Where 7 Healthy-Eating Pros Grab Brunch Around Philly (And Their Go-To Orders)

Front Street Cafe | Photo via Facebook

Raise your hand if your squad’s Sunday-morning motto is “But first, brunch.” Okay, now raise your hand if, after said brunch, you always need to take a nap because food coma. We feel you. But brunch doesn’t have to be a nap-inducing activity. You can have your brunch AND feel good afterwards. How, you ask? Well, we asked seven of Philly’s healthy-eating pros where they brunch around Philly and what they order. Find their answers below, then copy ’em.

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What’s the Absolute Best Store-Bought Veggie Burger? 

For a long time, I was a Morning Star Garden Veggie Burger gal when it came to store-bought veggie burgers. You could find me piling two patties layered with avocado slices (yep, I go H.A.M. when it comes to veggie burgers) onto a potato bun at any summer BBQ you found me at. But then I stopped eating soy and I had a momentary veggie-burger crisis. Would I EVER find a good veggie burger again?!?!?!

The answer was yes. First I found the Field Roast FieldBurger, which I thought was the very best veggie burger I’d ever had. (It’s juicy, guys — a juicy veggie burger!) But then, this past weekend, I sampled the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger — which is designed to mimic a true beef burger in texture and color (it’s colored with beet juice) —  at Pennsylvania Avenue’s shiny new Whole Foods, and I think it won me over.

But before I decide that I’ve found a new favorite store-bought veggie burger, I figured I’d pose the all-important question to you guys: What’s the absolute best store-bought veggie burger you’ve tried? Because we already know where the best restaurant veggie burgers in Philly are, but sometimes you want to chow down on a veggie burger from the comfort of your own couch.

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Vedge Celebrates Five Years with Anniversary Tasting Menu

Vedge | Photo by Michael Persico

Vedge | Photo by Michael Persico

Rich Landau’s lauded vegan restaurant, Vedge has turned five years old and is celebrating with a special tasting menu. Available now through mid-December, the five-course dinner is $55 per person and offered on weekdays. Among the highlights, Landau’s bewilderingly good take on ramen and a maitake mushroom “shepherds pie.”
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The Checkup: Does Having More Sex Make for Better Athletic Performance?

• Let’s talk about sex, baby: Having more of it could improve your time at the gym. According to new research, athletes who had more sex performed better when it came to speed, strength and agility. Do note, though: This new research was helmed, in conjunction with an Olympic coach, by a sex toy company. So, we’d say a grain of salt wouldn’t be a bad idea. [Refinery29]

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Rich Landau Opening a Fast-Casual concept

V Street will take over the EYEsite building on 18th Street.

V Street will take over the EYEsite building on 18th Street | Photo by Arthur Etchells

A liquor license application in the window of V Street shows that Rich Landau’s vegan empire is expanding next door. The building is the current home of EYESite, which is moving around the corner to 17th Street.

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Dear Internet: Stop Trying to Make Carrot Hot Dogs Happen (Please!)

I don’t eat meat so, naturally, I am usually all about an innovative, veggie-filled creation designed to make summer BBQs a little less miserable for the vegetarians and vegans of the world. That said, the invention of the carrot hot dog is one I simply can’t get on board with.

I first spotted a carrot hot dog — literally just a marinated whole carrot that is cooked and then stuffed into a a bun and called a “hot dog” — a few weeks ago on Instagram. I thought to myself, “Ew. Dumb. Why?” and went on with my day, figuring everyone else in the world agreed. After all, what could possibly be good about a cooked carrot enveloped in bread and topped with mustard and ketchup? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Just because one food is kind of shaped like another does not mean we should try to disguise it as such, right?

I figured this sighting of a carrot hot dog on the internet would be a one-time occurrence. But, no: In the past few weeks, I’ve seen them everywhere — infiltrating my Pinterest feed, nestled into vegetarian BBQ recipe roundups, being Instagrammed by my favorite food blogger (Noooooooo). So I feel like I have to say what I never thought I would ever have to say: Dear Internet, please stop trying to make carrot hot dogs happen. Read more »

The Checkup: How to Get Tons of Protein Into Your Diet — Without Eating Meat

• As a human who doesn’t eat meat, I get this question from friends, coworkers and near-strangers often: “I’m thinking of giving up meat. But HOW will I get protein??????” Fear-filled eyes are a given. Well, here, friends: 20 ways to get tons of protein into your dietwithout eating meat. (Tip: Add hemp seeds to the list and you’ve got 21 ways!) [Runner’s World] Read more »

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