Billy Cavallo’s Andrew Christian Video Debuts

Billy Cavallo (far right) in Andrew Christian's latest video, "Candy Pop."

Billy Cavallo (far right) in Andrew Christian’s latest video, “Candy Pop.”

Last fall Gayborhood bartender Billy Cavallo won the national Most Original Stoli Guy competition, earning him, among other things, a spot in one of those sexy Andrew Christian videos. He went out to L.A. to record it in January, when he shared with us some behind-the-scenes shots of the shoot, and tonight the video finally debuts.

Watch the video below

GENIUS: Moving Online Underwear Models Will Change the Way You Shop For Undies

mark welcom moving underwear model

Mack Weldon has forever changed the way you’ll shop for underwear. “There simply had to be a better way,” the company says in its online bio. “The experience of buying underwear – from the pilgrimage to the department store, to the endless sea of ever-changing product – had to be fixed. A tattered mess of underwear and socks, and an ambitious goal to change the status quo, is why we created this brand.”

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Ben Cohen Gets Naked, Well, Almost

Ben Cohen plays rugby. He’s also straight – and he’s a big supporter of the LGBT community around the world. Recently, the hot jock took it all off to promote a new underwear line, with proceeds benefiting his Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, which is dedicated to beating homophobia and bullying.

“You have to get people’s attention, and also get people to listen, and that’s what we’re doing,” the sports star told the Huffington Post. “It’s important to remember that a lot of my fan base wasn’t here for a specific cause when we started. The pictures are all fun and they’re harmless. There’s nothing that I do that I wouldn’t show my kids. Everyone needs underwear, so why not attach it to a good cause?

Here’s what everyone’s talking about:

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