What We Learned From Dario Saric’s Epic Twitter Takeover

Photo by NBAE.

When thinking about personality and the 76ers, the first player to immediately come to mind is center Joel Embiid. With the big man’s exploits already legendary, that’s natural. But Croatian sensation Dario Saric is right there with his fellow finalist for the 2017 Rookie of the Year award, endearing himself to the Philadelphia faithful with his own unique brand of humor and zest for the game. Read more »

Lenny Dykstra’s Unsolicited Advice to College Graduates: Work

Photo by AP/Amy Sancetta.

Former Phillies centerfielder Lenny Dykstra fancies himself an erudite man. Don’t ask us how, but somewhere along the way Nails got the impression that people actually want to hear advice from a washed-up ballplayer who later served time in federal prison after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud and money-laundering.

He’s also a racist and a misogynist, but that’s another story.

Now just a sad shell of himself, the Dude returned to the public eye last year with the release of his autobiography, House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge. As part of the promotion for that celebrated work of literature, Dykstra joined Twitter – and also told Howard Stern that he’s now moonlighting as an L.A. gigolo. Read more »

New Eagle Chris Long Trolls Whining Teammate With Tough-Love Tweet

Photo by Philadelphia Eagles-Kiel Leggere.

Newly minted Eagles defensive end Chris Long has yet to play a snap in midnight green, but the Super Bowl champion is already endearing himself to both fans and teammates alike with his winning personality.

The ex-New England Patriot (and Hall of Famer Howie’s son) has an active social media presence and isn’t afraid to speak his mind on any topic, which we learned first-hand when Long tweeted a profane rant directed at supporters of Confederate monuments shortly after signing with the Birds. Read more »

Why Did Daylin Leach’s Trump Tweet Explode Like That?


Daylin Leach has been making jokes on the Internet about as long as I have.

Okay, maybe he wasn’t posting image macros in AOL chatrooms in the 1990s. But it was 2005 when Leach, then a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, amused (and annoyed) readers with his personal blog. He even feuded with the the guy who wrote Marley & Me (and the Inquirer as a whole) over the blog, which he took down after the kerfuffle.

“This has been a learning experience for me — I have a much better understanding that, while I believe comedy is for all people, not all comedy is for every person,” Leach said when shutting down the blog.

But thanks to Twitter, everyone literally is now a comedian. And so Daylin Leach is back at it again on his Twitter account, where he tweets with abandon, clashes with critics, and dishes out sarcasm: “But its fair, because both rich and poor alike are free to donate $6,000,000 to federal candidates each cycle.” (His Twitter bio says he’s “Frequently mistaken for Brad Pitt” … hey, that’s my bit!)

A tweet he made earlier this week, however, caused more of an uproar than anything he’d tweeted or posted on LeachVent.com before. Read more »

Mayor Kenney, Don’t Shut Out the Press

Jim Kenney. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Jim Kenney. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Last week, Mayor Jim Kenney put up a blockade between his office and the press regarding what has turned out to be one of his most controversial appointments. Nellie Fitzpatrick, the director of the Office of LGBT Affairs, has been called upon to step down by various social justice organizations within Philadelphia’s LGBTQ community and communities of color for what they contend is Fitzpatrick’s “failure to adequately address the blatant anti-blackness, racism, and classism that exists in the Gayborhood.” Read more »

Philadelphians Heckle Another Minor Celeb into Liking Our City

Mara Wilson headshot

Photo by Ari Scott/Penguin Books

Mara Wilson is a writer whose recent debut for Penguin, Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame, was well-reviewed. A regular on the New York storytelling scene, she is best known as the child actress who starred in Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda in the 1990s.

Yesterday, she tweeted something mean about Philadelphians.

Later, she added: “Everyone I know from Philadelphia is either the nicest person is the world or the biggest asshole.” Even worse, she disparaged our fair city in relation to New York: “It’s not the same kind of passionate, impulsive, get out of my way ‘Hey, I’m walkin’ here’ New York assholitude. It’s unearned.” As if Philadelphia assholes are some sort of lesser species than the brand of asshole that brought us President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The kicker to her initial Twitter rant was what you might expect if you follow these things: “Lot of Philadelphia people in my mentions proving my point, by the way.” Read more »

Eagles Troll the NFL’s New Social Media Policy

Last week, news broke of the NFL’s new rules for social media, which went into effect last Wednesday. The rules prohibit teams from using video or GIFs during games and restrict the streaming of press conferences. Teams are also limited to retweeting the official NFL account for game highlights, and can post a maximum of 45 videos and/or animated GIFs on non-game days.

The NFL says the rules were developed in the summer, but many see them as a response to slightly sagging ratings this year, saying the league wants to control how fans see the games. Fines are $25,000 for a first offense, $50,000 for a second offense, and $100,000 for third and further offenses.

Following the new rules, the Eagles did not post any game highlights during a 27–20 loss to Washington yesterday. But after Malcolm Jenkins returned a Kirk Cousins interception for a touchdown to tie the game at 14, the Eagles had a bit of fun with the new policy. Read more »

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