Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Great Chefs, Tyson Bees, Vetri, Sbraga and Mayor Nutter’s Secret Career as a Karaoke Superstar

The week started with some bad news (partners Tyson Wong Ophaso and Cliff Asavadejpakdee leaving the Tyson Bees food truck that they’d made famous) and ended with bacon cupcakes and the closing of Ernesto’s 1521, but what happened in between wasn’t all quite so grim. Here’s what you might’ve missed if you spent the last few days recovering from a Beer Week coma.

Ophaso and Partner Out at Tyson Bees

Within the hour Tyson Bees posted this message to its Facebook page.

Hi Everyone, its been a pleasure serving all of you. It breaks our hearts to tell everyone that the Tyson Bees crew will no longer be operating the truck. Currently, the company is going through a transition. We are working on future plans and hope to see you soon. Thank you for all your support. We love you all and will keep you posted.

From all accounts Tyson Bees has been doing well at its corner of 33rd and Spruce and there was no sign that they wouldn’t be continuing on Thursday when they were serving up tacos, hot dogs and pork buns at the University City Night Market.

Owner Tyson Wong Ophaso has previously floated the idea of opening a Thai restaurant but that seemed to be on the back burner when we last discussed the project with him in early May.

UPDATE: Tyson Bees remains open but without Tyson Wong Ophaso and partner Cliff Asavadejpakdee in the truck. For today at least the menu remains the same. [Meal Ticket]

Tyson Bee’s Philly [Facebook]

It’s Like Crack, and That’s a Good Thing

It isn’t every week that a professional restaurant reviewer turns his pen towards a food truck but today is just such a day as Brian Freedman reviews Tyson Bee’s.

From an olfactory (and, happily, gustatory) standpoint, Tyson Bee’s is the food-truck equivalent of crack, impelling you toward ever more gluttonous behavior that, though it may prove detrimental to your blood pressure and cholesterol, is impossible to fight. The urge will always win, and you’ll be very happy it did.

Tyson Bee’s is the Food Truck Equivalent of Crack [Philadelphia Weekly]

Around the Web: Empanadas, Porchetta, Banh Mi & Pizazz

Pizazz at D’Alessandro’s | Philly Phoodie

The ham and cheese empanada is the clear winner for CE Phood on the opening weekend of 943. [CE Phood]

Brog barnstorms its way through the menu at Kennett, trying everything from the porchetta pizza to the bone marrow and beef burger. [Brog]

With the weather getting nicer the chance for a quick jaunt to University City and Tyson Bees seems like a must. Especially after checking out Two Eat Philly’s recap. [Two Eat Philly]

Philly Phoodie is rewarded when he tries the Chicken Cheesesteak Pizazz at D’Alessandro’s. [Philly Phoodie]

Around the Web: Tyson Bees Edition

Tyson Bees’ super-slick-looking truck has been on the streets for a couple of months now and bloggers and food writers are taking note.

Lari Robling liked the steamed pork buns best but also praised the Korean barbecue short rib tacos and Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich which fused the banh mi with the Mexican torta. [Daily News]

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Quick Bites

Baby Blues opening has been delayed. Looks like late next week. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Guacamole is the name of the Mexican restaurant coming to Woodland and Markcoe in West Philadelphia. [Brownstoner]

Phrequency gets an exclusive video of Tyson Wong Ophaso and his forthcoming Tyson Bees truck. [Phrequency]

Prime 505 gives Collingswood another non-Italian option. [Meal Ticket]

Tyson Bees to Launch with Night Market

Tyson Bees, the food truck from former Chew Man Chu chef Tyson Wong Ophaso tweets that its official launch will be on Thursday, September 30th during the Food Trust’s initial Night Market. The night market will be on East Passyunk at Tasker and Passyunk.

On the menu, Korean Short Rib tacos, Steamed Pork Buns, and Banh-Mi Sandwhiches.

Tyson Bees [Twitter]

Quick Bites

Tyson Wong Ophaso’s food truck will now be known as Tyson’s Bees, a change and improvement from Bee Innovation. He’s also collaborating with local artists on the design of the truck and the employees t-shirts. [The Insider]

You’ve come a long way baby. The former food truck, the Greek Lady is doubling its size at 224 S 40th Street. [Meal Ticket]

Marabella Meatball Company is looking to open at 1211 Walnut Street by October 1st. [The Insider]

Metropolis names Amis one of four great food places in the country. [Metropolis via Philadelphia Inquirer]

Progress is being made at Jet Wine Bar on the 1500 block of South. [Jet Wine Bar]

Who’s supporting Philadelphia’s bid to be a host of soccer’s World Cup in 2018 or 2022? None other than Iron Chef Jose Garces. [Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau]

Quick Bites

Joey Baldino has been hired as Chef de Cuisine at Vetri. Baldino, who warranted an acknowlegment in Marc Vetri’s Il Viaggio Di Vetri is making a return to the Vetri fold. [@marcvetri]

Barbuzzo will have house-made charcuterie on the menu when it opens. They’re getting us hungry just blogging about it. [Barbuzzo]

Jolly Weldon of Jolly’s Dueling Piano Bar is going to be opening a Maryland-style crabhouse at 15th and Oregon. It’ll have 90 seats indoors with another 50 out. He’s aiming for a September opening. [The Insider]

13th and Walnut is becoming fro-yo central. Yogurt City is joining Tutti Frutti and Sweet Ending on the block. [Meal Ticket]

Former Chew Man Chu frontman Tyson Wong Ophaso is getting in the food truck business. He’s hoping to be serving up International food from Bee-Innovation by Labor Day. [The Insider]