Gangster Vegan Organics Is Coming to University City

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Fact: The juice world is full of creative product names. Because let’s be honest, juiced carrots aren’t going to sell themselves. But Gangster Vegan Organics, helmed by Vince DePaul, might just have the best juice names in the game. Think: Illmatic, Flava in Ya Ear, Soul 4 Real, Funkdafied and many more. There’s something about those names that just makes you want to down liquified kale, am I right? And soon, those cleverly named juices and smoothies will be making their way to University City. Read more »

The Checkup: How to Avoid Stained Teeth from Coffee and Wine



• It seems just about everything good stains your teeth: wine (red and white!), your morning coffee — even tea! But there are some things you can do (that don’t involve $30 at-home whitening strips) to keep your pearly whites as pearly as possible while still enjoying your favorite foods and drinks. Think: chasing wine with whitening foods like apples and celery, brushing with baking soda and more. [Prevention]

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Meet a Health Hero: Lia Belardo

Lia Belardo

Lia Belardo

» You can vote for Lia here September 22nd through 28th. Mark your calendar! 

Name: Lia Belardo

Role: Leader of the Team Humane League Meatless Monday Running Crew

Who or what motivates you to be healthy?
Being healthy is more than just waking up and going for a run. To me, it’s about being kind to myself and my body. I view my health as a gift that must be tended to, and while I know that I am so fortunate to have the ability to push myself, I also know that it’s my will that fuels the fire.  Read more »

What Vegan Pizza Actually Tastes Like (According to a Non-Vegan)

Vegan pizza from Blackbird Pizzeria — the Haymaker Pizza on the left and Nacho Pizza on the right.

Vegan pizza from Blackbird Pizzeria — the Haymaker Pizza on the left and Nacho Pizza on the right.

About a month into my maternity leave this summer, I learned the hard way that my son, Noah, can’t tolerate dairy. Our first indicator: I ate ice cream, breastfed him a couple of hours later, and then my husband and I spent the entire ensuing night dealing with an inconsolable kid, whose stomach was hard as a rock and was clearly in a boatload of pain. The doctor confirmed the allergy a week later. Whoopsie.

So I haven’t had a lick of dairy since. All in all, the dietary switch hasn’t been too challenging — I’m using soy creamer in my coffee (thank God he can deal with soy) and Earth Balance vegan butter in cooking and baking — but I have missed a few things. Top of the list, of course, is pizza. Sausage pizza, if I’m being perfectly honest.  Read more »

$8 Pizzas All Day at Bufad: Meatless Mid-Week on Wednesday


Meatless Mid-Week: Pizza topped with eggplant, basil, pine nuts, and raisins.

Tuesday isn’t just about tacos. Bufad offers $8 margherita pizzas all day on Tuesdays. And that deal is available whether you eat-in or get your pizzas to go.

But Tuesday isn’t the only day that Bufad offers something special. On Wednesdays, the 13th and Spring Garden Street pizza spot is offering Meatless Midweek. For $35 a couple, you get a four-course dinner to share.

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Nicole Marquis’s New Rittenhouse Spot Will Have You Dreaming of Vegan Tacos

bar bonbon
About an hour ago, a coworker and I were about to duck into HipCityVeg for a quick grab-and-go lunch (clearly I’ve lapsed back into my old, embarrassing ways) when we saw that Nicole Marquis’s new sit-down Rittenhouse eatery, Bar Bombón, located just a few feet away from HipCityVeg, was officially open. And of course, in the name of work, I had to try it. Spoiler alert: This new place might just cure me of my HipCityVeg addiction once and for all.  Read more »

Bar Bombon Has An Opening Date And Menu

BarBombonspaceOnce upon a time, the space pictured at left was going to be a Latin-themed vegan joint from Nicole Marquis (HipCityVeg, Charlie Was A Sinner) called JoseJose. We’d already been tracking the opening for a long time when word came down that the name was going to be Bar Bombon and that the inspiration was going to be a bit wider–a little Spanish, a little Puerto Rican, a bit of straight-up Mexican. Because this was Nicole Marquis, it was obviously still going to be vegan, but it wasn’t until this afternoon that we got much in the way of specific details.

Now we can tell you that Bar Bombon (which will still be opening in the former Crumbs space at 133 S. 18th Street) has a date. It’s switching on the lights officially on Monday, August 24. And what’s more, we have a full menu.

Check it out after the jump.

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