Brains Behind Feast Pop-Up Dinners Now Offering BYOB Cooking Classes

Finding drool-worthy healthy food can be hard; making your own drool-worthy healthy food can be even harder. But sometimes all we want to do is make our own plant-packed pizzas — and have them look just as good as the versions on Pinterest.

Back in January, we told you guys all about Feast, a seasonal vegan supper club put on by local health coach Jessica Baumgardner that offers three-course plant-based pop-up dinners at Animo. And now, the nutrition and culinary experts behind Feast are helping to make your Pinterest-worthy homemade dinner dreams come true: Starting October 6th, Baumgardner and her partner, Jen Clark, will be offering pop-up healthy cooking classes at Bella Vista’s Function Coffee Labs, with the first class focusing on plant-based proteins.

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The Checkup: Starbucks Hacks to Healthify Your Pumpkin Spice Latte Order 

• We agree: It’s WAY too early to be talking about pumpkin spice lattes. But that doesn’t change the fact that Starbucks has declared it is, in fact, already pumpkin spice latte season. If you can’t resist the fall concoction, take note of these five hacks — like opting for a pumpkin spice cappuccino instead of a latte — to healthify your seasonal addiction. [Shape]

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Wiz Kid: Rich Landau’s Fast-Casual Vegan Eatery

Not a rendering of what Wiz Kid will look like.

Not a rendering of what Wiz Kid will look like | Mad Photoshop skillz by Arthur Etchells

Rich Landau of Vedge and V Street fame touches base with an update on his fast-casual concept that he has plans to open next door to V Street on 19th Street. The former EyeSite will open as Wiz Kid this holiday season. Landau is promising a “chef-driven” fast-casual concept with a focused menu and a “beverage program built to match.”

The menu will include sandwiches like the namesake Wiz Kid, a mushroom steak sandwich topped with long hots and rutabaga wiz and the KFT (Korean fried tempeh). In addition to the sandwiches there will be multiple takes on fries, ice cream and more.

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Calling All Philly Vegans: Here Are Your Sunday Plans 

The time has come, vegan friends: This Sunday, the first-ever Sustainable Everyday Edibles and Drinkables Fest (S.E.E.D. for short), is taking over the new event space at SugarHouse Casino and loading it with tons of vegan food, beer and drink samples, along with a vegan-friendly marketplace.

Meaning: The first full-blown Philly food and drink festival where you don’t have to ask “Is this vegan?” at every single table you dare to take a sample from is going down this weekend. Say it with us: Hallelujah!

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10 Awesome Local Vegan Instagrammers You Should Be Following

plant-based bloggers
Let’s be honest: Sometimes we all need a little extra push to get our daily doses of fruits and veggies in. And in my experience, even just seeing pictures of healthy, nutrient-rich meals other people are fueling their bodies with inspires me to put the box of Kraft back in the cupboard and whip out the arugula and avocado, instead. And the best source of veggie and fruit-filled food porn? The vegans of Instagram, of course. These Instagrammers have the magical ability to make mouths water with photos of smoothies and kale salad. Really.

So, to help you start putting your social media addiction to good (and healthy) use, we rounded up 10 Philly-based vegan Instagrammers who you should be following. These 10 accounts will have you ditching pizza for avocado rose-topped zoodles in no time flat.  Read more »

The Checkup: The One Mistake You’re Making Every Time You Cut Watermelon

• If you’ve been throwing away watermelon rinds after you dice up the flesh, you’re doing it all wrong. Apparently, the rind is loaded with fiber and potassium along with citrulline, an amino acid that helps to produce the amino acid arginine, which works all sorts of wonders in your body. So go ahead and pickle that watermelon rind and chow down, friends! [Eat Clean]

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