We Have Reached Peak Self-Care

Illustration by Michele Melcher

Something peculiar happened in the wake of the presidential election. Along with all the op-eds focused on the resistance came a slew of other pieces pleading with the resisters to remember, in the midst of our political tumult, to take time for themselves. Headlines like “Self-Care Tips for Those Who Are Terrified of Trump’s Presidency” and “Self-Care During the Trump Administration Is Vital” popped up with such regularity that it seemed like taking time for yoga and Netflix nights was part and parcel of patriotic political opposition. Read more »

OMG, People Are Reselling Lululemon Items Online for Crazy Amounts of Money

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

Fans of capsule collections and limited-edition goods are no strangers to resellers. Often, these items are snatched up during opening-day chaos, or purchased en masse online (see: Missoni for Target’s near-instant sell-out, followed by rapid-fire online listings — including a pair of $34.99 rain boots listed on eBay for $31,000). Once sold out, everyday shoppers intent on buying an item must visit one of these reseller sites to buy the item — usually at an astronomical markup.

The practice is usually reserved for luxe designers like Chanel or at-one-point-affordable collections like Alexander Wang for H&M or Phillip Lim for Target. But now, resellers are making a killing on Lululemon — like an $800-for-a-pair-of-running-shorts kind of killing.  Read more »

Apparently, Bison Is a Huge Trend in Philly

Image via United by Blue Facebook

Image via United by Blue Facebook

About a week ago, I wrote about local brand United by Blue’s Kickstarter campaign to begin production on ‘The Ultimate American Sock,’ socks that are made of bison wool. And it looks like Philadelphians got pretty psyched about the prospect of toasty toes from the down of American Bison because they  annihilated United by Blue’s original goal of $15,000 with a current pledge of $41,718. And—get this—they still have 28 days left on their campaign. Congrats, gang.

More details ahead.

The Edit: 12 (New) Ways to Wear Plaid


Much like ditzy florals are spring’s pattern of choice, plaid belongs to fall. But the print has a long history, specifically with the dreaded school uniform. Luckily, new plaids are popping up on sleek, edgy silhouettes and unexpected pieces like skater shoes and crossbodies. All you need to do is avoid pleats and knee socks and you’ll be looking more McQueen and less co-ed in no time.

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The Edit: 8 Ways to Wear Chambray


Chambray is a closet staple at Philly Mag HQ. (Seriously, half the staff owns this shirt.) So, when this season’s iteration of the breezy fabric trend extended past oxford shirts and started popping up on all types of garments, we knew a roundup was in order. Here, eight ways to get your chambray fill on everything from crop tops to slouchy trousers. Think of it as your warm weather version of denim.

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What’s in Store for the Transgender Community in 2014?

transgender trends 2014

The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery founder Dr. Sherman Leis — who was written about in Philly Mag’s recent story “Is Philly the New Transgender Capital of the World?” — reached out to G Philly to share 10 trends he believes will affect the transgender community in 2014. And, for the most part, he sees things on the uptick. “Supportive laws, positive public statements by top political leaders, and growing cultural acceptance indicate that momentum is moving in the right direction,” he says.

What does that mean exactly? In the coming year he says we will begin to see people coming out as transgender at younger ages, more programs will sprout up to educate health care professionals on trans issues, and, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health care equality for the trans community will become more of a reality. On the flip side, however, he does warn against an increase in violence against trans people, because, “the fast pace of gay marriage legalization and overall LGBT acceptance breeds more anger among certain groups.”

See his complete list after the jump.

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Philadelphia Retail Market Trends: Asking Prices Are Up

LoopNet has released some trend data, which is always fun, particularly when represented by colorful lines. Here’s how it breaks down. For sales of retail commercial properties, the median asking price per square foot has increased by 8.6 percent in the last three months, and by 7.9 percent since last year.

The news is also good for lease trends.

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What If Siri Was Gay?

Siri may know where to find the nearest Starbucks, sushi restaurant and the definition of Santorum (yes, we went there), but a new spoof imagines what she would be like – if she was a gay man named Siriano.

We can already image the Grindr and Siriano partnerships (Siriano, find me a tall dark stranger … who likes Robyn, vodka martinis and Prada), the sassy directions he would give to the nearest gay bar, antique roadshow or Gaga concert, and how he would tell us that, girl, we need to get our hair did.

Check it out: