Milton Street Is No Longer a Trump Supporter

Milton Street outside the District Attorney's office

Photo by Dan McQuade

Before he’d even won a vote in the Republican presidential primaries, Donald Trump held a rally in Virginia last December. There, he met Milton Street, and his daughter, Renee Street Toppin. Trump called Milton Street a “highly respected, great man in Philadelphia,” and said he had accepted Milton’s offer to give Trump a tour of impoverished parts of Philadelphia.

That never happened. And now, with Trump the Republican nominee and just 17 days to go before the election, Street has dropped his support. As Clout reported today, Milton Street has now endorsed Hillary Clinton. Read more »

Bill to Legalize UberX and Lyft Nears a Final Vote


A bill to legalize UberX and Lyft in Pennsylvania permanently is reaching the final stages in the state legislature this week. The bill can’t come soon enough for the ride-hailing companies, which have endured a two-year battle for the right to operate in the city. They experienced temporary success this past summer when Act 85 granted them a grace period set in place largely because of the Democratic National Convention in July and the SEPTA Regional Rail service suspension. Read more »

PPA Announces Renewed Crackdown on Uber and Lyft, Waives Some Taxi Regs

Uber app display during DNC in Philadelphia. | Photo by Fabiola Cineas

Uber app display during DNC in Philadelphia. | Photo by Fabiola Cineas

All good things come to an end.

Now that Uber and Lyft’s short and sweet grace period has ended with the expiration of Act 85, the Philadelphia Parking Authority has announced that it fully intends to resume enforcement against the ride-sharing companies – as well as lift several regulations against the taxi industry. Read more »

Uber and Lyft Are Illegal Again in Philadelphia

Promotional photos from the press kits of Uber (left) and Lyft

Promotional photos from the press kits of Uber (left) and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are once again illegal in the City of Philadelphia following the expiration of a summer-long reprieve granted by the state legislature.

The bill had required Uber and Lyft to pay 1 percent of their gross receipts to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates taxis and taxi-like services in the city. Two-thirds of that amount went to the Philadelphia School District, while the PPA kept a third. Read more »

UberEATS is Finally Here in Philly

Photo courtesy of UberEATS

Photo courtesy of UberEATS

Beginning Wednesday, Philadelphians can indulge in some of the best meals the city has to offer, delivered right to their doorsteps, via the new food-delivery app UberEATS. And for Wednesday’s launch in Philadelphia, the company is waiving the standard $4.99 flat rate delivery fee for a limited time.

As a standalone app, meaning users must download an app separate from the Uber ridesharing app, UberEATS is entering a crowded app-based food delivery marketplace.

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Just How High Was Uber’s DNC Demand?

Uber app display during DNC in Philadelphia. | Photo by Fabiola Cineas

Uber app display during DNC in Philadelphia. | Photo by Fabiola Cineas

Uber released data on Wednesday that shows just how well it says it performed during the DNC in Philadelphia last week.

According to the ridesharing pioneer, more than one in four convention goers used the app, and on average, more than 5,000 unique riders took an Uber ride to or from the Wells Fargo Center. The information from the company doesn’t include whether riders were more likely to opt for a private ride with UberX or a carpooling experience with UberPool.

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Uber’s Exclusive, Air-Conditioned DNC Pickup Lounge Is Riling Rivals

Uber Lounge

Photo | Dan McQuade

Frustrated Lyft and cab drivers are claiming that Uber workers attempted to thwart other vehicles from crossing Wells Fargo Center perimeters Monday to drop off passengers for the Democratic National Convention.

Uber has responded to the allegations by insisting that its workers only prevented Lyft and cab drivers from entering an Uber-exclusive pickup lounge outside the Citizens Bank Park, located in Lot T. Read more »

DNC a Victory for Ridesharing in Philly?

Uber app display during DNC in Philadelphia.

Uber app display during DNC in Philadelphia.

The first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia wasn’t far off from what one would expect when an estimated 50,000 visitors descend upon a city. Bernie Sanders supporters protested from City Hall to South Philly, again, and marijuana legalization advocates marched an anaconda of a joint down Broad Street.

But the hoo-ha didn’t stop ride-sharing companies from racking up profits. After Uber received a 90-day reprieve to operate in Philadelphia at the start of July to the dismay of local cab drivers, both Uber and Lyft are reporting smooth operations Monday following a few hiccups. Lyft is even saying that Philly is seeing the most Lyft drivers it’s ever seen on the road.

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PPA: Uber Can Operate Legally During SEPTA Troubles


The Philadelphia Parking Authority will allow Uber to operate legally throughout the coming weeks while SEPTA runs on a heavily adjusted schedule that has left Regional Rail commuters struggling to reach their destinations.

The PPA offered Uber a detente on Tuesday, according to the Inquirer, meaning the app that lets passengers hail drivers from their phones can operate under legal circumstances temporarily.

In April, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission fined Uber $11.4 million for doing business in the city without authority. Just last week, legislators refrained from voting on a bill that would fully legalize Uber services. It could be called to a vote after summer recess. Read more »

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