7 Presents Philadelphia Should’ve Given Pope Francis

Can you believe the mayor of Philadelphia went to the Vatican and gave the Pope a freaking football jersey?

Pope Francis actually got jerseys of six Philadelphia sports teams: The four major sports, a Union jersey — which is at least a sport that’s popular in both Italy and the former Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s native Argentina — and the St. Joe’s Prep football jersey above. Yes, the Pope now owns a Phillies jersey; he can dress like Macklemore.

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Giant Union Rat Makes Debut at Suzanne Roberts Theatre [UPDATED]

The inflatable union rat has reared its ugly head again. This time, the rat is standing (well wobbling, really) at the corner of Broad and Lombard streets in front of Suzanne Roberts Theatre, home to Philadelphia Theatre Company, which was supposed to sneak preview its new Martin Luther King-based show The Mountaintop tonight. Except that’s not going to happen. (Note that tickets to the official opening next Wednesday are priced at $59.) Read more »

The Truth About LGBT Union Rights

Tina Owen is a public employee and a lesbian mother of two. Like many workers in America, Owen is worried about what changes she could face when it comes to her rights in the workplace. “With the new changes that are coming out because of Act 10 next year,” she says, “I’m expecting to pay another 400 dollars a month in pension and healthcare benefits, and I’m terrified.”

In the Life is taking a look at LGBT labor rights in a new feature that travels to the heartland to find out about the relationship between unions and the LGBT community, and how the believers in reparative therapy are trying to “pray the gay away.”

Do the issues go hand in hand?

“A clinic that believes that homosexuality is a sin and can be changed is engaging in culture war practices, they’re not really doing therapy,” says Dr. Jack Dreschner, president of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. “They’re just living according to a philosophy that ignores science, that ignores the reality of homosexuality.”

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