Around the Web: Amish Meat Smackdown Plus Tutti & Oogie

Boli Buns | Meal Ticket

At Reading Terminal Market, Midtown Lunch pits two PA Dutch sandwiches — boneless rib and pot roast — against each other and learns one of life’s hard lessons: “just because the person making your food wears a bonnet, doesn’t mean its going to be good.” [Midtown Lunch]

Mac & Cheese can ignore the frozen yogurt but is drawn to the cream filled pastries at Tutti Frutti. [Mac & Cheese]

Two Eat Philly are the latest to sing the praises of Kennett. The twosome visit for brunch and especially enjoy the breakfast pizza. [Two Eat Philly]

Meal Ticket tests out Uncle Oogie’s Boli Buns and declares the mini-stromboli nuggets deserve a James Beard Award. [Meal Ticket]

Veggicurious sings the praises of Su Xing House and its enormous menu of cheap lunch-time eats. [Veggicurious]

Belated FroYo Frenzy Continues


Although the frozen yogurt craze seems to be waning, two new frozen yogurt establishments are coming to Walnut Street.

The former Bonté at Juniper and Walnut is just about set to become Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. And then just a half-block away at the corner of 13th and Walnut will be the sequel to 18th and Chestnut’s Sweet Ending.