Trinity Tuesday: Two-Pack in Northern Liberties for $400K

1017 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19123 | TREND images via Coldwell Banker Preferred

If this were an e-mail come-on, the subject line would probably read “FREE HOUSE!!!!!” or something like that.

Of course, this package deal in Northern Liberties is no such thing: the seller wants $400,000 for what you see here.

But because what you see here is not one, but two trinities back to back, buying this property as your home is about as close to getting your home for free as is possible in the world of real estate.

That’s because even after deducting the costs of maintenance, what you’ll get from your tenant in the second home should cover your monthly payment for the mortgage, taxes and insurance.

Or you could buy this twofer and just become a landlord, for both homes are currently occupied. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Quiet in Queen Village for $280K

1023 E. Moyamensing Ave., Unit D, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND images via Keller Williams Realty – Center City

Want a cute, compact home that’s close to the Delaware riverfront, close to shopping and dining, and lets you get away from it all whenever you want to?

This well-maintained, attractive trinity on a private alley just off Moyamensing Avenue fills the bill.

It’s close enough to the waterfront, South Street and the Italian Market that you can stroll over to these hotspots to get your fill of city vitality. Then, when you’ve had your fill, you can come back home, pass through the gateway, and shut all that stuff out. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: A Polished Gem in Queen Village for $329K

803 S. Leithgow St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND images via Keller Williams Realty

On the outside, this largish trinity in Queen Village looks like a classic example of the house type.

On the inside, it looks like a new construction home.

Of course, the fireplace in the living room and that trademark staircase tell you the moment you walk in that you’re getting the genuine article. But when you look at how this home has been updated, you’ll marvel at its modernity. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Little Big Home in Queen Village for $285K

745 S. 5th St., Apt. 2, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach Realtors

We’re sure you’ve heard the old cliché “Good things come in small packages.”

This very small trinity on a private courtyard in Queen Village is vivid proof of the truth of that statement.

In its 486 square feet of interior space you will find the latest and best of everything, and outside, you will find plenty of room for relaxing and entertaining. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: History With a Twist in Queen Village for $425K

720 S. Front St, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

When it comes to charming 18th-century trinities, Queen Village gives Society Hill a run for its money thanks to homes like this historically certified one on Front Street,

This home, however, is also an entry in the “looks can be deceiving” file.

That’s because behind that classic 1700s facade lies an eclectic expanded trinity that mixes traditional colonial style with a funky sensibility and some totally modern elements. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: A Society Hill Hideaway for $339.9K

609 Lombard St., Unit R, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | Images via Redfin

People will pay good money for townhouses that offer:

  • some privacy in the middle of the big city
  • kitchens with top-drawer appliances
  • attractive outdoor space for relaxation
  • cozy living rooms with wood-burning fireplaces

If you’re one of those people, have we got a deal for you.

This attractive, sunny, well-maintained trinity in an interior courtyard in Society Hill offers all of these things, and it won’t cost you a bundle. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Old Bones, Young Soul in Wash West for $340K

308 S. Iseminger St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 | TREND images via Keller Williams Realty

Over the years that this feature has appeared here, a disproportionate share of the trinities we’ve featured have been located on two blocks of South Iseminger Street in Washington Square West.

Perhaps that’s because the two blocks in question are part of one of this city’s densest concentration of attractive trinities, almost all of them well maintained with very attractive features.

Here’s another one of those Iseminger Street trinities for you to consider. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Double Feature in Queen Village for $465K

212 Carpenter St., Unit C, Philadelphia, Pa., 19147 | TREND images via Star Real Estate Group

Love city living but hate city noise? Love the charm of a classic colonial trinity, but want more space?

This week’s featured trinity has your name written on it.

Located on a private gated pathway off of a tree-lined street, this home actually consists of two side-by-side trinities that have been combined into one singular sensation.

The resulting twofer has been beautifully updated and offers plenty of space, inside and out, along with a few things usually not found in trinities. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Extra Style in Wash West for $530K

316 S. Clarion St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 | TREND images via Keller Williams Center City Realty

The “little streets” of Washington Square West are among the most beloved residential streets in Philadelphia. Many of them are lined with those equally beloved (to some) houses known as trinities.

This trinity on a dead-end lane in Wash West represents the perfect marriage of little street and house type. Actually, if such a thing is possible, it may actually go beyond perfect.

That’s because the owners of this expanded trinity have turned it into an actual three-bedroom home with the sort of amenities usually found in larger spaces. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Traditional Elegance in Wash West for $1,850/Month

1227 Panama St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 | TREND images via Copper Hill Real Estate

It’s truly the best of both worlds; a happy medium, if you will. This is one of those homes where historic bones meet modern design. It also offers the convenience of renting with its low commitment. You will have privacy on your block and the excitement of the city readily available.

Let’s break down this trinity floor by floor. Read more »

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