This New Study Will Convince You to Stop Binge-Watching TV After Work

There’s nothing quite like getting home after work, hunkering down on the couch and catching up on ALL the Game of Thrones. But you may want to pick yourself up out of the dip you’ve created in your couch: A new study out of Australia links the hours of TV you watch per day with an increased risk of inflammatory-related death, Well + Good reports.

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I Went to See Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo On Friday Night

Does she know I’m standing behind her, I wonder?

“Can I talk about the baby that died at birth?”

Of all of the shows that have taken place inside the Borgata’s Event Center over the last decade-plus, I’m pretty sure no performer has ever uttered those words. But last Friday’s performance was not your average show, by any measure. No, this was Theresa Caputo Live: The Experience. Read more »

The Rickmobile Is a Small Price to Pay for Spider Peace

It’s getting weird. (Adult Swim)

Maybe it’s because I came of age in the alt/indie ’90s — where friends called their friends sellouts like kids diming out their parents to the Stasi — but I’m always a little wary when popular things explode into multi-platform franchises.

I’m okay with something subtle, like a Credit Dauphine tee or a Weyland Yutani mug. And I’m definitely cool with the Golden Girls Clue game (ignoring the creepy Sophia on the box), mostly because I want to accuse somebody of murder on the lanai. Read more »

The 69 Best Local Philly News Screenshots of 2016

2016 Local News Screenshots

I watch a lot of local news. Not only because it keeps me informed on the events of the day and on which programs are coming up that night on ABC, but also because it’s frequently hilarious. There are double-digit hours of local news on TV every day, and occasionally silly stuff is going to get through. Because I’m a huge dork, I save it.

And so in 2014 and 2015, I collected the best local news screenshots of the year. Below are the best of 2016, presented without comment. Happy new year!

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Jeopardy Contestants Can’t Get Schuylkill Clue — Again!

Almost three years ago, there was a clue on Jeopardy! about the Schuylkill River. The clue asked contestants which river George Washington used as a defensive boundary when he camped at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War. No one got it.

Monday night, Jeopardy! ran another Schuylkill River clue. Again, Jeopardy! Clue Crew member Kelly Miyahara stood next to the Schuylkill River and asked contestants to identify the Schuylkill.

Perhaps because no one got it last time, this one was even easier. Contestants were given several pieces of information in the clue — Boathouse Row, flows into the Delaware, Philadelphia, and “we’ll give you some leeway in your pronunciation.” Read more »

My Picture Was on Captain Noah When I Was a Kid

Captain Noah - promotional photo

Captain Noah promotional photo via WPVI

I was in first grade, and I was furious at Captain Noah.

At the end of every Captain Noah episode, the camera scrolled through a series of children’s drawings. When I was very little, about 5 or 6, I sent in a photo of my work to the man legally known as W. Carter Merbreier. His show, Captain Noah and His Magical Ark, was just a weekend program by the time I was a kid. But I felt like a celebrity when my crappy drawing aired on his program.

So I tried again, my second shot at local television glory. And it never aired. I watched Captain Noah for months, waiting to see if they’d show my second photo. I remember being angry at Captain Noah. Why wasn’t I good enough to get two drawings on his show? I’d seen other people’s artwork twice, I swore.

I don’t like this memory, because it makes me sound bratty and I like to think I wasn’t much of a brat. Who cares if you can’t make it onto Captain Noah twice in your childhood? I feel stupid now, but I was kind of hurt. Read more »

It’s Always Sunny Is Filming in Center City on Friday

It's Always Sunny flier

Few could have predicted the runaway success of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when it premiered on FX in August of 2005. The show (now on FXX) recently wrapped up airing its 11th season, and has now been renewed through season 14. The show Rob McElhenney originally developed with Glenn Howerton is now a phenomenon.

While it shoots primarily in Los Angeles, It’s Always Sunny occasionally films some exteriors in Philly. On Friday, it’s filming in Center City around 12th and Locust. Read more »

Danny DeVito Almost Drowned Filming Always Sunny

Charlie Day was on Conan last night, and he shared an interesting story about filming the latest season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Or, you know, a terrifying story.

While filming the 11th season, which premiered last month, Day said they got into a bit of trouble with an underwater scene with Danny DeVito. Read more »

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