Villanova Wins National Championship, Twitter Goes Bonkers

Villanova's Phil Booth celebrates after the NCAA Final Four tournament college basketball championship game against North Carolina, Monday, April 4, 2016, in Houston. Villanova won 77-74.

Villanova’s Phil Booth celebrates after the NCAA Final Four tournament college basketball championship game against North Carolina, Monday, April 4, 2016, in Houston. Villanova won 77-74.

It’s been a rough sporting year here in Philadelphia, what with the rebuilding, and the tanking, and the other team tanking, oh, and the Rube Goldberg self-destruct device that was Chip Kelly‘s final Eagles season. Which might explain why when Kris Jenkins sealed Villanova’s first NCAA Championship since 1985 with a breath-taking, buzzer-beating trey, Twitter erupted with a wave of euphoria not seen around here since Brad Lidge put one past Eric Hinske. There’s a lot of great #Villanova tweets out there. These are just a few of our favorites: Read more »

The Cop Behind the Philly Police Twitter Account Tells All

Photo courtesy Eric Gripp

Photo courtesy Eric Gripp

Last week, the Philadelphia Police Department made national news after tweeting a tongue-in-cheek job offer to Kanye West, and that’s just one of many playful social media moments that have come from the digital arm of the PPD. The person responsible? Sergeant Eric Gripp. Here, Gripp tells us why he’s afraid to check the department’s SnapChat account and what you have to do for him to block you on Twitter. Read more »

These Are a Few of Our Favorite #PHLSnow Tweets and Instagrams From Winter Storm Jonas

A cartoon by Joe Dator. Snowed in? Spend some time with our Cartoons at Random tool:

Posted by The New Yorker on Saturday, January 23, 2016

The New Yorker‘s Joe Dator sums it all up pretty nicely above, so let’s cut to the chase: Here are some of our favorite #PHLSnow Tweets and Intagrams (so far) from winter Storm Jonas:

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The Best Twitter Reactions to Chip Kelly’s Ouster

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

As you might expect, Philadelphia Twitter exploded Tuesday night after news of Chip Kelly‘s “release” made the rounds. There was some negative reaction from fans who thought the third-year coach, who famously blew up the roster over the off-season — deserved one more year — but mostly, the mood was jubilant. (Also, check out how players have reacted to the news at Birds 24/7.)

Some highlights: Read more »

10 Important Throwback Tweets From Philadelphia’s New Mayor

Photo by Jeff Fusco. Tweets by Jim Kenney.

Photo by Jeff Fusco. Tweets by Jim Kenney.

Jim Kenney is not just Philadelphia’s next mayor. He is also a prolific Twitter user. Kenney has tweeted 7,562 times, which isn’t all that much — except that he tweets himself, often using Twitter as if he’s talking to the guy next to him at a diner counter.

We here at Philadelphia magazine chronicled his tweets in January, but now that he’s actually going to be mayor, let’s winnow the field down to his top-10 tweets.

(A few of these were retweeted last night by Twitter user @treblaw; to him, I give my utmost thanks.)

This is my favorite Jim Kenney tweet. He’s actually right, too: Kenney probably went to the Ross at 8th and Market, in the old Lit Brothers building. That Ross is awesome! It’s relatively organized and spaced out, unlike most discounters. It has a huge men’s section. And you can get Nike soccer cleats there for $8.

But, as my girlfriend points out, how bougie is Kenney? He first went to a Ross in 2012?! Read more »

Twitter’s #PopeInPhilly Emoji Is a Complete Travesty

We Philadelphians are used to the Liberty Bell being a shorthand for our city. Though it’s a bell that no one alive has ever heard — it was silenced after a repair attempt failed in 1846 — it is an important symbol for everything from American independence to the abolition of slavery to the women’s suffrage movement. Plus, in 2001 a “wanderer” from Nebraska attacked it with a giant mallet. This bell’s got all sorts of history! Though we could perhaps do better — a stray cat eating a soft pretzel? — the Liberty Bell is a fine symbol for Philadelphia.

What we won’t tolerate, though, is this crass representation of the Liberty Bell that doesn’t even put the crack in the correct spot. In the most common view of the bell — the one you see looking straight on at the bell at the Liberty Bell Center at Sixth and Chestnut — the crack begins to the right of the clacker, then crosses over to the left. This Twitter emoji crack is just on the right side! Read more »

Best Twitter Reactions to the 40th Anniversary of Springsteen’s Born to Run

Bruce Springsteen’s third album, his career-making Born to Run, turns 40 today. Naturally, Twitter has been buzzing all day with 140-character reflections, reactions and praise for the work that spawned hits like “Born to Run” and “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out,” and helped the New Jersey-born singer break into the mainstream.

The occasion even seems to have Chris Christie back on the Springsteen side of his ongoing “Who do I like better, Springsteen or Bon Jovi?” battle. He released a whole statement on Twitter, calling the album “my desert island disc. … It is the most powerful rock album of my lifetime.” (See the rest of his statement below.)

Here’s who else decided to chime in today, and what they had to say:

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