Gay Sports Bar Boxers in Hot Water for Offensive Tweets

Boxers NYC, the father bar of the Gayborhood’s newest gay watering hole Boxers PHL is feeling the heat after a series of offensive messages were tweeted from its account on Twitter.

It all started after Reverend Al Shartpon tweeted a response to the horrible shooting of two cops this weekend in Brooklyn. He said:

That’s when someone from Boxers account tweeted:

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Jill Scott Stands Up For Bill Cosby On Twitter


Philly-bred singer/actress Jill Scott took to Twitter yesterday to defend Bill Cosby following a string of sexual assault allegations against him that have been resurfacing recently. It all started when a fan tweeted that she heard Scott was taking sides with Cosby.

And it continued …

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On Twitter, Curt Schilling Battles Philly Bloggers over Evolution

Last night on his Twitter account, former Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling (aka @gehrig38) got into it with some Philadelphia Phillies bloggers. They weren’t talking about a possible rebuild for the Fightin’ Phils or debating the merits of the 1993 Phillies’ starting rotation. No, they were arguing evolution.

Here’s how it started:

Yes, Curt Schilling attempted to convince people on Twitter that the theory of evolution was wrong with a YouTube video. This… seems like the wrong way to go about it, but, hey, tweet about whatever you want.

Schilling, of course, got a lot of blowback after posting the video. But most amusing was that he argued with Phillies bloggers Ryan Sommers and Zoo With Roy.

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Philly’s 10 Best Pro Athletes on Twitter

References to the Almighty God. Mentions of Jesus Christ. Bible verse citations. Heads up about heading into practice. Vague references to “grinding” and/or “putting in work.” Thanking Uber for the ride. The Twitter lives of many Philadelphia professional athletes can be pretty banal.

But that doesn’t mean all of them are social media dullards. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 Philly jocks who make it a point to bring their best game on Twitter — follow-worthy, all of them.

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Missanelli: The Real Story Behind the Victor Cruz Tweet


We all have things we want to do when the job is over and after this week, I have decided that I’m going to create a chain of rehabilitation centers for Twitter addicts.

In 2014, you can get hooked on Twitter more easily than crack. Crack at least requires money that you have to get from somewhere. Twitter is free and can be used by anyone — from the boardroom executive to the 14-year-old boy postulating from his mother’s basement. Twitter can be informational and enlightening. And it can also be very dangerous — a phenomenon that gives everyone the power to publish any thought, without endorsement or accountability.  It’s where Average Joe can be judge, jury and hangman on any particular subject.  And it’s a power we plunge deeply into our veins like the worst addict in a dark and seedy alley.

When it’s all said and done, I’m going to do my part with these rehab centers. I know a lot about this topic because I have been both a Twitter player and a victim.

In the third quarter of Sunday night’s Eagles-Giants game, right after the Giants’ Victor Cruz dropped a touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone, I tweeted: “Hey Giants fans, Victor Cruz is over. Dance to that.” It was s spur-of-the moment tweet, which all of us in sports talk radio do from time to time. It was intended both to pander to the Eagle fan base for which I do my daily show, and to take a shot at the Giants, who occasionally infiltrate our area with their own brand of braggadocio. And on the surface, it seemed like a heartless thing to write, especially when Cruz subsequently collapsed with a ripped-up leg.

What got lost in the shuffle is that I never saw the player get hurt.

Many people, especially angry Giants fans, have asked how that is possible. Well, here is the story, letter by letter:

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Missanelli Apologizes for Cruz Injury Tweet

Mike Missanelli, a host on 97.5 The Fanatic, is an unpopular man in New York this morning after he sent out a taunting Tweet in the wake of Victor Cruz’s injury in the Giants’ game against the Eagles.

That Tweet is even on the cover of the New York Daily News today:

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Passenger: I Was Kicked Off Flight at PHL for My Tweets

All Lisa Carter-Knight wanted to do was fly back to Boston. But the mother of three and “creator of the original Cocktail Competition” (per her Twitter profile) had to wait: Her flight was delayed Tuesday night. Carter-Knight tweeted the delay happened after the pilot accused passengers of accusing him of being drunk.

She later tweeted no passengers actually accused the pilot of this, and updated with a photo of the plane “grounded as authorities board plane for pilot sobriety test.”

You can guess what happened next.

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People Are Fuming Over That $10,000 Gay-Bashing Reward


In the early evening hours of September 16th, as video of the alleged Center City gay-bashers was in the process of exploding all over social media, Philadelphia restaurateur Tim Adams, partner in Penn 6, City Tap House and Field House, contacted the media about a $10,000 reward he was putting up in the case. And now Twitter user @FanSince09, whose online sleuthing was heralded by many as having solved the case, is asking questions. But does he even deserve the reward? Read more »

Gay-Bashing Suspect Tweeted Thanks to Police Chief Dad for Special Treatment

Update: Police have released mugshots of the Center City gay-bashing defendants.


As more details emerge about the arrests in the Center City gay-bashing case, we’re learning a lot about the defendants, especially Bucks County’s Kathryn Knott, who, for whatever reason, still hasn’t deactivated her awful Twitter account.

Knott is the subject of a Storify called “Meet #PhillyHateCrime Defendant Kathryn Knott.” It catalogs some of the terrible things that Knott has said on social media.

But one tweet they didn’t include suggests that Knott may have gotten special treatment in a 2012 road incident thanks to her dad, who just happens to be Chalfont Township Police Chief Karl Knott. (Note: At the time of the tweets, Knott was on the Abington Township police force.)

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