As Winter Drags On, Mike Nutter Living it Up in Florence, Italy

Perks of being the President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors: Hanging out in Tuscany. Along with some fellow Mayors from South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arizona, Nutter is on a five-day jaunt to Florence–Philadelphia’s “Sister City” since 1964–where he’s apparently soaking up some culture to import to Philadelphia.

“In Philadelphia 50,000 people are dependent on art and culture for their livelihood,” and where better to learn how to capitalize on and add to Philadelphia’s cultural assets than one of the biggest tourism cities in the world, Nutter says.

No fear, suspicious taxpayers, the U.S. Conference is picking up the tab. So how is the Mayor enjoying the ancestral home of the Medici family? “Florence seems like a very lively, vibrant city with culture and history – like Philadelphia. It certainly looks beautiful. I just haven’t seen much of it. I’ve been in meetings.” Clearly, or–no offense Philadelphia–but he might not have made the comparison. [NBC 10]

22 Great Pickup Lines for the Philadelphia Airport

Philadelphia Airport was recently named one of the top five best places in the country for hooking up by Why PHL? According to the survey, “There are 16 bars, seven lounges, 57 restaurants, and one magic shop. Sixty-five percent of respondents said Philadelphia had their favorite airport to meet people because of delayed flights, its large size, its proximity to the tri-state region, and its friendly locals.”

I travel through the Philadelphia airport for business anywhere from three to five times a month so you could say I’m somewhat of a PHL expert. I’m also a very happily married man and am all business when I get there: Park. Security. Coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. Gate. Board. No monkeying around. But if you are looking for an airport hookup, I guess PHL is as good a place as any. In fact, I can think of many secret (and not-so-secret) places where you can succeed. But only if you’ve got the right opening line. Here are my recommended best pickup lines to consider. I’ve never used these openings, and I haven’t asked a girl out on a date in 25 years. But these lines are killer. Read more »

All Your Friends Went to South By Southwest

It began over the weekend. The frantic tweets from friends who appear lost or excited; tired or hungry; thirsty or trashed; bragging or complaining; trying to find somebody or trying to find some party; running low on batteries or running into Jack White. Sometimes they’re a combination of these things, and at other feverish moments, they sound like they’re all of them. Read more »

Why the New TSA Knife Policy Is Scary

If the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could compete for an Emmy, it would definitely be a winner. Its “Security Theater” has become a cutting-edge soap opera, replete with comedy, drama and ultimately, tragedy. And the latest episode is making the biggest headlines yet. The TSA is now permitting passengers to carry knives onto planes. Read more »

PHL Apparently a Great Airport for Hooking Up

There’s a site called which looks about as shady as it sounds. Well, it has put out rankings for its top airports to “hook-up” in, based on amenities, size, and average delay time. And guess what? Philadelphia International Airport ranks #5 in the country! So, next time you to try to pick up chicks at Jamba Juice, just watch this instructional video from Will Ferrell on how best to do it. [Time]

No More Naked X-Rays: Airports to Remove Peep Show Scanners

To all those pervs scanning our naked bodies at the airport: get a new hobby. The TSA is pulling its contract with the agency that makes those big old flashy-thing X-Ray machines, because they apparently weren’t even serving any discernable purpose. Hey better late than never, though. After all, only 130 million people have had their probably radioactive bodies looked up and down by strange, uniformed people. [Bloomberg]

PHOTOS: 30th Street Station Restrooms Are Disgusting

Every time I walk through 30th Street Station after a trip to New York or D.C., I feel giddy. The cavernous Art Deco interior, the classical columns, the flurry of transients scuttling across my city’s gorgeous travel hub—the thrill of urban transit doesn’t get more palpable than that. Read more »

The Times’ Guide to 36 Hours in Philadelphia

The New York Times’ travel section offers readers guides to all the cool places to visit in all the most exotic parts of the planet. So naturally, the folks in Manhattan are now offering a guide on how to spend 36 hours right here in Philadelphia. Its recommendations? Sleep over at the Alexander Inn, grab chicken and donuts at Federal Donuts, have a nice libation at Johnny Brenda’s, and take a tour of the new Barnes. There are a number of other recommendations, but they boil down to this: Do what PhillyMag has been telling you to do for years. [New York Times]

On Our Gaydar: Key West

Photos courtesy of the Key West Gay & Lesbian Convention & Visitors Bureau

This almost six-square-mile island has become a destination of choice for gay snowbirds. Not only does Key West have its share of eye candy year round (think white-washed architecture and handsome beach bums), but the sparkling vista has been influenced by everything from rich Cuban culture (it’s just 90 miles away) to the literary lore of Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams, who penned some of their most famous works in this artsy coastal community.

New York has its big shiny ball, but every New Year’s Eve a drag queen named Sushi is lowered from atop the Bourbon Street Pub in a big red stiletto (724 Duval Street, 305-294-9354). Yes, Key West is that gay. The bars and restaurants along Duval are the ultimate places to see and be seen. Ernest Hemingway is considered a native son, and his home (with its famous six-toed cats) is still one of the most popular attractions—for good reason (907 Whitehead Street, 305-294-1136). Looking for some schooling on local gay history? The Key West Gay & Lesbian Museum and Archive tells the story of Southern LGBT life—including that of Richard Heyman, one of the country’s first openly gay mayors (513 Truman Avenue, 305-292-3223).

Read more »

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