If You Have These Trader Joe’s Items in Your Freezer, Throw Them Away 

Photo courtesy Trader Joe's

Photo courtesy Trader Joe’s

Last week, CRF Frozen Foods recalled over 350 products, including some Trader Joe’s frozen veggies, due to potential listeria contamination. And now we have more bad news for frozen-foods lovers of the world: Trader Joe’s has expanded the earlier recall (which included their brand-name frozen organic peas, petite peas, organic whole green beans, organic broccoli florettes and organic foursome) to include all Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice and Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried Rice due to potential listeria contamination. Read more »

CRF Frozen Foods Expands Recall to Include 358 Products (Including Frozen Trader Joe’s Veggies!)

Last week, Pasco, Washington-based CRF Frozen Foods recalled 15 of its frozen vegetable products due to a risk of listeria contamination. And now, that count of recalled products has gone up — a lot. This week, the company announced in a press release that they’ve voluntarily recalled all of the frozen fruit and vegetable products manufactured or processed at their Pasco facility since May 1st, 2014. That comes out to a total of 358 frozen food products sold under 42 brand names, sold across the country. And because we know you all love your frozen Trader Joe’s products, it’s worth noting that the recall includes six frozen food products sold under Trader Joe’s brand name. Read more »

There’s Plenty of Bread at Trader Joe’s (You’ll Just Have to Wait in Line For It)

Trader Joe's line

The line at Trader Joe’s wraps around the store several times. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

The good news: There’s lots of bread at Trader Joe’s. The bad news: You’ll have to wait about a half-hour for it.

The scene at Trader Joe’s right now is what we might call organized chaos. The line starts near the coffee bar, snakes around three aisles, goes back to the aisle near the coffee bar, and eventually makes its way to the registers at the front of the store. An employee says the wait is about 40 minutes.

Or maybe less! “The staff at Trader Joe’s is amazing,” says Suchita Fiorillo, wife of Philly Mag reporter Victor Fiorillo. She stopped by Trader Joe’s just after 9 a.m. to pick up supplies, deciding to opt for street parking after she saw the parking lot nightmare, which included one car hitting another. “The line was wrapped all around the store, but I got into the store and through checkout in 30 minutes with two bags of groceries.” Read more »

How I, a Die-Hard Whole Foods Shopper, Became a Trader Joe’s Convert

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

My love affair with Trader Joe’s began innocently enough: I was walking back to our offices in Center City from West Philly after checking out the new Herban Quality Eats, and I realized I needed some honey for the next morning’s tea. I was passing by Trader Joe’s at 22nd and Market, so I stopped in. 10 minutes later, I walked out with not just honey — raw organic honey that cost me an impressive $4.99, by the way — but three avocados (99 cents each), some organic dog treats ($2.99!) and a ginger kombucha ($2.79, I believe). My total for all of these items came out to around $15 and my first thought was: This would never happen at Whole Foods.

I was hooked. Read more »

The Checkup: The Ultimate Bucket List of Must-Try Trader Joe’s Foods

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

• While I am totally a Whole Foods devotee, I will admit that Trader Joe’s has some pretty awesome store-brand products. (I’m looking at you, empty jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter.) The folks over at Refinery29 ranked the best Trader Joe’s products of all time and, because I doubt anyone will be buying all 43 of them in one shopping trip, I say you consider this your Trader Joe’s shopping bucket list and work your way through it over the next few months. [Refinery29] Read more »

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