Might There Be a Trader Joe’s in Queen Village’s Future?


Cars and patrons both wait in long lines to shop at Center City’s one Trader Joe’s. Might relief be on its way in the form of a second store in Queen Village? | Photo: Dan Quade

Anyone who has shopped at the one Trader Joe’s store in Center City Philadelphia knows that it often gets crazy busy.

That would seem to argue for the German-owned specialty grocer (it’s owned by the other Aldi) to scout for more possible store locations in the city to serve what’s obviously very high demand.

Today, the OCF Realty blog reports that it has caught wind of reports that TJ’s is doing just that.

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This Is the Ultimate Trader Joe’s Grocery List

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

Celebrations are in order, my friends: Trader Joe’s just turned 50 years old. And to celebrate, they asked for customers and crew members to dish on their favorite items and narrowed what they say was a very long list down to the top 50 favorites, in no particular order. In other words, they’ve compiled your grocery-shopping list for the weekend.

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The Checkup: 6 Trader Joe’s Gems Every Lazy Cook Should Have

Photo by Flickr user Takayuki Shimizu

• Let’s be honest: The number-one reason I eat out way more often than I should is simple — because I’m lazy. Chances are, you are often lazy, too. But these six gems in the aisles of Trader Joe’s— from pre-riced cauliflower to stir-fry-percent salad mixes—make cooking good-for-you meals at home so easy, you almost can’t even pull the lazy card. [Greatist]

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The Checkup: 16 Weight-Loss Gems at Trader Joe’s

• I pretty much always walk into Trader Joe’s with noble intentions and walk out with a reusable tote bag full of Srirarcha-flavored potato chips and peanut brittle. If you are in the same boat, here are 16 dietitian-approved items to throw in your cart this weekend if you’re keeping an eye on your waistline. Consider it your readymade weekend shopping list. [Women’s Health]

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18 Secret Gems at Trader Joe’s That Philly Fitness Trainers Swear By

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

I want to love Trader Joe’s with my whole heart — I really do. But I can’t, because every single time I walk into the store, I’m instantly so overwhelmed by the line snaking all the way into the produce section that I jump in line immediately, then grab whatever I can reach as I make my way toward the register. It’s like, regardless of season, there is always an impending blizzard at Trader Joe’s.

It’s not exactly an enjoyable shopping experience.

But I can’t knock the line too much, because this panicked, shopping-in-the-line method is how I discovered my favorite item at Trader Joe’s: the salt and pepper pistachios. These are found on the back wall of Philly’s Trader Joe’s at 21st and Market Street, and they are life-changing. They make for the perfect snack any time of day, and because they’re so flavorful, a handful is really enough to satisfy a snack craving. I’ve told just about everyone I’ve come into contact with over the past four months about them, and they have all thanked me.

And this discovery leads me to believe that, despite the fact that I often leave Trader Joe’s with a jumble of mismatched foods chosen solely because they were in arm’s reach, the store is filled with plenty of healthy gems. So instead of calmly perusing the aisles of the store to discover them myself (I’m confident this will never happen), I asked a slew of Philly fitness trainers to share their favorite finds at Trader Joe’s with me. And boy, did they come through. Below, 18 awesome food finds at Trader Joe’s — from to-go guacamole to steamed lentils to spicy mango — according to Philly fitness trainers. Now, I know what to look for from the line — and so do you!

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