Pennsylvania Slaps Uber with $11 Million Fine


uber-PUC-940x540Uber officials probably aren’t popping open champagne bottles or doing happy dances over the $11.4 million fine the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission levied against the company today, but they can at least go to bed tonight knowing things could have been much, much worse.

Last year, the commission’s administrative judges recommended that the ride-sharing service face a $49.9 million penalty for operating in Pennsylvania without authority for six months in 2014, said Robin Tilley, a spokeswoman for the commission.

(Spoiler alert: Uber feels like the latest penalty is still way too high, and plans to appeal.)  Read more »

Philly UberX Driver Gets Tired, Gives Keys to Passenger, Police Chase Ensues

The passenger-turned-driver Juan Carlos (left) has been charged. The sleepy UberX driver is not currently facing charges.

The passenger-turned-driver Juan Carlos (left) has been charged. The driver is not currently facing charges.

When Juan Carlos had to get from Philadelphia to his college in lovely upstate New York last Saturday, he for whatever reason, decided that UberX would be the best mode of transportation for the 275-mile journey. Well, the ride didn’t go quite as planned. Read more »

UberPool: I Came, I Saw, I Took Forever to Get Home


Although Uber’s UberPool service debuted in Philadelphia a full month ago now, I’m still talking to a lot of regular Uber users who haven’t taken UberPool yet and some who just don’t understand what it’s all about. Well, I’ve had my share of UberPool experiences, and here’s what I can tell you. Read more »

Most — but Not All — of Cabbies’ Uber Suit Thrown Out

An UberX car getting impounded by the PPA in 2015.

An UberX car getting impounded by the PPA in 2015.

A federal judge has dismissed most of the claims brought by a coalition of Philly taxi companies against Uber, the popular app-centric “ride share” service.

The portions of the lawsuit dismissed included claims that Uber provides unfair competition by providing ride services without complying with taxi cab licensing and regulatory requirements, as well as allegations of racketeering and false advertising. Read more »

How to Take UberPOOL and Not Kill the Other Passenger


If you took an UberX this weekend, you probably found yourself staring at an Uber app that looked a lot like this:

This is what UberPOOL looks like.

This is what UberPOOL looks like.

If that confused you, it’s because the company launched its new UberPOOL service on Friday. It allows you to share rides with others at a lower cost. Maybe you liked it and found yourself with a cheaper ride and a new friend. Maybe you sat in awkward silence next to a smelly mouth-breather who totally creeped you out.

Is the service catching on in Philly? Who knows — the company wouldn’t tell me how many people rode the service this weekend or if any drivers or riders complained about the changes. But Uber did offer us a sneak peak at a new etiquette guide aimed at helping carpool riders get along. Here are a few highlights: Read more »

NATIONAL NEWS: Jim Obergefell’s Scalia Tweet Goes Viral


Jim Obergefell tweets sincere condolences to late Justice Antonin Scalia’s family.

Jim Obergefell, the plaintiff in the landmark SCOTUS case Obergefell v. Hodges, sent condolences over the weekend to the family of its harshest dissenter, Justice Antonin Scalia. Given that Scalia was known as a strict conservative who aggressively fought against same-sex marriage, Obergefell’s peaceful message was a surprise to many online and went viral. Read more »

25 Signs From the Anti-UberX Protest That Shut Down Center City

Anti UberX Protest - February 11th

Photo | Mike Meech

About 100 cab and Uber Black drivers shut down traffic in Center City today with a protest against Lyft and UberX outside City Hall. The drivers, who last time circled City Hall for a few hours, parked their cars in the surrounding streets this time for about three hours.

The drivers demanded a meeting with Mayor Jim Kenney, and several signs chastised Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for not paying drivers enough. At one point, the drivers chanted, “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Justice!” (They eventually got the “Now!” part right.) Read more »

UberPOOL Launching in Philly on Friday

This is what UberPOOL looks like.

This is what UberPOOL looks like.

Ready to share that Uber with a complete stranger? If so, you’ll be looking at a much cheaper ride.

UberPOOL is launching on Friday in Philadelphia. It allows riders to share their Uber cars — and the cost of the fare — with other people traveling along a similar route. The company says it’s 30 percent cheaper than UberX, which is typically cheaper than a taxi (as long as high surge prices aren’t in effect.) Will it be popular and further disrupt Philly’s transportation market? We’ll see.

Uber says it’s more environmentally friendly and cuts down on traffic. Read more »

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