Countdown to Philly Beer Week: Day 24


Just 24 days until Philly Beer Week–the most blessed 10 days in the life of Philadelphia beer drinkers–begins.

At Foobooz, we’re doing our part to help you select wisely from the many events. Today, we’re taking a breather from all of that serious beer learnin’ for some fun and games, courtesy of In Pursuit of Ale and triviator Johnny Goodtimes

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Bad Beer News

A shortage of raw ingredients is shooting the price of hops and barley up which will likely mean your favorite beers are going to cost a bit more by the end of the year.

The shortage is a result of poor crops, high demand, the weak dollar and the increasing popularity of ethanol, which has prompted farmers to plant corn rather than hops or barley.

Go cry in your beer [Metro Philadelphia]

Plenty Of Fests Left For October

Joe Sixpack gives the lowdown on where to enjoy some German beers and wursts around the area.

Dozens of restaurants and taverns throughout the region are celebrating the wedding of Prince Ludwig and the lovely Therese (don’t worry, I didn’t get an invitation either) with dinners and German beer specials. Oktoberfest has grown so much, you’re even beginning to hear oompah music in Irish bars.

The region heartily embraces Oktoberfest [Philadelphia Daily News]
Joe Sixpack [Official Site]

Follow The Beer At Triumph’s Brian Freedman takes a look at Triumph Brewing Co. on Chestnut Street in Old City.

All told, and despite a few missteps, Triumph is a solid addition to the Old City scene. The space itself is striking and makes terrific use of the industrial feel of the building. It features one of the best beer deals in town: A sampler of all the beers on tap is a mere $8, and if you’re not going there to get your drink on, it’s a perfect amount to allow for some experimentation with pairings. I particularly liked the hefeweizen, whose distinct banana aromas were evidence of a carefully brewed beer, and the Irish dry stout, which, with its chocolate milk and coffee flavors, made a lovely partner for dessert.

Review: Triumph Brewing Co. []
Triumph Brewing Co. [Official Site]

Food, Beer, History At Headhouse Square

Headhouse Square
The 3rd Annual Good Food, Good Beer and the Rest Is History event is taking place on Saturday July, 21st under the Headhouse Square shambles at 2nd and Lombard from 5:30 to 8:30 PM.

This Buy Fresh Buy Local food and beer tasting event will include food from Bridget Foy’s, General Lafayette Inn, James, Run for the Hills, Rx, White Dog, Xochitl and Zot. Brewers will include Dogfish Head, General Lafayette, Sly Fox, Stoudt’s, Triumph, Troegs, Victory and Yards.

The Philadelphia Convivium of Slow Food and its local partner Farm to City are co-sponsors of the event. The event is a fund-raiser for Slow Food.

Tickets are $30 for 5 sample food plates or $22 for 3 sample food plates. For advance tickets, call Slow Food at 718-260-8000 and ask for The Rest Is History event. Tickets will also be available at the entrance (cash only).

Local Food Philly [Official Site]
Slow Food Philly [Official Site]
Farm to City [Official Site]
White Dog Cafe Foundation [Official Site]

Food & Beer Star At Triumph

Philadelphia Weekly visits Triumph Brewing Co. and finds the beer and food shine.

Crispy, oh-so-delicate, thinly shaved frizzled onions come to the table in a paper cone and are quickly ravaged. Short-rib ravioli swimming in an earthy mushroom broth, proudly wearing thin ribbons of parmigiano reggiano, are stabbed at with vigor—the ripped shreds of meat which stuff the pasta are about as good as I’ve ever tasted. The salad has heaping helpings of sherry vinaigrette-dressed watercress layered carefully into hearty leaves of endive.

Uber Ales [Philadelphia Weekly]
Triumph Brewing Co. [Official Site]

Drinking With Man’s Best Friend

Joe Sixpack asks the question who would you rather drink with, Fido or some crumb snatching kid. Unsurprisingly Joe picks the pups and gives a good list of places where you can enjoy a cold one with your favorite cold-nosed friend.

  • Le Bus
  • London Grill
  • White Dog Cafe
  • Bliss
  • Caribou Cafe
  • Newportville Inn
  • Triumph Brewing, New Hope
  • Four Dogs Tavern

Another new spot to check out with your four-legged companion is Tavern 17 where later this summer they’ll be unveiling a “doggie menu.”

Can we be a truly great city if we can’t have a brew with Rover? [Philadelphia Daily News]

Philly Food Blog Round Up

Foodaphilia and friends check out The Set Table for brunch in East Falls. [Foodaphilia]

Flank steak sandwich for just $6 at the Bishop’s Collar. [Foodaphilia]

Loving every bit of the seafood at Bridgid’s in Fairmount. [foodzings]

Mac & Cheese wins the Foobooz food porn award this week for most photos we most salivated over as she tried several vegetarian dishes at A Full Plate Café. [Mac & Cheese]

Ida Mae’s passes muster as a breakfast place with “Philly Neighborhood Flava.” [PhillyFoodGuys]

Lew Bryson tries out the food at Triumph Brewing Co. and finds the mushroom burger is a real winner! [Seen Through a Glass]

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