Keith Olbermann Won’t Stop Trolling Flyers Fans


To be clear, Keith Olbermann fired first.

No, he wasn’t fired (although who would be surprised) — he took a shot at Philadelphia Flyers fans by calling them illiterate.

One day later he was back at it on Twitter, taking another cheap shot at us after we shared the story:

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Another Fox 29 Reporter Has Made a Ridiculous Tweet

Last October, Fox 29′s Joyce Evans wrote a hilariously insensitive tweet promoting that night’s news. “Thought ‘Breaking Bad’ was hot last Sunday?” she wrote “See who’s breakin’ bad in SW Philly leavin’ 6 people SHOT – Tonite at Ten!” Everyone from ordinary schlubs on Twitter to Patton Oswalt made fun of her. The tweet, amazingly, was retweeted about 5,400 times, but I guess nothing came of it.

So since that worked out so well for Evans — internet scorn could lead to ratings, I suppose! — Steve Keeley has now gotten in on the game.

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Twitter Could Kill Your Relationship, Study Says

twitter app

I’ve often marveled at how tone-deaf my friends’ tweets can seem—something about the limitations of those 140 characters, perhaps? Too much striving to be witty in too small a space? So I really can’t say I was surprised at a new study indicating that those who can’t start or end the day without checking their Twitter feeds could find themselves with a lot more free time in which to do so. According to the study’s author, the more active you are on Twitter, the more likely your relationship will blow up.

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Jose Pistola’s Wins Twitter

The Jose Pistola’s Twitter account has been a consistent source of amusement. It had been run by Felicia D’Ambrosio who is just about as Twitter savvy as anyone can be but she’s now rocking the social media for Cook + Solo. Now the Pistola’s account is being run by Nick Cejas . And today he may have outdone himself.

Still in green, I see. #WalkOfSeamus
3/18/14, 9:35 AM

The Philadelphia School District’s Unfortunate Hashtag: #phled

philadelphia school district hashtag phled

In a city that has smart parents fleeing in droves to the better, safer schools of the suburbs, this hashtag used by the School District of Philadelphia is probably ill-advised. Ah, homophony.

Fox 29 Warns of Impostor Snow Twitter Accounts

There are enough fake Fox 29 accounts misinforming the public about the snow that the station has to warn its followers about it.

A quick search of Twitter reveals the original fake Fox 29 tweet last night to be some sort of amazing high school prank, which warms my heart: There are still wise-asses out there in high school. Our future may not be as bleak as it seems!

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