Why This Longtime Pharmacist Made the Jump to the Juice Business

Doc Bakers Farmulations juice | Photo via Instagram

Doc Bakers Farmulations juice | Photo via Instagram

One of Doc Bakers Farmulations’ popular juices around this time of year is the pollenSHIELD, made with organic mango, orange, blueberry, cherry and raspberry. Why is it called the pollenSHIELD, you ask? Well, as Angelo Greco, owner and juicer at the Doylestown juice and plant-based food spot, explains, all of these fruits help to lower histamine levels in the body. “If you’re exposed to something that gives you a histamine response, there’s a threshold where you’ll begin to sneeze and so on,” he says. So, the idea is, ingesting these foods that lower your histamine levels lowers the chances of you reaching that threshold when you step outside your door and are confronted with a pollen-filled breeze.

And good news for everyone who is rubbing their eyes as we speak: The shop, which has been open since 2013, recently began delivering their concoctions to Philly. Read more »

Bummer: Philly VegFest Isn’t Happening This Year (But It’s Not All Bad News)

Philly VegFest 2015 | Photo via Facebook

Philly VegFest 2015 | Photo via Facebook

For the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering when Philly VegFest would announce the date for this year’s festival. After all, Be Well Philly readers are always VERY excited to know when the full day of all-vegan everything — with food, shopping and music — is going to go down. And then, last week, I saw some sad news: Philly VegFest posted a note on their Facebook page saying the event would not be happening this year. Womp, womp. See the note below.
Read more »

It’s A Vegan Mac And Cheese Mac-Down

Get the recipe

Over on Be Well Philly, our healthy compatriots are getting excited over a vegan mac-and-cheese smack-down that’s going to be happening on May 1st in University City. Three things about this are exciting.

Thing 1) The competition is allowing both amateurs and professionals to enter.

Thing 2) If you don’t want to put your own mac-and-cheese up for judgement, you can just show up to the event and eat all the mac-and-cheese you can hold.

Thing 3) Seeing that it’s VEGAN mac-and-cheese, you’re going to see some interesting interpretations because competitors won’t be able to simply depend on making something gooey and cheesy and then throwing some lobster in it in order to win.

Anyway, Be Well has all the details. So you should get over there and check it out. Which you can do by clicking on the link below.

There’s A Vegan Mac And Cheese Contest Happening In Philly Next Month [Be Well Philly]

There’s a Vegan Mac and Cheese Contest Happening in Philly Next Month

You know what heaven looks like? A room filled with vats of mac and cheese. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Rotunda in University City on Sunday, May 1st. Table after table of of vegan mac and cheese, that is.

Here’s the deal: Carlo Giardina and Carmella Lanni, the husband-and-wife duo behind online vegan shop V Marks the Shop, are hosting the Philly MAC-Down, a contest where home cooks and kitchen pros alike will put their vegan mac and cheese in the running to be named the best vegan mac and cheese in Philly. And if you don’t want to join in the cooking, not to worry, you can still get involved by eating your face off. Read more »

There’s a Very Unexpected Pair Putting on a Pop-Up Vegan Lunch This Weekend

Vegan Cheesesteak by Christina Pirello | Photo by Jason Bleecher

Vegan Cheesesteak by Christina Pirello | Photo by Jason Bleecher

Well, here’s an unexpected pair: Local vegan chef Christina Pirello of Christina Cooks is teaming up with Frank Olivieri, owner of Pat’s King of Steaks, for a Spring Feast vegan pop-up lunch at South Philly’s Caffe Valentino this Sunday, April 3rd. And yes, there will be vegan cheesesteaks. Read more »

The Checkup: Why Hearing This While You Eat Could Mean Good Things for Your Waistline

• There is nothing worse than sitting on the train into work and listening to a stranger chew every last bite of their on-the-go breakfast. That said, hearing yourself chew might be a good thing — at least for your waistline. A new study found that people who could hear themselves chew while eating ended up eating less than those who listened to loud music while eating. So next time you have a sad desk lunch, try doing so sans your usual lunchtime podcast. [TIME] Read more »

5 Philly Happy Hours Healthy Eaters Need to Know About 

Edamame Dumplings at Double Knot | Photo via Instagram

Edamame Dumplings at Double Knot | Photo via Instagram

It happens: You leave work, head to happy hour with your work crew, down a cocktail or two and, soon enough, find yourself elbow-deep in a plate of nachos — extra cheese. But if you’ve become the kind of person who completely avoids happy hour for fear of totally derailing your healthy-eating plans, we’ve got good news: You don’t have to. Really!

We’ve tracked down a handful of spots around Philly that sling cheap grub during happy hour that won’t leave you crying “What have I doooooone?” as you stumble to the El come 7 p.m. Check them out below. Read more »

P.S. & Co. Rolls Out Weekly Lineup of Themed BYOB Dinners

Pizza at P.S. and Co. | Photo via Instagram

Pizza at P.S. and Co. | Photo via Instagram

P.S. & Co. is getting in on the dinner game in a big way: A few weeks ago, they debuted their BYOB Pizza Fridays, and this week they’re adding to that with three more days of themed dinners each week, including Ramen and Dumplings Wednesdays (a little clunky, I know — but yum!), Taco Thursdays, and Burgers and Shakes Saturdays. As always, all of the food involved in the dinners will be organic, gluten-free and vegan. And a bonus: The menus will be kid-friendly. Read more »

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