What to Eat This Week: 5 Vegan Dinners You’ll Be Dying to Eat, Stat

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Back in December, we told you guys about Veganuary, a 31-day-long vegan challenge taking place throughout the month of January (Get it? Veganuary?). And back in December, when I wrote about it, I thought “Pfffft, one month? I can do that, EASY,” and signed up. Little did I know that after a full month of heavy cream-filled holiday meals, the butter withdrawal would be oh-so-real. So in an effort to stick to my word and stay away from the butter sticks this month, I’ve found a bunch of seriously drool-worthy vegan recipes to whip up. Who needs butter when you’ve got peanut butter soba noodles—am I right?

Whether you’re trying to complete the Veganuary challenge (It’s not too late to sign up!) or just trying to lighten up post-holiday season, these vegan recipes will help you do the trick. Now, who else will be chowing down on some vegan pizza come dinnertime?

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Are You Vegetarian? It’s Probably Just a Phase, Research Says



I’ve seen my fair share of vegetarian friends hop back on the meat-eating train: One of my co-workers ditched his years-long vegetarianism for a Pat’s cheesesteak; my good friend, who was vegetarian for years, moved to Israel and got tired of turning to hummus for protein at every meal, so she went for meat; my cousin gave up her 16-year stint of eating meat-free when her pregnancy cravings kicked in; one friend ended her vegetarianism with a drunken dose of David’s Mai Lai Wah sweet and sour chicken at 1 a.m. one Saturday; and a friend, who’d never tasted meat in his life, became a chef and realized that he really needed to know what steak tasted like if he was going to be cooking it for hundreds of people each night. And I’m sure you have a long list of lapsed-vegetarian stories, too.

So I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that, according to new research from the Humane Research Council and Harris International, 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans eventually become meat eaters again.

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#MeatlessMonday: 17 Tofu Marinade Recipes That Will Rock Your World

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Trying to convince someone who has never tasted tofu that the off-white, weird-smelling,watery substance is, one, edible and, two, actually really delicious (really!) is like trying to convince a five-year-old that Brussels sprouts are the bomb: difficult, to say the least. Which is why, when you do try your hand at convincing them, you’d better make sure your tofu is darn delicious. And for that, you will need a great tofu marinade recipe. Lucky for you, we’ve found a whole bunch of ‘em.

Now, the great thing about tofu is that it is truly one of the most versatile foods out there. Thanks to its naturally bland flavor, it’s the perfect canvas for just about any marinade in existence, soaking up every flavor from Sriracha to citrus to sesame. But how much flavor it soaks up, as with any other marinated dish, lies in the marinating time. A quick 30-minute marinade will give your tofu some life, but if you really want the flavor to soak in (which you probably do), you should marinate it for a few hours, or even overnight.

But enough talk about tofu, let’s get to the recipes. Below you will find nearly every type of tofu marinade recipe under the sun, from spicy Sriracha to citrus ginger to peanut. So whether you’re short on ingredients or have a pantry that rivals a personal chef’s, we’ve got you covered. And I’m telling you, these recipes will make even the biggest tofu haters give it a second chance. And if you are already a lover of all things tofu, these recipes will only make you love it more. Happy cooking!

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These Are the Best Veggie Burgers in Philly, As Chosen By You



Last week, we asked you guys this very important question: Who has the best veggie burger in Philly? And boy, did you answer. You named everywhere from Strangelove’s to Devil’s Alley to Monk’s to Village Whiskey to Memphis Taproom—their veggie burger is topped off with coconut bacon, people!—to The Cedars House, and more (check out all the comments here). But there were some clear leaders in the pack, and we’ve listed them off for you below. My suggestion: Read up, grab your raincoat and get to one of these five spots, stat.

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Where Is the Best Veggie Burger in Philly?

Village Whiskey's Veggie Burger | Photo via Facebook

Village Whiskey’s Veggie Burger | Photo via Facebook

Ordering a veggie burger is risky business: You can end up with a pile of mush just barely being held together by two buns, or a bean patty that’s been doused in every single spice under the sun, or a completely flavorless concoction drowned in a brick of melted cheese—we’ve all had one of those, right? And these disappointing experiences are exactly why I go back to my trusty favorite—Village Whiskey’s guacamole-topped creation—again and again and again. But hey, a girl’s got to switch it up every now and then, and that’s where you come in. We want to know, Be Wellers: What is your favorite veggie burger in Philly? Ready, set, comment!

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Royal Tavern Recreating Bob’s Burgers Specials

jack-o-lentil-burger-royal-tavernRoyal Tavern in Bella Vista has long been known for its burgers and it looks like it about to get a lot more notoriety for them. Starting yesterday and running for the next eleven weeks, the Royal is recreating special burgers that were mentioned on the TV show Bob’s Burgers.

First up is the “Jack-O-Lentil burger,” it’s a Lentil burger with pumpkin habanero aioli, wilted spinach, tomato and poblano salad, served on a brioche bun. New burgers debut every Sunday. Next up, “Mushroom with a View.”

Royal Tavern [Foobooz]

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