Calvin Harris Comes to Taylor Swift’s Defense on Twitter, Quickly Puts Foot in Mouth

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Twitter wars are all the rage these days. Only weeks after the tweet-off between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, the Wyomissing pop princess finds herself embroiled in another—but this time as more of a third-party onlooker.

It all started with Zayn Malik, the former One Direction member who left the group in March to embark on a solo career with RCA Records. He simply retweeted a message from another user, comparing recent statements between Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift about the whole Spotify / Apple Music fiasco. The tweet insinuates that Taylor Swift can be kind of greedy.

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Fake Target Twitter Trolls Complaints About Gender-Neutral Labeling

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Target is removing gendered signs in their boys and girls departments. There’s been a fair share of folks who went to the internet to complain about the changes underway at the store, and one Twitter account, quite simply, does not want to hear it.

The Twitter handle is @TargetHelps, and it is a satirical Target “help desk” that is responding to the insane fuss that’s been created over the gender-neutral announcement. The account looks like the real thing, down to the logo, and it’s pretty darn funny. I pulled some of my favorite Tweets below, but check out the account soon, as I am sure the real Target won’t be too happy once they catch on:

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Taylor Swift to Nicki Minaj: “I Missed the Point”

This morning, Taylor Swift tweeted a presumed end to the much-publicized Twitter tiff she had with rapper Nicki Minaj on Tuesday night:

The heated tweet-off started when Nicki Minaj posted about her “Anaconda” video being snubbed in the Best Video and Best Choreography categories of the MTV Video Music Awards, saying that she probably would have been nominated if her video had celebrated “women with very slim bodies.” Taylor, who was nominated in the Video of the Year category and is coincidentally very slim-bodied, took it as a personal attack and fired back. Minaj has yet to tweet-respond to Taylor’s apology.

This isn’t the first apology Minaj has been given in the past 24 hours. Last night, at a concert in Virginia, her fiancé, Philly rapper Meek Mill, groveled at her sparkly feet for calling out Drake on Twitter for not writing his own rhymes. So by my count, the “Anaconda” singer is totally winning the week.

Philly’s Meek Mill on Drake: He Doesn’t Write Own Raps

Once upon a time, you would have to wait for a gossip magazine or a radio interview or a new hip-hop song to see which celebrities were feuding. But thanks to Twitter, now we get to see our celebrities insult each other in real-time!

We just told you about Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift’s Twitter feud. A quick summary: Minaj made a salient point about popular culture (while complaining that she wasn’t nominated for video of the year at the VMAs, an award “Anaconda” should absolutely be nominated for and probably winning). Swift took it as a shot at her for some reason, Minaj got angry and made more good points, and Swift ended up looking petty and self-centered. Winner: Nicki Minaj.

Last night, Nicki’s boyfriend/fiancé/celebrity significant other Meek Mill started his own Twitter war, a one-sided affair against Drake. Meek Mill says Drake uses a ghostwriter. Read more »

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Have It Out on Twitter Over VMA Nominations

Taylor Swift (JStone / and Nicki Minaj (Helga Esteb /

Taylor Swift (JStone / and Nicki Minaj (Helga Esteb /

Yesterday on Twitter, hip-hop artist (and fiancé of Philly rapper Meek Mill) Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to share that she was disappointed that, even though it was nominated for Best Female Video and Best Hip-Hop Video, her video “Anaconda” wasn’t nominated in the Best Choreography or Video of the Year categories.

“If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year,” she tweeted. To back herself up, she referenced its impact on social media:

You remember all those memes, right?

She may have had a point, but it was her next tweet that became slightly more controversial.

A certain extremely sensitive, rail thin pop star from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania took it as a personal jab. Taylor Swift, it should be noted, led the pack of nominations with nine nods, including the choreography and Video of the Year awards Minaj had mentioned.

Did Swift come out of left field? Minaj said yes.

But when Swift wasn’t answering, Minaj seemed to be trying to stir things up a little more:

So Taylor did was she does best: played the nice girl:

Then a fan chimed in with another Taylor jab:

And Minaj closed it out with an “amen” of sorts:

What do you think? Was Minaj right? Was she snubbed because she’s full-figured and black? Was Swift just being paranoid?

Caitlyn Jenner Tweets About Freedom, July 4th, and More

Caitlyn Jenner has become more vocal on Twitter over the last week, and her followers have clearly taken note.

Yesterday, Jenner sent out a picture of the American flag to celebrate July 4th, and included a caption that was a play on Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the U.S.A.:”

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#UrbanOutfittersBeLike is Publicly Shaming High Prices

Poor Urban Outfitters...

Poor Urban Outfitters…

Urban Outfitters is feeling the heat on Twitter over high prices. Armed with #UrbanOutfittersBeLike, people are berating the Philly-based retail giant over high prices.

It’s hardly the first time the Twitterverse has turned on Urban, which has long been the subject of ridicule for its offensive items — like the bloody Kent State sweatshirt, the Depression T-shirt or the Ghettopoly board game. The backlash seemed to have started when @wholeyattamoney tweeted this about Urban Outfitters’ $8 hair ties. Read more »

18 Great Tweets from Tuesday’s Election

The race is over. Jim Kenney won in a landslide, taking more than 55 percent of the vote in the six-way Democratic primary. City Council had a shakeup, with Democratic newcomers Derek Green (a former aide to Councilwoman Marian Tasco) and Allan Domb (the moniker we in the media settled on for him was “condo king“) advancing in the primary and Helen Gym (who Philadelphia magazine’s Patrick Kerkstra predicted would run for City Council back in 2013) in good position to advance as well given her narrow lead in the vote count. And since this is Philadelphia, they’re all likely to win in the general.

“But,” you’re saying, “enough about the election. Were there good tweets? Were there any election memes?” Philadelphia was pretty much spared having to see a bunch of election memes except for “another working family for…” signs (those came from the candidates). There were some pretty funny tweets, however. Here are some of my favorites. Read more »

Pink on How She Continues to Deal With Body Shamers

In April, Doylestown native and pop-rock star Pink shut down a bunch of haters on Twitter who were ridiculing a photo of her in which they said it looked like she’d put on a few pounds. Her response was fantastic, and empowering, and it’s prodded interviewers to ask where she gets the strength to deal with the constant criticism on the web and in tabloids. She opens up in this great interview from Entertainment Tonight:

I don’t take well to bullying. I never have. I’m not a person that will be bullied. I’m not a person that will stand by watching other people bullied.

I am a girl, I have feelings and people think I take no shit and I’m tough, tougher than nails, but I’m a human being.

I think people have gotten it wrong. They think their opinion matters and holds weight and I don’t know where or why they’re giving themselves so much credit you know?. … So I thought it was important for me to remind them that I don’t care. My life is full, I like food a lot and I really like to cook, I like to live, I find joy in that and were doing alright in the Hart household.

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