Brooklyn Nine-Nine Totally Trolls Philly on Most Recent Episode


Andy Samberg’s character, Detective Jake Peralta, trolled Philly on the most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which aired on Fox on April 26th. Here’s the conversation that went down in the final moments of the episode, which finds Jake and his partner Boyle heading to Atlantic City on a case. Jake is in a hospital bed after things go awry, when he shares his shitty Philly memory with his boss, Sergeant Terry:

Jake: My second year on the force I was working a drug case tracking this drug dealer for months, and suddenly he disappeared, right before Memorial Day, which I was supposed to take off for a guys weekend with some friends.

Boyle: But how? We didn’t know each other then. Oh. Other friends.

Jake: While I was gone, the dude resurfaced and got into a shoot-out with another drug dealer. Two civilians got shot.

Jake: Meanwhile I was sipping Pina Coladas in Philly. From that day on I vowed to never take time off during a case.’ Also, I don’t love Philly.

Terry: Jake, I get it. Philly sucks.

It may be a little tricky to watch the actual episode. There are two ways you’ll have luck: If you’re a Hulu Plus member, you can watch it here. Or you can sign in with your cable provider to watch the full episode on Fox’s site, here. If you want to skip right to it, the Philly scene takes place right after the final commercial break.


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New Season of Inside Amy Schumer to Feature Cosby and Tina Fey Sketches

If you’ve been seeing Amy Schumer all over your Facebook feed lately, it’s because the third season of her sketch sitcom Inside Amy Schumer is debuting tonight on Comedy Central. She was at the Tribeca Film Festival this week to premiere the new season and offer some hints about what fans of the shit-stirring comedy can expect, including a sketch about Bill Cosby. More from HuffPo:

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TV’s Dr. Oz Defends Against Calls for Dismissal

Dr. Oz, seen here with Today show anchor Matt Lauer, is under attack for promoting questionable medical treatments.

Dr. Oz, seen here with Today show anchor Matt Lauer, is under attack for promoting questionable medical treatments.

Dr. Mehmet Oz — better known as “Dr. Oz” to his television audience — is coming under increasing attack for promoting what critics say are questionable medical treatments. There’s a movement afoot to boot him from the faculty of Columbia University, where he serves in the medical school. Read more »

NYC Street Artist Puts Bill Cosby on Blast—With the Help of Fat Albert and the Gang

A New York street artist is using his craft—along with tons of wheatpaste and a cast of Fat Albert characters—to convince comedian Bill Cosby to respond to the still-rising number of sexual assault allegations that have come out against him.

The artist’s name is FLOOD, and he’s plastered everyone from Dumb Donald and Mushmouth to Fat Albert himself all over the streets of New York holding signs saying things like, “The proof is in the pudding,” and “Hey, hey, hey, Bill, just admit it.”

He’s posted several of the images on his Instagram feed, which you can check out below.

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Tina Fey to Be One of Letterman’s Final Guests

The Late Show With David Letterman is quickly approaching its final show on May 20th, so producers have released the list of guests who will be appearing during the 28-episode stretch.

Among those Letterman—the longest-running late-night show host in television history—will be Upper Darby’s Tina Fey, who will likely be there to chat about her new Netflix sitcom Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and her voice-over turn in Disney’s Monkey Kingdom, which comes out nationwide this weekend.

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Philly’s Bradley Cooper and Kevin Hart Score 2015 MTV Movie Awards

He may have walked away empty-handed a few weeks ago at the Oscars, but last night Bradley Cooper scooted out of the MTV Movie Awards with a shiny box of golden popcorn in tow.

The Jenkintown star took home the prize for Best Male Performance for his portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper. He was there to accept the award, which he dedicated to Kyle. “Thank you, thank you. I want to thank MTV and the fans. It’s because of you that we have brought awareness for what the men and women in the military do everyday for us. Chris Kyle would have been 41 this week. Chris, this is for you.”

To win the award, Cooper beat out beat out Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars), Channing Tatum (Foxcatcher) and Downingtown, Pa-native Miles Teller (Whiplash).

Fellow comedian Kevin Hart also took home an award last night: the special Comedic Genius Award. His speech pulled at some heartstrings, too: “I wanna thank my fiancée for being my rock right now. … I wanna thank my ex-wife for giving me these two kids who are my best friends right now; Heaven for being the most amazing daughter, Hendrix for being the most amazing son. My kids, I’m doing all of this for them. I’m trying to leave a legacy for them. Last but not least my fans—this is for y’all, I love y’all.”

Check out a quick video montage of highlights above.

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