ThinkFest Preview: Abbi Jacobson Discusses Her Journey From Broad Street to Broad City

Abbi Jacobson and Jennifer Weiner.

Abbi Jacobson and Jennifer Weiner.

Philly-born comedian Abbi Jacobson will sit down with local author/producer Jennifer Weiner during ThinkFest to chat about her journey from Philadelphia to becoming one of the most talked about—and laughed at—personalities on TV.

Jacobson was born in Wayne, Pennsylvania, where she attended Valley Forge Middle School and Conestoga High School. From there, she went on to study comedy at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Later, after moving to New York, she honed her skills with the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she met fellow comedian Illana Glazer. LOLs ensued.

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The Daily Show Covers Pope-demonium in Philly

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah kicked off its new season Monday night just in time to get in some pope-in-Philly coverage. The show sent correspondent Hasan Minhaj to the streets to “help spread the gospel to the peeps that couldn’t make it.”

In the nearly three-minute report, he stops to jam on the street with a guy trying to sell “Catholic electronic music,” and does some random man-on-the-street interviews with innocent folks who were just there to have a peaceful experience with his Holiness.

When “big daddy finally hit the stage” for the mass, Minhaj wasn’t actually on the Parkway to take in the scene. Looks like he was camped out in front of Broad Street Ministry, watching the ceremony on a Jumbotron. At one point, after he jumped up in excitement, someone from the crowd yelled at him to “sit down, sit down!” Check out the clip below.

WATCH: Tina Fey Put on the Spot to Name 20 Latino Performers

Billy Eichner (aka the guy who screams at people on the street then sticks a mic in their face) recently approached Upper Darby’s Tina Fey in New York to challenge her on the spot to name 20 Latino performers in 60 seconds. The reason? To see if the golden child can actually fail at something.

She gives it a good go, but struggles to get close to 20. She kind of remembers “the woman from Jane the Virgin,” and folks like J.Lo and Marc Anthony, and Freddie Prinze and Freddie Prinze Jr. Surprisingly, she forgets big-namers like Penelope Cruz and Selma Hayek, but hey, being put on the spot is tough for—even if you are Tina Fey. Check out the clip from Billy on the Street above.

Here’s What the New Muppets Show Needs To Do To Survive

A scene from the opening pilot, "Pig Girls Don't Cry."

A scene from the opening pilot, “Pig Girls Don’t Cry.”

Last week, the highly-anticipated new “adult” Muppet show aired during primetime on ABC. I, like many other fans, had super high hopes for what seemed to be a no-holds-barred take on these classic characters.

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The New Daily Show Kicks Off With Several Local Ties

Photo from Trevor Noah Facebook

Photo from Trevor Noah Facebook

It’ll be no easy task, but Comedy Central’s The Daily Show returns this week for the first time since longtime host Jon Stewart bid a tearful adieu in early August.

All eyes will be on the new host, 31-year-old South African comedian and former Daily Show contributor Trevor Noah, who has generated some unfortunate buzz since it was announced he’d be taking over, namely for a string of distasteful jokes on Twitter about Jewish people and overweight women. He has since apologized for the jokes, saying that the quips don’t represent him as a person, and that he’s evolved as a comedian.

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Teresa Giudice Tweets About Pope from Prison

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice may still have several months left on her 15-month prison sentence for fraud, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying some of the finer things in life, like joining in on our pope revelry … and at least limited access to TV.

The reality diva—and devout Catholic—tweeted from Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, last night her excitement for Pope Francis’s visit:

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NBC10 Workers on Strike Ahead of Pope’s Arrival

tv camera

Turns out this week’s optimism was misplaced: Photographers and technicians at NBC10 have walked off the job, just ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia.

A spokesman for the station said the strike would have “no impact” on the station’s coverage.

“While it is unfortunate that IBEW Local 98 has decided to engage in a job action, we remain committed to ensuring this has no impact on our broadcast,” the spokesman said. “Our viewers will continue to have full access to all of our local news and information without interruption. We remain steadfast in our commitment to achieve a mutual resolution of our outstanding issues with the union.” Read more »

WATCH: Philly Man Nearly Moons Host on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

South Philly’s Passyunk Post publisher Albert Stumm will appear on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire this week. The episodes air on Thursday, September 24th, and Friday, September 25th, at 1:05 am.

To tease the episode, the show released a two-and-a-half-minute clip, where Stumm is asked this question: “A Texas resident was recently banned from owning which of the these seemingly harmless license plates, because it spells a curse word when turned upside down?”

Naturally, to get the answer right Stumm had to turn upside down to look at the answers, which resulted in him nearly mooning host Chris Harrison—over and over again. It’s pretty hilarious. Check out the full clip above.

WATCH: Justin Bieber Beats Questlove in Drum-Off

questlove bieber

Sunday night, Justin Bieber grabbed the world’s attention when he shed tears on stage at the VMAs, but later in the week, he was making Questlove cry.

The Biebs stopped by the Tonight Show Wednesday to talk about his VMA performance and what he’s up to next. Before he left, host Jimmy Fallon reminded him of a drum-off he and Questlove had five years ago, in which the Philly-born drummer triumphed.

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