P.S. & Co. Launches Vegan, Gluten-Free BYOB Pizza Fridays Tonight 

P.S. & Co.'s mushroom french bread pizza | Photo via Instagram

P.S. & Co.’s mushroom French bread pizza | Photo via Instagram

What’s better on a gloomy Friday evening than a piping hot slice of pizza? Nothing. The answer is nothing. And the folks at P.S. & Co., are making that very easy to find for the vegan, gluten-free folks of the world: Starting tonight, the all-organic, vegan, gluten-free Rittenhouse eatery will be hosting BYOB Pizza Fridays from 4 to 8 p.m., offering a slew of pizzas along with cold-pressed juice mixers. Read more »

Ice Cream for All: Ben & Jerry’s Announces 4 Vegan Ice Cream Flavors 

Ben & Jerry's non-dairy Chunky Monkey | Image courtesy Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy Chunky Monkey | Image courtesy Ben & Jerry’s

Back in October of 2014, we told you guys about a Change.org petition begging Ben & Jerry’s to please, please, pretty please start churning out some non-dairy ice creams. And now, 28,000 signatures later, TIME reports that Ben & Jerry’s will be bringing four vegan ice cream flavors to the masses starting this month. Read more »

The Magic of Miss Rachel’s Pantry: The Vegan Dinner I Haven’t Stopped Thinking About for Months

The communal table at Miss Rachel's Pantry | Photo via Facebook

The communal table at Miss Rachel’s Pantry | Photo via Facebook

If I’ve seemed at all distracted for the past couple months, that’s because I have been — by mushroom bacon. Mushroom bacon bits, actually. On a Saturday night back in December, I sat down to dinner at the 12-person table at South Philly vegan eatery Miss Rachel’s Pantry, and she served up some vegan scallops — king oyster mushrooms cut about one-inch thick and cooked, magically, in a way that imitated the texture of scallops — topped with mushroom bacon bits. My friend — the kind of person who orders a side of sausage and mac and cheese at Honey’s at 10 in the morning on a Sunday, i.e. someone who wouldn’t rank vegan food as high on her priorities list — exclaimed, and I quote, “This actually tastes just like bacon. ACTUALLY.” I haven’t stopped thinking about that mushroom bacon since. Read more »

Vegans, Rejoice: Dottie’s Donuts Opening West Philly Shop Next Month

Dottie's Donuts

Dottie’s Donuts

Pretty much every single time we’ve asked vegans around Philly what their favorite Philly eats are in our “Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly” series, Dottie’s Donuts has landed on the list. For the past two-ish years, the vegan donut company, helmed by Jeff Poleon and Matt Quinn, has been distributing their creative concoctions (think flavors like matcha-pistachio and s’mores, plus classics like chocolate-glazed with sprinkles) to coffee shops and cafes around the city. But come February, you’ll be able to pop into their very own shop at 4531 Springfield Avenue in West Philly and grab a dozen donuts straight from the source. Read more »

This Is the Local Vegan Milkman Almond Milk Addicts Are Freaking Out About

origin almond

“The first day I opened at the Collingswood farmers’ market, I was like, Oh lord, please let someone buy a bottle of this almond milk besides my mom,” Jake Deleon, owner of the newly founded, South Jersey-based almond milk company Origin Almond tells me. That was this past Halloween, and turns out all that worrying was totally unnecessary: He sold out of his freshly made almond milks — they come in four flavors: Original, Matcha Green Tea, Golden Turmeric and Dark Cacao — that first day, and when he got to the farmers’ market the next week, there was a line of thirsty folks waiting for him.

So, why are people freaking out about this almond milk? Well, for one, it tastes really good (more on that later); two, it’s free of the the long list of ingredients involved in most almond milks you find at the grocery store, including thickening agents; and three, Deleon delivers — usually just a few hours after bottling the almond milk he’s bringing you. As he says, “I’m like the modern-day vegan milkman.” Read more »

The Protein-Packed One-Pot Recipe That Saves Me Every Winter

Red Lentil Spinach Masala | Note: Sometimes the ugliest foods are the most delicious

Red Lentil Spinach Masala | Note: Sometimes the ugliest foods are the most delicious

Lentils: The word doesn’t exactly inspire excited belly rubs or jumps for joy — and they don’t photograph very well, either (see evidence above). And due to the not-so-pretty, not-so-drool-worthy nature of the legume, I used to think lentils were solely designed to be had as a mushy meal by infants and senior citizens. But three years ago, when I was in a culinary-experimentation phase, I tried making an Indian-inspired lentil recipe — Red Lentil Spinach Masala, to be exact — and ever since that day, I’ve kept my pantry stocked with the ingredients for the recipe at all times. It is the equivalent of hot chocolate on a cold winter day and it tastes so freakin’ good — plus it’s healthy! Read more »

New Seasonal Vegan Supper Club Coming to Center City

You know when you make plans to go to a dinner party and the person hosting asks “Any dietary restrictions?” and then you ask yourself: Do I email them back and say “Yes, actually: No dairy, no gluten and no soy, if possible. xoxo ” and pray they don’t murder you? Or do you keep your mouth shut so you don’t get crossed off their dinner-party invite list forever? If you are vegan or gluten-free, you’ve probably found yourself hovering over your keyboard wondering whether to type away or keep mum, but a new vegan and gluten-free supper club coming to Center City, delightfully dubbed the Feast, lets you have your dinner-party fun minus the awkward “I can’t eat this. Or that.” conversation. Hallelujah! Read more »

V Street Opening for Christmas Eve Brunch

Special Christmas Eve brunch at V Street.

Special Christmas Eve brunch at V Street.

Looking for some sustenance before one last crazy day of shopping or just looking to celebrate being done work for a bit, V Street’s brunch will be available on Christmas Eve.

Rich Landau’s Rittenhouse bar (and #12 restaurant in Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best list)  is offering a special vegan menu and boozy holiday drink specials plus egg nog soft serve.

Read more »

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