Rich Landau Opening a Fast-Casual concept

V Street will take over the EYEsite building on 18th Street.

V Street will take over the EYEsite building on 18th Street | Photo by Arthur Etchells

A liquor license application in the window of V Street shows that Rich Landau’s vegan empire is expanding next door. The building is the current home of EYESite, which is moving around the corner to 17th Street.

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7 Frozen Vegan Treats in Philly to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer



It is hot out there, people. And if you are dreaming of dumping your face in a bucket of ice, only to come up for air and find an ice cream cone in front of your face, ready for the taking, you are not alone. The problem: If you steer clear of dairy, tracking down a sweet frozen treat to satisfy your ice-cream cravings can be a little tricky.

So, to help you figure out where to head to snag a frozen vegan treat to cool you down, we’ve rounded up seven (that’s one for every day of the week—we won’t judge if you knock ’em all out in one week, either) of our favorite frozen vegan sweet treats around town — from ice cream to banana whips to smoothies — to have on your bucket list. We say you start crossing ’em off the list today.

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Dear Internet: Stop Trying to Make Carrot Hot Dogs Happen (Please!)

I don’t eat meat so, naturally, I am usually all about an innovative, veggie-filled creation designed to make summer BBQs a little less miserable for the vegetarians and vegans of the world. That said, the invention of the carrot hot dog is one I simply can’t get on board with.

I first spotted a carrot hot dog — literally just a marinated whole carrot that is cooked and then stuffed into a a bun and called a “hot dog” — a few weeks ago on Instagram. I thought to myself, “Ew. Dumb. Why?” and went on with my day, figuring everyone else in the world agreed. After all, what could possibly be good about a cooked carrot enveloped in bread and topped with mustard and ketchup? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Just because one food is kind of shaped like another does not mean we should try to disguise it as such, right?

I figured this sighting of a carrot hot dog on the internet would be a one-time occurrence. But, no: In the past few weeks, I’ve seen them everywhere — infiltrating my Pinterest feed, nestled into vegetarian BBQ recipe roundups, being Instagrammed by my favorite food blogger (Noooooooo). So I feel like I have to say what I never thought I would ever have to say: Dear Internet, please stop trying to make carrot hot dogs happen. Read more »

Pizza Shop With Organic Focus Coming to Fishtown 

SliCE Pizza | Photo via Facebook

SliCE Pizza | Photo via Facebook

The owners of SliCE, the Trenton-style pizza joint with locations in South Philly, Rittenhouse and South Jersey, just announced that they’ll be opening the doors to a fourth location in Fishtown in August. And get this: This location will be the first of SliCE’s shops with an organic concept. Owners Marlo and Jason Dilks say just about everything at the new location will be made with organic ingredients (any ingredients that aren’t organic will be labeled), and the rest of their locations will follow suit starting at the end of the year.
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Why This Vegan Columnist Predicts Pat’s Will Soon Have a Vegan Cheesesteak

v for veg lead

V for Veg | Photo courtesy Vance Lehmkuhl

You might know Vance Lehmkuhl from his vegan column “V for Veg” in the Philadelphia Daily News, or maybe you’ve spotted him giving a drool-inducing food description in one of our vegan-centric “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly” features. Wherever you know him from, we’re guessing you know he is quite the authority on the vegan food scene in Philly. To wit: He just released a book all about it, “V for Veg: The Best of Philly’s Vegan Food Column,” a compilation of his columns from the Daily News, essays, vegan-movie reviews, and more.

Below, we asked Lehmkuhl to tell us what his all-time favorite vegan dish in Philly is, where he thinks the vegan food scene in Philly will be in a few years (Spoiler: He sees mainstream restaurants upping their vegan offerings and more vegan cheesesteaks making it onto menus, including — gasp! — at Pat’s King of Steaks), and what he wishes Philly’s vegan scene had more of. Check out his answers below, and if you’re hungry for more vegan reading, you can get your hands on Lehmkuhl’s book here or on Amazon. Read more »

The Checkup: How to Get Tons of Protein Into Your Diet — Without Eating Meat

• As a human who doesn’t eat meat, I get this question from friends, coworkers and near-strangers often: “I’m thinking of giving up meat. But HOW will I get protein??????” Fear-filled eyes are a given. Well, here, friends: 20 ways to get tons of protein into your dietwithout eating meat. (Tip: Add hemp seeds to the list and you’ve got 21 ways!) [Runner’s World] Read more »

What’s Going on With Gangster Vegan Organics? A Lot, Actually 

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Yesterday, West Philly Local noted that the location that, back in October, was announced as a new storefront for Gangster Vegan Organics, a Norristown-based shop all about plant-based food and juice, seemed to available to lease now. Meaning … no more Gangster Vegan planned for 4305 Locust Street?

We reached out to Gangster Vegan owner Vinny DePaul to see what was going on with the West Philly location and we found out that, one, he’s still planning on setting up shop in West Philly  — just not on Locust Street — and two, there’s a whole lot more in the works for Gangster Vegan this year, too. Read more »

My Top Five: Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Philly

Miss Rachel's Macaroni and Cheese | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Miss Rachel’s Macaroni and Cheese | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Vegan friends, rejoice: Just in time for the weekend, Erin Jaskiewicz, one half of the duo behind the drool-inducing Philly Vegans Instagram, is dishing on her favorite vegan restaurants around town. And with over 700 vegan-food-related Instagram posts from spots around Philly, this gal knows what she’s talking about. Read up, pick a restaurant and consider your weekend dinner plans made. Read more »

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