Stop Everything: La Colombe Sells Dairy-Free Draft Lattes Now (FINALLY!)

Coconut Draft Latte | Photo via La Colombe

Since February of 2016, it seems just about every human who likes coffee has gone on at least one loving rant about La Colombe’s canned Draft Lattes: so convenient! So frothy! How perfect is that strange thing you sip through?! Everyone, that is, except for the folks who can’t do dairy — they’ve been left to fantasize about what cracking open one of those cans would be like.

Well, my dairy-free friends, I’ve got a few squeal-worthy words for you: dairy-free La Colombe Draft Lattes. Earlier this week, La Colombe announced on Instagram the latest release in their super popular Draft Latte line, a plant-based and dairy-free take on the good stuff made with — wait for it — coconut milk. Can we get a hallelujah?

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The Guilt-Free Guide to Cooling Down in Philly: 10 Healthier Ice-Cold Treats to Eat

Summer weather has arrived, people. Which means the season of frozen treats filling freezers has arrived, too. But while a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is a tried-and-true standby, Philly is stocked with all sorts of other — healthier — cool-down treats, too. We’ve scouted out the frozen and iced-snack scene and gathered up a few of our favorites. Here, 10 guilt-free ways to stay cool in Philly this summer.

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Vegans, Rejoice! Dottie’s Donuts Is Opening a 2nd Storefront

Dottie’s Donuts | Photo via Instagram

Dottie’s Donuts has a very sweet gift for you on this National Donut Day, friends! The makers of delicious vegan donuts (think: rose-water pistachio, and chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-filled creations), who opened their first shop on West Philly’s Springfield Avenue last year, just announced they’ll be opening a second shop verrrrry soon. And the location kind of can’t be beat: They’ll be opening right next door to the all-vegan Blackbird Pizzeria on South 6th Street in Queen Village.

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The Checkup: Dead Butt Syndrome Is Real — Here’s How to Avoid It 

• Womp, womp: In more bad news about spending our entire lives in chairs, turns out doing so can lead to — wait for it — dead butt syndrome, which essentially means your gluteus medius (one of your main booty muscles) stops firing correctly. Here, a physical therapist breaks down how to avoid being stricken with dead butt syndrome. [Health]

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Summer Survival Guide: 15 Spots to Get Dairy-Free Vegan Ice Cream in Philly

Get ready, folks! Today and tomorrow are going to be hot, hot, hot. With temperatures landing in the 90s, we have to prepare the only way we know how — by scouting out where, exactly, we can get our hands on ice cream, of course!

Nothing beats that cold and creamy sweetness gracing your lips on a hot day, an experience vegans and dairy-averse folks sometimes miss out on. But not anymore: We’ve rounded up 16 spots in Philadelphia and the ‘burbs where you can score a refreshing serving of dairy-free vegan ice cream. So take note, then swing into one of these spots to make your walk home a whole lot cooler.  Read more »

The Vegan Milkshake You Need to Drink Now

Look, I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking the same thing. A tehina milkshake? That sounds…weird. Like drinking creamy peanut butter maybe. Or somehow worse. Like sipping cold, deconstructed hummus. Like somehow turning sesame seeds into a liquid dessert.

I get it. I do. I was suspicious at first, too. People kept telling me that I had to go to Goldie to try it. That no matter what I thought it was going to taste like, I was wrong. And I wasn’t interested at all until I went to Goldie — until I had to stand in line with what I assume was every single person in Center City and wait while the line shuffled slowly forward. By the time I got close to the counter and the guy working the shake machine asked me if I wanted anything, I just said, “Sure.” At that point, I was hungry enough and bored enough that I would’ve been happy with just an empty cup to play with. But then he handed me my chocolate tehina shake and I tasted it.

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The Checkup: Why You Should Eat Dinner At Least This Many Hours Before Bed 

• If your usual post-work routine involves you getting home after the gym around 8:45 p.m., shoveling a plate of food into your mouth, washing your face, then rolling into bed, that’s probably not doing your digestion any favors. According to gastroenterologist Joseph Murray, in order to give your stomach time to break down food, you should avoid eating a big meal for at least three hours before bed. (If you’re currently saying “Oops,” I’m with you.) [Men’s Health]

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