Phillies Unveil New Red Alternate Jerseys

Phillies - Red alternate jerseys - 2016

For the first time in years, the Phillies will wear red jerseys in the regular season.

The Phillies announced today that the jerseys, created by Majestic, will make six appearances during the 2016 season. They’ll make their debut on April 14th at Citizens Bank Park.

“We’re excited to bring a new, colorful look to Citizens Bank Park this year,” David Buck, the Phillies’ senior vice president of Marketing and Advertising Sales, said in a release. “We have great respect for the history of our uniform, so by going with a simple, classic design, we feel we’ve been able to balance a new look with our storied tradition.”

The Phillies will be wearing the red jerseys at their afternoon businesspersons specials this year; the other dates are Wednesday, May 18th; Wednesday, June 8th; Monday, June 20th; Wednesday, July 6th and Thursday, August 4th. Fans can began purchasing the new red jersey starting Friday. Read more »

Are These the New Sixers Jerseys?

There are many questions about the future of the Sixers. Which draft picks are they going to get in the lottery next week? If the Sixers get just one draft pick in the lottery — as is likely — will fans be upset? Who are they going to take in the draft? Will the team be any good next year or are we stuck with another year of awful basketball? Why won’t Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil say the name of the arena the team plays in? Did his family once lose its fortune in a Wells Fargo stagecoach robbery?

And, of course: What will the team’s new jerseys look like? The Sixers promise an actual announcement on June 18th at the Wells Fargo Center (or, as Scott O’Neil puts it, “the arena where we play”). But yesterday, Chris Creamer — of the famous-if-you’re-a-sports-dork — tweeted out images of the possible new Sixers jerseys. Or, at least, the words that are potentially on them.

The Sixers had previously teased new jerseys in February, hinting they’d be a mix of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s jerseys. Read more »

The Official Shoppist Style Ranking Of NFL Uniforms

We here at Shoppist are passionate about sports. This probably comes across in posts like this (it can be cold out there on the field!) and this. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that today, in honor of the Super Bowl which we hear is on Sunday, we compiled a complete ranking of all the teams in the NFL. We spent countless hours deliberating and, yes, sometimes it got heated. But after filtering each team through the same set of considerations (use of color, use of graphics, proper employment of metallics, font choice, neckline, helmet design, execution of figure-flattering design i.e. stripes on leg, and shoe choice) we are proud to present you with The Official Ranking Of Every Team Uniform In The NFL. (Also, if you’re a betting reader, you might want to take into consideration our number one choice. A good-looking uniform goes a long way. Just sayin’.)  Go team!



Eagles Switching To Kelly Green Uniforms? Not So Fast

The Eagles are aware of the petition (now with north of 9,000 supporters) to reinstate Kelly Green as the team’s official color, but there is very little they can do in the short term to make that a reality.

Changing uniforms in the NFL has become a lengthy and exhaustive process. According to the league offices, it essentially takes two years to make the switch once the request from the team is submitted. So if the Eagles today declared they wanted their primary uniforms to be Kelly Green, it wouldn’t actually come to pass until the 2015 season under the current policy.

The NFL does a lot of homework before giving its stamp of approval. They exchange design ideas with the team; test the uniform on the field, inspecting how it looks from every seat in the stadium (both indoors and out, at night and during the day), and how it looks on camera; they want to see how it would appear in stores, and get player feedback.

Would the old school uniforms play well enough for the new-school NFL to accept them as the Eagles’ official look? Who knows, but I’d guess NIKE (who took over for Reebok last year) would want to at least add its own touch.

How about alternate jerseys?

Teams are locked into their alternates for five years once they choose one, and my understanding is they are able to wear them twice a season for select games. The Eagles have been wearing the black alternates for longer than five years, therefor they can theoretically change it up. But that also needs to be submitted for approval, and takes time. If the Eagles have requested a change, they have yet to make it public.

You can work a throwback into the mix on occasion as well (the Eagles wore the Kelly Green unis in the opener against Green Bay in 2010, for example) but getting that special dispensation isn’t as easy as you might imagine.

Bottom line, I think the team would like to answer the fans and have the Kelly Greens in the mix, but it will be tough for them to do it immediately.

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