Road Closures for Obama Visit Cause Major Traffic Delays

President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art today is already causing major traffic snarls.

Road closures in place for the president’s visit as well as a multi-vehicle crash on I-76 East near Fairmount Park earlier this morning have led to significant delays on almost every road surrounding the Art Museum area. Read more »

Three Years of Route 202 Construction Have Reached an End

Progress photo taken in May 2016, 3 years after the project commenced.

Progress photo taken by PennDOT in May 2016, three years after the project commenced.

Chester County drivers are in for a pleasant surprise next week. The widening of a 2.5 mile section of Route 202 in East Whiteland Township, a project that began in April of 2013, is coming to an end.  Read more »

Out-of-Town Reporters Bash Philadelphia as DNC Host

The first night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention is over, and speeches from Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama went over pretty well. Those who care about these kinds of things said it was a well-orchestrated convention. But it’s what happened after politicians, delegates, and journalists left the Wells Fargo Center that’s making Philadelphia look bad.

Not only are out-of-town political reporters bashing Philadelphia’s handling of the DNC — mainly over traffic issues — they’re saying that Columbus would have been a better choice to host it. Columbus! Combination college towns/state capitals are generally nice places to visit and live, but Philadelphia can’t be a worse place to host a big event than Columbus, can it? Read more »

I-95 Congestion: Huge Accident Northbound, DNC Traffic Southbound

I-95 is clogged this morning, and it’s not (necessarily) just because the Democratic National Convention and all its craziness is unloading today.

A 10-car pile up in the northbound lanes near Cottman Avenue is causing delays, according to 6ABC. There is a lane restriction.

Read more »

You Can Now Run a Busted Red Light in Pennsylvania

Yellow New York traffic light on red, with black and white background - colour pop

On Wednesday, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a bill that will allow drivers to blow red lights if they seem to be malfunctioning and won’t change to green, the Associated Press reports.

Early advocacy for the law began with motorcyclists, whose vehicles sometimes aren’t heavy enough to trip sensors that tell lights to change, according to the report. The bill authorizing the change was sponsored by State Rep. Stephen Bloom of Cumberland County. Read more »

Expect to See More I-95 Traffic Next Week

I-95 Traffic

Construction projects will impact I-95 traffic starting July 10th.

The three-mile stretch of highway between the Cottman Avenue and Girard Avenue interchanges is being reconstructed, and both interchanges will be rebuilt, PennDOT announced yesterday.

Restrictions are set to last about a week, between July 10 and July 16th.

I-95 will be decreased from three to two lanes in the northbound direction between Bridge Street and Cottman Avenue. The Cottman Avenue off-ramp to Route 73 will be closed on the northbound side. Drivers can use the following exit at the Academy Road interchange to Linden Avenue. Read more »

Pa. Lawmakers Should Get Serious About Texting While Driving

Photo by

Photo by

Let us now mourn the turn signal.

I couldn’t assign an exact date to its demise, but there’s no question it’s dead. Drive on I-95 or the Atlantic City Expressway or 422, as I do every day, and you’ll see maybe one or two in 20 drivers still bothering to alert those around them to their intentions before they change lanes or pass someone or move toward an exit. And it’s not just on highways; drivers in my rinky-dink hometown are just as cavalier, jolting to a stop to parallel-park with no notice whatsoever, making lefts at four-way stop signs without warning, maneuvering through Walmart and Giant and Best Buy parking lots like they’re alone on the road. Read more »

Water Main Break Near Comcast Center Delays Regional Rail

A water main break that occurred shortly before noon today near 18th and Arch streets will cause traffic and Regional Rail delays.

All SEPTA trains may experience significant delays of up to 20 minutes.

The Philadelphia Water Department responded to the break, which occurred near the Comcast Center and Suburban Station. Read more »

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