#UrbanOutfittersBeLike is Publicly Shaming High Prices

Poor Urban Outfitters...

Poor Urban Outfitters…

Urban Outfitters is feeling the heat on Twitter over high prices. Armed with #UrbanOutfittersBeLike, people are berating the Philly-based retail giant over high prices.

It’s hardly the first time the Twitterverse has turned on Urban, which has long been the subject of ridicule for its offensive items — like the bloody Kent State sweatshirt, the Depression T-shirt or the Ghettopoly board game. The backlash seemed to have started when @wholeyattamoney tweeted this about Urban Outfitters’ $8 hair ties. Read more »

The 6 Most Ridiculous Things in Free People’s Home Collection (Including a $68 Stick)


These sticks are for sale. | Free People.

Every summer, my style veers off into bohemia, probably the last vestiges of my semi-hippie college self. It’s when I wear the two Free People items of clothing I own — a high-neck, sheer wisp of a dress and a lacy slip I layer with everything. But even though I can appreciate the store’s dreamy, summer-perfect clothes, I cannot forgive them their absolutely insane home collection, which seems like a huge joke they’re playing on us, laughing in their Navy Yard offices while we spend $28 on a bag of nails. Here are the six most ridiculous items in their decor lineup.  Read more »

Vetri Looking to Expand to Devon and Beyond

pizzeria-vetri-940It’s been clear since the get go that Marc Vetri, Jeff Benjamin and the rest of the Vetri Family team planned to expand their Pizzeria Vetri concept beyond Philadelphia. And now through their connections with Urban Outfitters, they’ve locked up their first out-of-market location. Benjamin tells Danya Heninger for Billy Penn that the Pizzeria Vetri will be opening next to an Austin Urban Outfitters.

Closer to home, Vetri’s restaurants could become part of Urban Outfitters’ lifestyle village in Devon. That project is slated to include an Urban Outfitters store plus a Terrain and Anthropologie, as well as 138-unit apartment building and restaurants. Though the deal isn’t finalized, Benjamin tells Heninger that there will likely be more than one Vetri Family restaurant in the Devon Yard project.

Pizzeria Vetri reveals big expansion: With Urban Outfitters’ help, to Austin and beyond [Billy Penn]
Pizzeria Vetri [Foobooz]

Retail News: Urban Outfitters “Lifestyle Village” Project is Revived

An artist's rendering of preliminary plans for Urban Outfitters' $100 million Devon Yard complex, as viewed from the northeast. (Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

A 2013 rendering of URBN’s plans for the Devon Yard complex. | Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Remember that Devon Yard project, URBN’s cool-kid answer to the strip mall? A brief run-down: Urban Outfitters’ parent company announced it was building a $100 million complex, complete with Terrain and Anthropologie outposts, restaurants, some sort of wellness facility, a boutique hotel and a specialty food market. Everyone got very excited and then … silence.

Finally, though, we’re seeing some signs of life on that “lifestyle village.” Last week, our sister blog Property reported that the project’s developers have sought a zoning code amendment, which is a small but crucial step in getting Devon Yard off the ground. Go here to see the plans for the village. (A note: The plans includes apartments, in case you’ve ever wanted to actually live inside Terrain/Anthro).

Urban Outfitters’ ‘Lifestyle Village’ in Devon Could Take First Step Forward

An artist's rendering of preliminary plans for Urban Outfitters' $100 million Devon Yard complex, as viewed from the northeast. (Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

From 2013: An artist’s rendering of preliminary plans for Urban Outfitters’ $100 million Devon Yard complex, as viewed from the northeast. (Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

It looks like a big-time project in the ‘burbs will soon be awakened from its slumber. Developers Waterloo Devon L.P. (an Eli Kahn company), along with Urban Outfitters (URBN) and Anthropologie, will head before the Easttown Township Planning Commission to seek a recommendation for an amendment to the zoning code that would ultimately allow the Devon Yard project to move forward under a special Overlay District on the site at Lancaster Avenue and Devon Boulevard. The public meeting will be held on April 27 at 7 p.m. at the Hilltop House, 570 Beaumont Road, Devon.

Back in 2013, the development team announced a lifestyle village what would include retail, another garden center, multiple restaurants and a boutique hotel called the Devon Inn, the “driver” of the community. Until recently, those plans haven’t really gone anywhere, but they have appeared to have changed a bit. Read more »

Urban Outfitters Is Pissing Everybody Off, and That’s Just How They Like It


Does it pay to be the bad guy?

Urban Outfitters has been courting controversy for years. It’s part of their schtick — they stride the line between a raised eyebrow and a raised fist with aplomb. As soon as they sink back into the usual thrum of retail, they claw back into the limelight with another poorly (or brilliantly?) conceived product. Hey, any publicity is good publicity, right? Read more »

Urban Outfitters in Trouble for Selling Tapestry Resembling Holocaust Suit Worn By Gay Prisoners

Are you serious, Urban Outfitters? After being called out numerous times for selling merchandise that has offended everyone from the depressed to those victims of school shootings, the clothing retailer has struck again. This time it’s under fire for selling a tapestry that resembles the jumpsuit worn by gay Holocaust prisoners. I’m talking the stripes and the upside-down pink triangle—the whole shebang.

The Business Insider was all over the news:

Read more »

Urban Outfitters Offends More People With Racist Holiday Party

Just when you think, okay, they’ve finally learned their lesson, after the Kent State sweatshirt debacle, and the prescription bottle shot glass, and that ‘Depression’ tee, the corporate office throws a holiday party and invites staffers to wear, in no particular order: turbans, saris, kurtas, juttis and harem pants. Sigh.

Read more.

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