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We’ve talked about this before–our picks for the best hot dogs in Philly and the places you should really get to while summer is still in full swing. And while today might not exactly feel like a tube-meat kind of day (what with the rain and everything), the good folks from FYI Philly thought you could do with a reminder about the kitchens who take their wieners seriously (you see what I did there?).

Check out the video after the jump. And since we’re sure that the sun will be out again sometime soon, maybe you can make some advance lunch plans for later in the week.

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The Best Hot Dogs in Philly


Even before the warm weather started, we lost two of the city’s best hot-dog joints. (RIP, Hot Diggity and Moe’s Hot Dog House.) But while we may be a couple grills short this summer, don’t despair. Our hot-dog bench is deep in Philly, and here are six dogs to try while the sun is hot and the days are long.

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Six Pack: Top Picks for Hot Dogs in Philadelphia

Tuscan Tony from Paesano's

Tuscan Tony from Paesano’s

With last month’s surprising news that Hot Diggity closed on South Street and the most recent bummer about Moe’s Hot Dog House at Grays Ferry and Washington Avenue closing, we got to thinking about where else you can get a good hot dog in Philadelphia. Yes, you can get a hot dog at just about every street vendor, but we were thinking about hot dogs a step above.

Here is our list of some of the top hot dogs in Philadelphia.

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Celebrate Frank Furness, a Philadelphia Legend, at Local Restaurants

With that mustache, he’d fit right in in Fishtown

This year marks 100 years since the death of famous Philadelphia architect Frank Furness. Furness’ designs were bold and eccentric during his life, and have since become revered not only in Philadelphia, but wherever his designs were produced. He was greatly influenced by the industrial designers of his day, often combining materials in new ways and designing on a scale meant to dazzle and break with the norm. Other famous architects like Louis Sullivan, who studied under Furness, and Frank Lloyd Wright were strongly influenced by his designs. Many of his important buildings, like the University of Pennsylvania Fisher Library and Drexel’s Paul Peck Center, still stand throughout Philadelphia–some housing popular restaurants.

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Underdogs Headed For South Philly

Hot dogs in Philly? They’re totally a thing now–with dedicated shops opening around town and fancy-pants chefs adding them to their menus for a bit of the common touch. And all of this is great news because if there’s anything we love here at Foobooz World HQ, it’s being given the opportunity to make more wiener jokes.

But do you know what else is great? The news, courtesy of the Insider, that Underdogs–the 17th and Sansom gathering place for underground tubesteak enthusiasts–is making a fast expansion into South Philly. The new lease has been signed for a space at 1205 South 9th Street (just spitting distance from Pat’s and Geno’s), the menu will be the same, and the Underdogs crew is hoping for a September opening.

Underdogs [Official website]

All Underdogs news [Foobooz]

Tommy Amorim, We Salute You

Tommy Amorim is taking the center spot on the Wall of Fame at Underdogs. Amorim has eaten all 23 different hot dogs/sausages at Underdogs. Not bad, considering Underdogs opened just one month ago.

We know someone will now attempt to do this in one seating but please don’t, that’s gross.

Underdogs [Facebook]

Underdogs Goes Late

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of late-night hours, places to get hot dogs and stuff that happened over the weekend, Meal Ticket got word on Friday that Underdogs–the gourmet subterranean tubesteak joint was going to start serving ’til 4am on the weekends–which means one more place to score a decent feed after last call in this town.

I got owner Robert Amar on the phone this afternoon and he told me that the first weekend went really well–even if most of the crowd that rolled in late were servers, bartenders, bouncers, cooks, valet guys. “Industry guys,” according to Amar, who was plenty happy to see them and hopes that the civilians will soon follow in their footsteps.

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