You Can Now Book Flights From Philly to Cuba

You could soon be here. (Photo via iStock.)

You could soon be here. (Photo via iStock.)

For decades, travelers who wanted to have a look at Cuba had to jump through all kinds of hoops to travel there. But now that President Obama has removed many of the longstanding travel restrictions associated with the still-Communist island nation, passenger jet service has begun. Read more »

PennDOT Launches Website for DNC Travel

DNC Travel

A screenshot of PennDOT’s travel map.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has launched a website that will help residents and visitors navigate the city when the Democratic National Convention and its projected crowd of 50,000 flood the town this month.

“The convention will bring thousands of delegates, media and visitors to Philadelphia and this site will help everyone keep on top of changing traffic conditions and information about street closures and restrictions,” Governor Tom Wolf said in a statement. “As we did with last year’s Papal visit, my administration has worked very hard to assist travelers during this important national event.”

The website will offer DNC travel information regarding traffic conditions on highways and streets as issues unfold. It includes a list of closures planned for the convention, specifically in South Philadelphia near the Wells Fargo Center, where many DNC events will occur.

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Lonely Planet Names Philly Top U.S. Travel Destination for 2016

Philadelphia Skyline | R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Skyline | R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia.

One day, we’ll get used to this. But not yet.

Last year, the city got giddy when The New York Times recommended its readers spend the third of the 52 weekends they will presumably go globetrotting in Philadelphia.

Now, everyone’s agog that the highly respected Lonely Planet travel guide has put the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection at the top of its annual “Best in the U.S.” list of the 10 places one must visit in the United States this year. Read more »

Philly Named Top Family Vacation Destination in U.S.

ABC Travel Guides for Kids puts out this guide for Philadelphia. The company ranks the city its top family vacation destination.

ABC Travel Guides for Kids puts out this guide for Philadelphia. The company ranks the city its top family vacation destination.

A company that makes travel guides for kids has ranked Philly its top destination for family vacations.

Philly took the top spot in the rankings determined by ABC Travel Guides for Kids. Among the company’s products: A scavenger hunt game to find some of Philly’s best-known sculptures.

But there are plenty of other things for parents and their kids to do in the city, the company said.

Here’s the rundown: Read more »

11 Easy Family Trips From Philadelphia


So much of parenthood is about negotiation, and some things — like where you’re going to spend your precious free weekends — are worth standing your ground on. Thanks to Philly’s proximity to mountains, lakes, cities and surf, a quick family getaway can truly have a little something that works for everyone. (Rejoice! You don’t have to suffer through another weekend of waterparks and bad buffets.) Here, 11 vacations where you’ll get to slow down, the littlest members of your family will be entertained, and everyone will be happy to break out of the daily grind.

Edited by Ashley Primis

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A TSA Agent’s Guide to What Not to Wear to the Airport


Cute but not so conducive to running for your gate. | Shutterstock.

There are few places bleaker than the last spot in the interminable, spaghetti-snaking airport security line in late summer. And at some point, we’ve all been that guy, the one who holds up the small army of single-file impatients because we forgot about the water bottle in our bag, the laptop underneath all contents of the backpack, or the portable Mace in our purse (me).

Fact of the matter is, poor clothing and carry-on choices make for slow lines, disgruntled travelers, and (some) understandably miserable airport personnel. That’s we love these tips from a TSA agent on what not to wear to the airport and why.

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How I Ate Pastries Every Day on a Trip to France and Didn’t Gain Any Weight



If you’re at all concerned about watching your weight, traveling is typically a danger zone: You eat out for every meal, you might not have great access to fruits and vegetables and, oftentimes, you aren’t able to keep up with your normal exercise routine. So when I found out I was going to be in France for nine days this summer with my family, of course I was thrilled, but at the the same time, alarm bells started going off in my head. I’m very health-conscious but, at the same time, enjoying food is so important to me. I face this to-indulge-or-not-to-indulge dilemma enough at home in Philly, so I wondered, How would I ever be able to truly enjoy the famously decadent French cuisine without packing on pounds?

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Elon Musk Wants to Transport Humans at 700 MPH Through Steel Vacuum Tubes

A Tesla Motors mockup of the Hyperloop.  (

A Tesla Motors mockup of the Hyperloop. (

Elon Musk is at it again. The Tesla and SpaceX founder now wants to transport people at 700 mph through steel vacuum tubes. Seriously. Maybe it’s the future of travel, maybe it’s a jet-powered potato gun.

If the Hyperloop actually works, it could transport someone from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes. (That’s a nearly six-hour drive or a one-hour-and-20-minute plane ride.) Check out detailed plans here. Read more »

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