Taylor Swift Reaches Out to Fan Who Lost Her Mother to Cancer

Taylor Swift


In April, Taylor Swift shared that her mother, Andrea Finlay, was diagnosed with cancer. The mother-daughter duo made the world cry a month later, when they appeared on the CMAs so Swift could pick up a Milestone Award. Through all this, they’ve been able to shine a light on victims suffering with the disease, and maybe provide some comfort to those with loved ones who have been diagnosed. One such example comes this week, when a fan reached out to Swift on Mother’s Day to tell her that she had recently lost her mom:

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Exposed: Philly’s Big Banana Peel Problem


“When I’m walking with friends, they tell me it’s a little awkward for them,” says Frank Danay. “They’re the ones standing next to the guy who’s in the gutter taking pictures.”

Danay’s buddies know better than to compromise the process. He’s simply chronicling another day of potassium-rich existence on the streets of Philadelphia, an apparent national leader in the field of wayward banana peels.

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Does Tumblr Darling Loki Steal Thor’s Thunder in The Dark World?

Thor: The Dark World Philadelphia showtimes.

Bold moves, big hammer, pretty straw-colored Aryan hair that’s totally begging to be twisted into Bo Derek braids (just me?) — we all understand why Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, feebly introduced in 2011 before being spit-polished in The Avengers, is so popular. (Shoutout to Vinny D’Onofrio, though.) But is it Thor’s bro Loki, played for every surly beat by English actor Tom Hiddleston, that’s made him such a furrowed-brow phenomenon?

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