Nicole Marquis’s New Rittenhouse Spot Will Have You Dreaming of Vegan Tacos

bar bonbon
About an hour ago, a coworker and I were about to duck into HipCityVeg for a quick grab-and-go lunch (clearly I’ve lapsed back into my old, embarrassing ways) when we saw that Nicole Marquis’s new sit-down Rittenhouse eatery, Bar Bombón, located just a few feet away from HipCityVeg, was officially open. And of course, in the name of work, I had to try it. Spoiler alert: This new place might just cure me of my HipCityVeg addiction once and for all.  Read more »

Bar Bombon Has An Opening Date And Menu

BarBombonspaceOnce upon a time, the space pictured at left was going to be a Latin-themed vegan joint from Nicole Marquis (HipCityVeg, Charlie Was A Sinner) called JoseJose. We’d already been tracking the opening for a long time when word came down that the name was going to be Bar Bombon and that the inspiration was going to be a bit wider–a little Spanish, a little Puerto Rican, a bit of straight-up Mexican. Because this was Nicole Marquis, it was obviously still going to be vegan, but it wasn’t until this afternoon that we got much in the way of specific details.

Now we can tell you that Bar Bombon (which will still be opening in the former Crumbs space at 133 S. 18th Street) has a date. It’s switching on the lights officially on Monday, August 24. And what’s more, we have a full menu.

Check it out after the jump.

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Frustrations of a Wishy-Washy Vegan



The staples of my diet are oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter, brown rice, beans, berries, tofu, apples, greens, broccoli, broccoli, and more broccoli. Nothing makes me more excited than dinner at Vedge, where I am guaranteed a magnificent and entirely plant-based meal, and I am not shy about telling anyone I meet about what I believe are the unfortunate consequences of America’s high meat and dairy consumption. If you assume, based on all of these statements, that I am a vegan, you would actually be wrong — but only slightly. Confused? Let me explain. I am what some might call a wishy-washy vegan.

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The Veggie Cheesesteaks Everyone Needs to Try, As Chosen By You

Blackbird's Seitan Cheesesteak | Photo via @phillyvegans

Blackbird’s Seitan Cheesesteak | Photo via @phillyvegans

Last week, we asked you guys to name your favorite veggie cheesesteaks in Philly, and a few picks popped up over and over again, which leads us to believe every fake-meat fan should have ‘em on their bucket list. Below, your guys’ top three picks. Read up, then go get your lunch on.

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Your Search Ends Here: 15 Places to Get Vegan Ice Cream in Philly

Vedge Restaurant|Photo via Facebook

Vedge Restaurant | Photo via Facebook

Ice cream is simply a must this time of year. You just can’t get quite the same cold, creamy satisfaction from anything else. And why should vegan eaters have to miss out on that? Thankfully, in Philly, you definitely don’t have to. We’ve rounded up 15 eateries in the Philly area where you can grab a scoop of dairy-free vegan ice cream. And given that this week’s forecast is looking hot, hot, hot, we’re guessing you’re going to want to try out some of these treats pronto.  Read more »

What’s Your Favorite Veggie Cheesesteak in Philly?

HipCityVeg's Philly Steak | Photo via Facebook

HipCityVeg’s Philly Steak | Photo via Facebook

Philly is the land of cheesesteaks, and not just meaty ones: A veggie cheesesteak of some sort can be found on pretty much every menu, whether it’s a Mexican restaurant (Hi, Cantina’s vegan cheesesteak burrito), a bar, or a true-blue cheesesteak shop (though, this is more rare).

But knowing which of these is actually a good veggie cheesesteak and which would be better left off the menu is a whole lot harder than finding one. So, since you guys had such strong opinions about Philly’s veggie burgers, we figured we’d get you to help us weed out the veggie cheesesteaks worth skipping and ask: What’s your favorite meat-free, veggie cheesesteak in Philly? Tell us in the comments section below!

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The Checkup: One Really Good Reason to Shower at Night Instead of in the Morning



• If you are one of the many sleep-deprived people on the planet (you’re far from alone), you might want to try skipping the morning shower session and taking a warm shower at night instead. Why? Before we go to sleep, our body temperature cools, but most of us don’t actually make it to bed during this process so our body ends up cooling too much, and this out-of-whack temp disrupts our sleep. A warm shower helps to prolong the pre-sleep cooling process, leading to better shut-eye. [Huffington Post]

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Satisfy Your Ice Cream Craving: Where to Get Banana Whips in and Around Philly

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.41.14 PM

Photo via Instagram|@animojuice

If you’ve never tried a banana whip, you’re missing out. It’s frozen banana whipped into a custard-like consistency that can satisfy any sweet tooth — especially with the right mix-ins. Think: peanut butter, chocolate chips, coconut shavings. Mmmmm. Delicious, cool and creamy, it’s a dessert that can easily stand in for a scoop of ice cream — and it’s made entirely from a perfectly heathy whole fruit! Talk about a guilt-free (and dairy-free, and gluten-free) dessert.

Lucky for us, the Philly area boasts plenty of eateries where you can find this treat, and we included a few spots down the Shore, too, to cover all bases. Read up, then go get your banana whip on.

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9 Weekly Podcasts for Every Type of Health Nut



I’ll say it right off the bat: I’m a big fan of the podcast. It’s like a free on-demand radio show you can listen to while driving your kids around, on your morning commute, or, my personal favorite, while running. Listening is a great way to stay up-to-date on whatever interests you. And whatever your interest, there’s a podcast talking about it. For the fit foodies among you who haven’t tapped into the podcast scene, here: a podcast to satisfy every type of heath nut. They’re all free to subscribe and air a new episode every week. Enjoy!

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Packing Lunch Made Easy: 20 No-Cook Lunches Under 400 Calories

lunch lead
Pb & J on whole wheat every day was cool in third grade, but I need a little more variety in my lunch these days. I could go out to HipCityVeg and Honeygrow every day, but that would put a strain on my wallet. And honestly, I don’t have the time or resolve to cook my own lunch every single day. But as I recently discovered, you don’t need an oven and a ton of elbow grease to prepare healthy, tasty, not boring lunches. That’s where these recipes come in.

These 20 recipes should take you through the next month of work lunches, and not a single one of them involves cooking. And because most meats need to be cooked, most of these recipes are vegetarian-friendly. Better yet? They’re all under 400 calories, nutritious, and satisfying, so you and your waistline can relax until dinnertime.

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