10 Weeks to a 10-Miler: Your Broad Street Run Training Plan

Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

So, you got into the Broad Street Run — congrats! Now only 10 weeks of training stand between you and the finish line at the Navy Yard.

The average runner will invest over 72 hours pounding the pavement training for the Broad Street Run. While those 72 hours will greatly determine what the finish-line clock will read, there is perhaps one determinant of your success that most people ignore. It doesn’t include running, lifting weights or even getting off the couch, but rather a pen and paper.

Ready for it? You need to have a plan.

A successful race-training plan is well thought-out, written down and kept visible for you to see daily. And I hate to break it to you, but haphazardly running while increasing your mileage each week is not a plan.

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Why This Is the Absolute Best Day to Do Your Long Run, According to a Running Pro

The weekly long run, the most important single run of the week and probably the one run you think about most: What route will I take? Is the weather going to cooperate? How will I feel? Can I finish it?

For most, the long run is a Sunday morning ritual. It’s set in stone, like some unspoken rule. I mean why not run long on Sunday? It seems perfect: Sunday is the last day of the week and last day of the weekend; You can relax and get loose Friday night after a long workweek and recover by Sunday; Also, most training plans have the long run set on Sundays and odds are most of your running partners run long on Sundays.

These are all good reasons to run long on Sundays. But the thing about a Sunday run is, given most people have work on Monday, you must get it done on Sunday or skip it. And skipping a weekly long run can have a negative effect on your training — and skipping a few long runs will definitely have a detrimental effect.

But the nice thing is, this is super-easy to steer clear of. You can avoid setting yourself up to skip your long run by scheduling your long run on Saturdays instead of Sundays. Below, four very convincing reasons to move your long run to Saturdays. Read more »

The Biggest Running Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

Raise your hand if you are training for the Philadephia Marathon in November — or for any race, for that matter. Okay, first, let me just say: You are a beast. And second, you’re going to want to take note of this running advice to remedy the biggest and most common running mistakes out there, according to Charles Scogna, owner, trainer and running coach (he’s quite the renaissance man) at CHARGE Performance and Wellness in Bella Vista.

And speaking of running advice, you’ll find plenty more of it at CHARGE Running, Scogna’s new training group for runners who are looking for regular input from a pro. The group will meet three times weekly starting October 3rd, with sessions covering everything from agility and weight-training (Monday evenings) to gait and speed work (Thursday mornings) and gym training sessions followed by long runs — followed by brunch (Saturdays). The cost to join CHARGE Running ranges from $54 per month to $150, depending on how often you attend. He also has a slew of Charge Running events on the roster. You can learn more here.

Now, back to that advice we were talking about: Below, you’ll find the top five running mistakes, according to Scogna, plus how to stop making them once and for all.

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My Top 5: Spots to Do Hill Sprints in Philly

Despite the ungodly 95-degree weather Mother Nature has been torturing us with lately, fall race season is still upon us, which means many of you out there are training. (If you’ve been sticking to your training plan, you deserve a BIG pat on the back.) And you know what you should be working into your training? Hill sprints.

According to John Goldthorp, the brain and running coach behind Fix Your Run, “Hill sprints can be done throughout your training cycle to build muscle power and maintain it. They’re a staple of any training program because they make you a more efficient runner and reduce impact forces, which decreases injury risk compared with sprinting over flat terrain.” 

As he explains, “Hills come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but it’s your training goal that should determine what type of hill you crush on a given day. Short hills that are slightly steeper build muscle power and should take anywhere from five to 10 seconds to sprint while longer efforts are a great way to build lung capacity and running stride strength.” Below, Goldthorp’s top advice for tackling hill sprints, plus his favorite hills for sprinting up around Philly.  Read more »

Newsflash, Runners: Jogging Isn’t a Bad Word



I discovered running about five years ago, when I reached a certain (read: middle) age and was looking for a physical activity that would easily fit into the available spaces in my life as a housewife. To say I was not the athletic type during the previous four decades is a generous understatement: In my high school physical education class, I chose “race walking” as a “sport” because I knew I could smuggle cigarettes onto the wooded walking trails surrounding the campus.

The first thing I learned as a self-coached adult-onset runner with an insatiable appetite for information is this: Never, ever refer to running as “jogging.” It doesn’t matter whether the runner in question has just risen from the couch to embark on a 5K program, or if she’s training for the Boston Marathon: She’s running. If both feet leave the ground at any point during any treadmill or outdoor session: running. My own inelegant shuffling, scampering gait: running.  Read more »

Feeling Training Fatigue? 10 Reasons to Get Hyped for the Philly Marathon Now

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by Jim McWilliams

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by Jim McWilliams

The Philadelphia Marathon is less than seven weeks away, you guys. Considering we’ve been talking about it since registration opened back in the spring, it feels like the intervening months have just flown by.

To get you through the final stretch of your training, we thought we should take a few minutes to remind you of all the reasons you signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon in the first place and help you celebrate all that you’ve accomplished so far. So if you’re starting to lose sight of your goal and need to refocus, keep reading. You can do it!

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Broad Street Run Training Playlist: Radio Hits



No matter how off the beaten path your music taste happens to be, sometimes a good ol’ fashioned pop hit just hits the spot. So for this week’s training playlist we’ve given you just that: an hour’s worth of radio hits that are sure to keep you moving through your grueling weekend run. So lace up your running shoes, head outside, and get your sweat on. You might just find yourself singing along, too.

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Just for Women: Be Well Boot Camp

It’s the season to get in shape. That’s why Philadelphia magazine is inviting our female readers to the new Be Well Boot Camp on June 9. The super-cool, healthy living event is designed for women who’d like to rethink everything from the way they eat to the way they exercise and maintain better health year round. It takes place at Drexel University’s state-of-the-art recreation center in University City.

Sponsored by our sister publication Be Well, the full day of events features everything from the hottest fitness classes and educational sessions with experts to workshops and healthy, organic food and beverage tastings. This day will not only leave you feeling fit, but also confident and inspired.

Be Well Editor Emily Leaman also says the boot camp will feature several classes led by “Best of Philly” trainers and will include a marketplace full of product and service samplings. “Don’t forget to wear your workout attire,” she says.

Tickets are $25 per person (in advance) and $35 (at the door).

Click here for additional information, details on classes or to register online.

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