Uber May Bring UberX to South Jersey


Over the weekend, a colleague told me that he had seen an Uber Philadelphia advertisement soliciting drivers for UberX, the low-cost Uber alternative that exists in some 40 U.S. markets, from Boston and New York to Milwaukee and Tulsa.

I thought it a bit odd, since UberX is very similar to SideCar, the car service app that was so memorably booted out of Philadelphia in 2013 by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. While an Uber driver is a licensed limo driver who shows up in a suit and a nice black sedan, your UberX or SideCar driver is basically your Uncle John in his flannel shirt and 2009 Buick. And the PPA, which regulates taxis and limousines in Philadelphia, doesn’t like that very much. Read more »

Will Everyone Please Shut Up About Uber Surge Pricing?


There has been a whole lot of griping lately over Uber surge pricing, which basically boils down to higher rates at times if you use the popular app-based car service.

On Monday, Philebrity ran an item about a one-mile Uber ride in Philadelphia that cost $75. On Tuesday, Philly.com proclaimed “Uber’s ‘surge pricing’ hits Philadelphia” (even though it’s been here for a while), and Gawker told a terrifying tale of a $357 Uber ride in Los Angeles. The Uber surge pricing has been characterized as a “ripoff” and as “price gouging.” But it is neither.

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Uber Offering Christmas Tree Delivery

Uber Christmas Tree Delivery

Sure, you could go to the local tree lot to find your perfect Christmas tree. Or you could cut down your own tree (check out Be Well Philly’s awesome guide to Philadelphia-area cut-your-own-tree farms… I’m heading to Linvilla this weekend.) But why bother with the cold and the, you know, tradition when you could just have Uber deliver a Christmas tree right to your doorstep? Read more »

Uber Adds Ice Cream Option for National Ice Cream Day


Uber, the smart-phone-powered way to snag a town car has been saving us from hot Philadelphia cabs for over a year now. And tomorrow, Friday July 19th, they’ll be saving us from the heat. In honor of National Ice  Cream Day, you’ll be able to use your Uber app to summon ice cream trucks on demand to request ice cream delivery.

$25 gets you an ice cream bundle from a Mister Softee truck delivered right to you. The bundle includes five ice cream products plus an Uber tank top.

Uber is also offering $20 off people’s first ride if they enter the code ICECREAM. Head to Uber to sign up.

Ice cream trucks will be available on the road from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Uber Ice Cream Goes Global [Uber]