PHOTOS: Kurt Vile Comes Home for Chill Set at Union Transfer

Kurt Vile

Every time Fishtown-based rocker Kurt Vile makes the trek back to his home city (technically he’s from Lansdowne, but whatever. Close enough.) it’s a special event. But last night, Vile brought fellow local rock act Waxahatchee with him to the Union Transfer, creating a powerful one-two punch of Philadelphia indie rock and roll.

The night began with Nashville-based acoustic singer Luke Roberts. But it wasn’t until Waxahatchee and lead singer Katie Crutchfield‘s arrival that the Union Transfer really began to fill up. The set was well-received, as the band’s electric, groovy sound was an excellent prequel to Kurt Vile and the Violators’ dreamy set.

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Satantic Rock Band Ghost on Getting Postponed By “Frankie”

Courtesy of BB Gun Press

Courtesy of BB Gun Press

Move over, Francis—there’s another Papa headed to town. One of the more bizarre subplots surrounding the papal visit involves the costumed Swedish rockers Ghost, who were forced to move their scheduled concert at Union Transfer from tonight to this Tuesday. That didn’t sit well with the band, whose skull-faced frontman, Papa Emeritus III, dresses in black pontiff robes and sings tunes with titles like “Satan Prayer” and “Deus In Absentia.” One of Ghost’s guitarists—a Nameless Ghoul, as each masked instrumentalist is known—called from their gig in Pittsburgh to discuss (in an exceedingly polite manner) how their live show is like mass, his love of certain Philly institutions, and a most unholy competition between the band and “Frankie.”

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REVIEW: FIDLAR at Union Transfer

FIDLAR at Union Transfer

FIDLAR frontman Zac Carper.

There’s something not very surprising about the fact that FIDLAR frontman Zac Carper chose sobriety to be the common theme from FIDLAR’s sophomore album, Too. Anybody who’s taken a gander at some of the lyrics from their first album knows the band has – or at least had – a fondness for drugs. There’s easily at least 15 examples I could choose from throughout the album (probably more), but the following lyrics from “No Waves” seem to sum it up best:

I feel, feel like a cokehead I feel, feel like I can’t get drunk no more Cause I’m on the floor Looking for some matches just to cook up a score I feel, feel like shooting up I feel, feel like giving up on my skateboard Cause I’m fucking bored I wanna perfect left down a sunset shore

I feel, feel like a crackhead I feel, feel like I’m not gonna make it no more Cause I’m on the floor Just pick me up and give me some more

Yeah, it sounds like somebody does too many drugs.

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FIDLAR at Union Transfer is #OpenInPHL

Photo courtesy of BB Gun Press.

Photo courtesy of BB Gun Press.

The last time FIDLAR plowed through Philly was in May, when they were the penultimate act of a co-headlining tour with fellow punk rockers Metz at Union Transfer. The result? Absolute chaos. Everything about the night was the embodiment of an old-school punk show, complete with mosh pits, crowd surfing, jean jackets and spilled beer. Since that time, FIDLAR’s released their sophomore album, Too, unleashing an EP’s worth of songs to dance to—almost all of which are about lead singer and songwriter Zac Carper’s rehab and newfound sobriety, including lead single “40oz on Repeat.”

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7 Shows to See in Philly This Week

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def Coming to Union Transfer for Summer Recess Concert [CANCELLED]

Photo from Facebook.

Photo from Facebook.

UPDATE: [7/6/2015, 11:30 am]: We received a message from the organizers of the show saying that, “due to circumstances beyond Little Giant Creative’s control, the Summer Recess concert has been cancelled. Ticket holders will be given a full refund.]

Yasiin Bey, the MC formerly known as Mos Def, is coming to Union Transfer on July 25th for the first-ever Summer Recess concert organized by Little Giant Creative (LGC). Bey will be joined by North Philly native Freeway in a rare concert appearance that aims to “bring together an eclectic audience of rap aficionados and hip-hop lovers of all ages and backgrounds.” Read more »

Father John Misty April-Fooled the Audience at Union Transfer Last Night


“Are you ready for Father John Misty? He’s gonna make sweet love to your head. Your ears, I mean, and he’s not gonna stop. For at least two hours.” —opening act King Tuff

Striding on stage as a lurid neon script spelling out ‘No Photography’ flickers to life, Father John Misty seizes his microphone like a starving man after the last loaf of bread on earth. Everything about him is magnetized, engaged; he is aflame singing the opening and title track of his most recent album, I Love You, Honey Bear, swinging the microphone stand.

At the end of the song the front row, all male, all under 25, clap deliriously and snap photos. Thanking the audience for a great night and bidding us safe return home, Father John and his band leave the stage. The same techs who set up the guitars and tested all of the mics return, unplugging gear and ripping up a set list from the stage, handing it to a kid in the front row.

Set List

  1. I Love You, Honey Bear

April Fool complete, the band return to the stage and attack.

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PHOTOS: Sleater-Kinney at Union Transfer

sleater-kinney union transfer philadelphia

It’s been 8 years, 7 months and 28 days since Sleater-Kinney played in Philadelphia. I was really lucky to be in the audience on July 31, 2006 at the old Starlight Ballroom because there were only three more shows left on their goodbye tour. Original riot-grrrls Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss called it quits after the release of their seventh and critically acclaimed album, The Woods, shocking the music industry and their deeply loyal fans. When these rockers get together, it’s like lightening in a bottle.

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GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to Dan Savage’s Amateur Porn Festival HUMP!

dan savage hump film festival

“Savage Love” columnist and outspoken LGBT advocate Dan Savage is bringing his dirty movie tour, HUMP!, to Philadelphia for the very first time this weekend. The film series includes 17 risqué flicks made by everyday folks from the Northwest who were challenged to “become temporary, weekend porn stars by making their very own five-minute dirty movies.”

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Dan Savage Bringing Amateur Porn Film Festival to Philly in February


Since QFest went kaput, we’ve had little opportunity to sit in a movie theater with hundreds of strangers to watch films with titles like Beethoven’s Stiff and Anal Alley, but your luck is about to change, my dirty-movie-loving friend.

“Savage Love” columnist and outspoken LGBT advocate Dan Savage is bringing his dirty movie tour, HUMP!, to Philadelphia for the very first time in February. The film series includes 17 risqué flicks made by everyday folks from the Northwest who were challenged to “become temporary, weekend porn stars by making their very own five-minute dirty movies.”

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