inch heels, but that’s neither here nor there.

Now there’s a new study out which found that walking on a treadmill while you work is more than just fun: It actually boosts work performance. In the study, researchers found that while productivity takes a bit of a hit when treadmill desks are first introduced (something I found in my monthlong experiment, too, since you have to adjust to the new work set up), subjects eventually got used to the machines and found that walking while working actually increased their productivity, boosting their overall job performance. The results were tallied based on self-reported surveys and surveys from advisors.

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